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Chu Feng stretched out his hand, gripping Miguels spiritual core in his hand.

At the same time, he could feel many overlords approaching.

This was not a good thing.

He immediately told the Mirage Butterfly beside him, “Lets go now.”

With that, the Mirage Butterfly carried Chu Feng and Mu Yao and vanished from the spot.

Just as the two of them left, the space where they had just been distorted.

Four old men, three at the overlord level 7 and one at the overlord level 8, appeared.

They carefully sensed the aura within the space, and their expressions immediately changed, “Were too late.

Miguel is already dead!”

Everyone had looks of pity on their faces.

“Lord Truman,” At this time, one of the overlords level 7, elder Kaili, spoke respectfully, “Right now, most of the overlords of the mystic race have gone to the frontlines.

Even our mystic races great ancestor has gone there.

Now that Miguel is dead, its a huge loss to our race.

We have to protect this place and make Chu Feng pay the price.”

At this moment, Truman began to ponder.

He lowered his head and pondered for a moment before raising his head and saying, “Kaili, Saxon, Osmond! Hurry up and chase after them.

I can smell their scents.

When we catch them, they will definitely die.”

“Yes,” The few of them nodded and made their moves at the same time.

Within the Mystic Pavilion was a very strict hierarchy.

Even if there was only a difference of one level, their statuses would be greatly different.

“If you discover those two humans, dont underestimate them.

The second any of you discover them, you must inform me immediately,” Truman nodded and instructed.

Kaili, Saxon, and Osmond looked at each other.

From their eyes, it could be seen that this matter was not simple.

However, killing intent was also pervading their eyes, and was so thick it seemed to have solidified.

They did not expect that under the combined efforts of Chu Feng and Mu Yao, the two humans could kill an overlord level 7 existence.

This was definitely a threat.

If those two humans were allowed to wander around this alternate dimension, their losses would be even greater.

They could not afford to delay anymore.

With a flash, the three of them dashed in three different directions, disappearing in an instant.

Truman, on the other hand, remained where he was for a few minutes.

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“Miguel!” Truman said, pained.

No matter what, Miguel had been an important character in their party, yet he was killed so easily.

This made his heart ache.

After all, he and Miguel had been good friends, even close friends.

Moreover, they belonged to the same faction.

He simply couldnt accept Miguels death.

“Hehe, are you sad about Miguels death” Suddenly, a voice rang in his ear.

Truman raised his head and looked up, only to see a huge creature.

Chu Feng and Mu Yao were sitting on the Mirage Butterfly and looking down at him.

He could see Chu Fengs expression which seemed to be magnified in his eyes.

It was a mocking expression.

Mu Yaos expression was tense.

She had not expected Chu Feng to turn back halfway.

Who gave him the courage The person before them was an overlord level 8 expert! Even if her weakening-type talent could reduce his strength by two levels, he would still be at least at the overlord level 6, or even stronger than that.

Yet, Chu Feng was still very confident at this moment.

It was as if he did not think much of Truman at all.

At the same time, the Mirage Butterfly was also very confident.

In regards to the control of space, it had already mastered it and was very proficient in it.

As long as it released a trace of its power, it would instantly be able to know the structure of the surrounding space.

Since Truman had sent out all his subordinates, he was the only one left.

With that, Chu Feng also realized his opportunity from the information that the Mirage Butterfly had sensed and transmitted back to him.

That was why he was so bold.

If it was just Truman alone, he naturally did not need to run away.

“Mu Yao,” Chu Feng said immediately.

Mu Yao came to her senses and felt a little helpless.

She was on Chu Fengs team already, so it was too late to leave now.

With that, she instantly released her SS-grade weakening-type talent.

In just an instant, Trumans aura immediately dropped to the overlord level 6.

However, Truman did not care at all.

Wasnt it just a drop of two levels to the overlord level 6 It was more than enough to deal with the two of them.

“Awoo!” The Wild Bear appeared with a loud bang, smashing onto the ground of the battlefield.

In just an instant, its body instantly grew a hundred times larger, becoming a behemoth that made Truman look like an ant.

Staring at Truman from above, the Wild Bears expression was cold, as if it was looking at a dead person.

A powerful aura suddenly erupted.

Then, the Wild Bear waved its incomparably huge bear paw and slammed it down on Truman.

Truman had nowhere to hide from the tyrannical aura and huge palm.

His expression changed drastically as he knew that he had been locked onto by the Wild Bears attack, and he had nowhere to run.

After being locked onto by the powerful aura, he was practically unable to move.

He couldnt even move if he wanted to.

Just the gigantic bear paw was enough to crush him to death in an instant.

There was no way for him to escape.

In terms of spiritual energy, Trumans spiritual energy was still being suppressed.

It was completely useless.

The Wild Bear could feel that Truman had released a spiritual attack at it, but it was completely useless.

This was because the Wild Bear had a maxed-out will that could normally protect its spirit from being affected or injured.

At the same time, the Wild Bear knew that it had to end the battle as soon as possible.

With a roar, it swung its bear paw down.

In an instant, Trumans body was smashed into minced meat.

The powerful impact carried countless powerful air currents that blew in all directions.

After Trumans body was flattened, even his spirit body was utterly defeated.

Truman, who was only a spirit body now, only had despair and unwillingness in his eyes.

He simply could not understand how he could be defeated by a commander-level 10 Wild Bear.

How could a commander-level 10 Wild Bear unleash such terrifying strength He could not understand.

Amidst the endless unwillingness and despair, his spirit body slowly dispersed.

The remnant power of the Wild Bears attack distinguished the last breath of life of Trumans spirit body.

Following this, an overlord level 8 spiritual core slowly descended from the sky, which Chu Feng reached out to catch.


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