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Although they were overlord-level Beastmasters, they were still worlds apart from Chu Feng.

Their eyes were filled with determination.

At this moment, the space created by Chu Feng hadnt dissipated yet.

Looking at the ripples of space, they sucked in a breath of cold air.

Zhu Haoqian was very speechless.

Soon, they summoned their beasts.

Mu Yao took the lead to summon her Space-splitting Beast, then shattered the space and walked in, disappearing in an instant.

Immediately after, Luo Heng rode his beast and disappeared in the blink of an eye as well.

Finally, Zhu Haoqian summoned his beast and soon disappeared too.

The mystic race was very prosperous.

Chu Feng landed in the westernmost city.

He swaggered around the city in human form, but no one seemed to notice his existence.

He was right there, yet no one discovered him.

It was thanks to the Mirage Butterflys skill that had turned him into existence of nothingness.

The space around him merged into the larger space as if it did not exist, or rather, did not belong to this world at all.

Chu Fengs aura became almost indiscernible with this.

Unless an overlord-level existence came along, no one would be able to sense his existence.

No one would realize that a human had appeared here.

As he strolled through the city like this was his garden, he took large strides.

Soon, he entered a small tavern and casually picked up a wine jar placed on the shelf.

The aroma coming from the wine in the jar was very strong.

As soon as he opened the lid, the aroma filled the air.

It instantly captivated everyone.

Chu Feng also found it very delicious.

It seemed that this was a fresh brew from some tavern that must be pretty good, so he poured himself a bowl of the wine.

He would like to see the scenery of this place.

Before he destroyed the alternate dimension, he wanted to experience their culture first.

He was the invader this time, but it was the other party who had wanted to invade the human race first.

He had no choice but to retaliate.

Were the foreign races here innocent Of course not.

They had to be eliminated.

Chu Feng would not leave a single one of them alive.

At the very least, he would kill as many as he could.

He would not let any enemy off.

He would start a massacre here and destroy the cities here.

No matter how scenic the cities were, he would not show any mercy.

What was worse was that the appearance of the mystic race was so ugly that it was indescribable by words.

Chu Feng simply could not stand the sight of them.

These creatures were similar to humans such that they had four limbs and a head, but they looked the same as the pictures of the aliens that circulated in the human world.

They looked just like the aliens as the humans imagined, and were simply too ugly that he could not stand them.

They just looked too alien.

“This wine is not bad though,” After drinking the bowl of wine, Chu Feng said slowly.

His voice was so low that no one could hear him.

He would call these aliens humans for now.

At least they had the same human form.

After drinking the wine, Chu Feng was not drunk at all.

Perhaps it was because the wines alcohol content was too low, or perhaps Chu Feng had a very good tolerance for alcohol.

Following that, he strolled leisurely towards the other side.

After leaving the tavern, he headed in a direction with his final target as the City Lords mansion.

There were many important people in the City Lords mansion.

He was about to start making his move and would not be showing any mercy.

With that, Chu Feng summoned his Mirage Butterfly and rode on it.

No one could detect them.

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They soon arrived at the City Lords residence, where an alien named Milton was currently admiring the dancing women below.

These women were all dressed in revealing clothes that were bright and beautiful, but to Chu Feng, they were all aliens that were just ugly.

He even felt the urge to vomit when he looked at them since they were so ugly he couldnt find the words for them.

Chu Feng could not beat to look at them, but Milton seemed to be admiring the beauty of these aliens patiently.

When he was pleased, he would even throw himself into their embrace.

He could be said to be living a life of luxury.

However, in the next moment, as an overlord level 1 existence, Milton sensed something and immediately roared, “Its a human.

Why has

a human appeared in my palace!”

He immediately became alert, and boundless spiritual energy spread out in an instant.

Soon after, he discovered Chu Fengs existence.

The minute he sensed Chu Fengs presence, his heart skipped a beat, and his anger burned.

However, when he thought about how a human could sneak into his palace so quietly without being discovered, he was certain that the human wasnt simple.

With this, he became extremely alert.

He found it unbelievable that a human had actually appeared in his palace.

Where was he He was in the mystic races alternate dimension.

How could there be a human Beastmaster This must be something complicated.

“Mirage Butterfly!” Chu Feng simply curled his lips up slightly before saying these words slowly.

The tone and speed of his voice when he said those words were extremely slow that it even gave Milton a strange illusion.

In reality, it was just an illusion that made him feel that Chu Fengs voice had become slower.

Not only that, Miltons senses had become slower as his senses had been affected.

Then, he saw Chu Fengs figure right in front of him, though very blurry.

After that, the entire palace distorted in his eyes, and the world turned upside down.

Then, Miltons expression began to become dull.

He looked like a fool as if he was mentally ill.

“Ahahaha, hahaha, play some music and dance for me.

Come over here, come to my room tonight! And you, you, you, why are all of you so ugly! Sigh, youre too beautiful, come to my room tonight!”

But immediately after, Milton began to be moody.

He grabbed a dancer and slapped her on the face.

“Pa!” A clear sound of a slap could be heard.

The sound reverberated in the entire palace.

The dancers were dumbfounded, but they continued to dance.

No one dared to make a sound, and no one dared to resist him.

This was Miltons authority, he was the king of this place.


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