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Of course, there was a divine city in the middle of the alternate dimension.

There must be countless treasures there since it was the central city of this foreign race world.

It was also the most prosperous city.

In such a city, there must be countless treasures.

Of course, there would also be as many experts as there were clouds.

Chu Feng was in an extremely good mood as he brought the Mirage Butterfly along with him and left the west regional kings mansion.

Right now, he was planning to head to the north region to plunder.

Then, meet up with the others.

At this moment, a message popped up from his communicator.

The message made Chu Feng flabbergasted.

Looking at this message, Chu Feng frowned and his heart skipped a beat.

He didnt expect that something would happen so soon.

“Come and save me,” This message was sent by Mu Yao.

It seemed that the situation was very urgent.

Chu Feng knew that after Mu Yao had advanced to the overlord level, she could even defeat an overlord level four and she wasnt much weaker than Luo Heng.

How could something have happened to her How could she be in danger Chu Feng took a look.

The location on the message indicated that she was in the north region, just where he was planning on going.

The distance wasnt too far, and get could arrive soon.

“Increase your speed, Mirage Butterfly.

Go to this place!” Chu Feng ordered, and the Mirage Butterfly immediately flapped its wings.

It broke through space and traveled a great distance in an instant.

The speed was inhumane, but this was only a slight increase in its speed.

The Mirage Butterfly could still go faster, and with that, it did.

It was just a split second, another split second, and another.

Soon, they arrived in the north region.

Outside the outskirts of the Imperial City, the Thunderbird roared at the overlord mystic race before it.

At this moment, Mu Yao was clenching her teeth.

She had already sent out a distress signal, and the situation was extremely urgent.

In such a dangerous environment, she did not know if she could hold on.

Even if she was a genius, Mu Yao had no choice but to put down her pride for her life.

Her pride as a genius had been completely lost at this moment.

“I didnt expect that I would be the first to call for help,” Mu Yao mocked herself.

However, the situation was dire now.

Cleveland slowly walked towards the Thunderbird.

At the same time, he also felt a strong sense of pressure, but he wasnt afraid at all.

He said in admiration, “As expected of a genius human Beastmaster.

To think that you can make me feel such oppression.

Your weakening-type talent can actually reduce my strength by so much.

Im impressed!”

However, Cleveland seemed to have nothing to fear.

His expression was very calm, and even his tone didnt change much.

It was as if in his eyes, the weakening-type talent had no effect at all.

As he spoke, his overlord level 6 aura was fully unleashed.

Following this, the strength that he had suppressed suddenly soared, and he immediately counterattacked.

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In this vast open space, the two faced off against each other.

However, it was obvious that they were not on equal footing.

When she felt the pressure and the opponents overlord level 6 strength, Mu Yao was aware that she was not a match for him.

Only by joining hands with others could they defeat Cleveland.

However, she needed to buy time for now.

The Thunderbird unleashed all of its strength, and a huge bolt of lightning descended.

However, as if he was bathing in the lightning, Cleveland seemed completely unbothered.

When she saw it clearly, she realized that Cleveland had used a spiritual barrier to completely isolate the lightning, which was why he wasnt injured.

The scene was shocking.

At this moment, Cleveland touched his hand and blew a whistle before saying, “Although you have a weakening-type talent that has suppressed my strength by quite a bit, your Thunderbirds strength isnt enough to defeat the weakened me.

Do you think that a Thunderbird thats only at the overlord level 1 is a match for me”

Cleveland snorted coldly.

Then, he leaned his body slightly downwards, intending to leap over the Thunderbird and kill Mu Yao on the spot.

Human Beastmasters had many pet beasts, so if they wanted to defeat a human Beastmaster, they could only defeat the human Beastmaster himself.

This was the fastest and most effective way.

Of course, Cleveland had also thought of this.

He was very experienced in facing human Beastmasters.

After all, he had killed a human Beastmaster before, so facing a human Beastmaster again wasnt too much of a problem for him.

He quickly took action.

Under the powerful pressure, Mu Yao furrowed her brows tightly.

She didnt want to die here so quickly.

She had to return alive.

“Hehe, you dont have a chance anymore!” In an instant, a voice sounded.

The voice made Mu Yao dazed.

It sounded very familiar.

Very quickly, a persons face appeared in her mind, it was Chu Feng.

She didnt expect the person to have come to save her to be Chu Feng.

To think Chu Fengs speed was so fast.

Just how many seconds had passed before he arrived However, Mu Yao quickly understood.

Chu Fengs Mirage Butterfly could travel through time and space, so it was only natural for it to have such speed.

“This person is the genius Cleveland.

He has the strength of an overlord level 6.

Moreover, he has a super spiritual talent and a super illusion talent.

He is an extremely troublesome existence,” Mu Yao hurriedly said to Chu Feng when she saw that he had arrived.

“Dont worry.

He is just a mere overlord level 6.

Hes nothing in my eyes!” Chu Feng said indifferently.

He looked down at Cleveland from above, his gaze so indifferent as if he was looking at an ant.

It was as if he was an emperor who was looking down on a commoner.

Cleveland, on the other hand, seemed to have gone crazy at this moment.

He could no longer suppress the smile on his face.

He recognized that the person who had just arrived was Chu Feng, the human on the foreign races bounty list.

“Hehe, so you are Chu Feng.

You are the number one target on the human assassination list.

Anyone who kills you will receive a reward of 10 million military credits.

Now, you have appeared in front of me.

As long as I kill you, I will receive 10 million military credits.

The heavens are really helping me, hahahahaha!” Cleveland laughed crazily, as if he was most definitely sure that he could kill Chu Feng.

As long as he moved slightly, he could strangle Chu Feng to death on the spot.

Clevelands eyes were burning with greed.

The emotion was almost overflowing, and his greed almost solidified.


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