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The Wild Bear couldve broken through to the king level earlier, but Chu Feng had suppressed it forcefully to make its foundation stronger so that it would be even more powerful when it did break through to the king level.

Following closely behind was the Mirage Butterfly.

Under the turbulent air currents, it successfully broke through to the king level.

Then, the Dark Sky Azure Dragon.

A powerful pressure was instantly released and swept out.

The Dark Sky Azure Dragon wasnt the one who caused the biggest commotion.

Instead, it was the Mythical Tree.

The Mythical Tree that was rooted in the beast space was already as tall as the sky, at least 10,000 meters tall.

Even Chu Feng was amazed by its height.

The crown of the tree was almost out of sight, but he could feel the sparse life energy falling from the crown.

After breaking through to the king level one, he didnt even bother to take care of his beast space, but the beast space automatically upgraded.

His royal sky crystals began to melt.

Chu Feng frowned.

He had about fifty royal sky crystals now, but they werent enough.

All of the royal sky crystals slowly melted, gradually merging into the beast space.

In just a short while, his beast space grew tenfold, and the growth finally stopped when the space grew a thousand times bigger than its original size.

However, Chu Feng knew that now was the most troublesome time.

Without royal sky crystals, the interior of his beast space would be rather fragile.

Yet, he couldnt get any because he was in the alternate dimension.

He simply didnt have a way to buy them in bulk.

Following that, the Mythical Trees crown swayed, and the tree world was activated.

With that, a large number of royal sky crystals fell out from the tree world.

Seeing this, the corners of Chu Fengs mouth twitched.

One had to know that the value of each royal sky crystal was one billion alliance dollars.

This time, the Mythical Tree produced a total of one hundred royal sky crystals, which was one hundred billion alliance dollars.

At this moment, Chu Feng seemed to have realized something.

Since he was given one hundred royal sky crystals after the Mythical Tree advanced, could it be that these crystals were prepared in advance He was quite puzzled and found it quite unreal as well.

Perhaps this was all part of the Totem-level Mythical Trees arrangement.

At this time, the beast space had already absorbed all 100 pieces of the royal sky crystals.

Chu Feng had also successfully broken through to the king level and had even reached the limits.

As long as his beasts advanced to the overlord level, he would also break through to the overlord level.

“If I want to upgrade to the overlord level, I need at least 1,000 royal sky crystals!” Taking a deep breath, Chu Feng muttered.

At the same time, he was a little speechless.

1,000 royal sky crystals, no matter how one looked at them, were treasures worth 100 million points.

If he wanted to break through, he would probably need a long time to collect them.

Though, now that he had obtained quite some treasures in this alternate dimension, he might be able to fill this gap.

Putting that aside, after advancing, his beast space would probably be close to the legend level.

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“If I advance to the overlord level, then even if I encounter a totem level expert, I will still have the strength to fight!” As he spoke, Chu Fengs eyes shone with confidence.

At this time, Lila slowly opened her mouth and said, “Suiyun, sent a thousand royal sky crystals to the tree world.”

Hearing her voice, Chu Feng was silent for a while.

It seemed like the arrangements had already been made for this matter.

Perhaps even the two legend-level Beastmasters of the human race couldnt have such treatment as having a Mythical Tree in the beast space.

Then, Lilas expression changed.

Chu Feng also felt it, and immediately asked, “Whats wrong”

“I feel mothers presence!” Lila said slowly.

“Mother The totem-level Mythical Tree” Chu Feng was quite surprised.

Of course, he knew what Lilas “mother” meant.

It was definitely a totem-level existence that was most definitely a top-notch expert among the many totem-level Mythical Trees.

“I can sense that mother seems to be in a galaxy very far away, so far away that I can only vaguely sense her aura,” Lila nodded and continued to explain.

Hearing this, Chu Feng also lowered his head and pondered for a while.

To think the totem-level Mythical Tree was located in a far-away galaxy.

Since the ancient times, the totem-level Mythical Tree had brought many other totem-level Mythical Trees that were loyal to it away from the Blue Planet to God knows where.

He had heard that the totem-level Mythical Trees were fighting against unknown enemies.

All of this might be somehow connected.

Just as Chu Feng was deep in thought, an emerald-green figure suddenly appeared in the tree world.

She was like a fairy who had descended to Earth.

Her face made people gasp in amazement, and when she walked, she emitted a holy aura.

She was so holy that people could only admire her from afar.

When she walked into the tree world, she was a little surprised, “This tree world is quite powerful.

Although it is not strong enough yet, it is much stronger than mine in terms of level.

Now, it is almost comparable to the dragon world left behind by the fallen Dragon God.”

Hearing the voice and seeing the beauty, Chu Fengs pupils shrank.

He could not believe what his eyes, “This is the totem-level Mythical Tree,!”

Chu Feng found it unbelievable.

In Lilas perception, the totem-level Mythical Tree was in an endless galaxy, yet it had arrived here in just an instant.

This was unbelievable.

What kind of power did it take to do such a thing

“Its my mother!” Lila could sense those who had the same bloodline as her, so she could naturally sense that this was her biological mother.

She instantly threw herself into her mothers arms.

Feeling the warmth of her mother, Lilas heart was filled with joy.

After comforting Lila for a while, the totem-level Mythical Tree walked straight to Chu Feng and looked at his handsome face.

She said slowly, “So you are Chu Feng.

You are more handsome than I imagined.”

“I am Chu Feng.

Greetings, senior!” Chu Feng said respectfully.

“Why are you calling me senior Why are you treating me like an outsider My name is Monica.

You can just call me big sister Monica!” Monica chuckled and said.

“I understand.

Greetings, big sister Monica!” Chu Feng continued.

“Hehe, good.

Youre so sweet,” Monica raised her slender hand and placed it on Chu Fengs face, staring at him carefully.

“Your rate of growth has exceeded my imagination!” Monica said slowly.


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