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Just as they were discussing Chu Feng, he arrived.

Upon seeing Chu Feng, Luo Heng smiled and said as he faced a direction, “Look, hes here.”

The other two looked in that direction and indeed saw a figure, it was Chu Feng.

Mu Yao glanced at Chu Feng and then smiled, her beautiful eyes staring straight at him, “I thought that after staying in the Ruins Hall for ten years, you would be able to advance to the king-level.

I didnt expect you to still be at the commander level.”

There seemed to be a hint of disappointment in Mu Yaos expression as she looked at Chu Feng, but also a trace of surprise.

Hearing this, Chu Feng only revealed a faint smile.

Who said that a Beastmasters strength had to be measured by their level

“Is the mystic races alternate dimension were going to this time their ancestral land” Chu Feng asked.

The ancestral land was actually the mystic races core alternate dimension.

It was ten thousand cubic kilometers and was round, somewhat equivalent to a small planet, and could thus be considered a world.

Of course, the mission notification and additional information provided some introductions to this alternate dimension.

Through the introductions, one would know that there was a fundamental difference between the alternate dimension and the beast space.

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“This time, seniors of the human race will personally send us over.

They are going to work together to build a super large-scale impulse device that will then send us straight to our destination!” Zhu Haoqian said unhurriedly.

As soon as he finished speaking, a few human overlord-level experts descended from the sky and came to them.

Chu Feng was quite surprised when he saw them as they seemed to have become one with the sky such that he hadnt noticed the existence and arrival of these overlords.

The human overlord-level Beastmasters looked at Chu Feng in amazement as well,

“As expected of the most talented genius of the human race since the past three hundred years.

The youngest Beastmaster is just as I thought!” The person who spoke was an overlord-level Beastmaster named Tian Haowen.

He was a veteran space-type Beastmaster with an SS-grade beast tamer talent “spatial amplification”.

He was also a genius among humans.

Many veteran Beastmasters unanimously believed that it would only be a matter of time before he could achieve achievements like the Dragon Kings.

“So its senior Haowen.

Greetings!” Chu Feng cupped his hands and bowed at the same time, then said respectfully.

Tian Haowen nodded, then summoned his beast.

It was an overlord level 10 Flame Behemoth that was covered in flames.

However, the flames wouldnt harm anyone and were more like ornaments, though they seemed to contain boundless energy.

It was worth mentioning that as soon as this beast appeared, the surrounding temperature suddenly rose by a few degrees, and it began to heat up.

There were two Beastmasters next to Tian Haowen.

These two Beastmasters were taciturn and didnt speak much along the way.

They only nodded at Chu Feng, then released their beasts as well.

Their beasts were all peak existence at the overlord level 10.

The three overlord level 10 beasts began to work together.

Under a series of chain reactions, a wormhole gradually formed.

At this moment, Tian Haowen began to explain, “This is the latest research results of the human race.

By achieving a certain vibration frequency, three overlord level 10 beasts can create a wormhole, breaking through the limitations of their skills.

The whole process is very stealthy and fast, and wormholes like this are very difficult to discover.”

Soon after, he laughed out loud, because he knew that Chu Feng wasnt simple, “Haha, but to you, it seems that the so-called skill restriction doesnt exist at all.”

As he spoke, he was also very envious of Chu Feng.

To think Chu Feng could have such a talent that allowed his beasts skills to have no upper limit.

It was simply something that he dreamed of having.

Rather, all Beastmasters dreamed of it.

Upon reaching their limits, the beasts could no longer be nurtured further.

These limits were like bloodlines, talent, skills, levels, and so on.

Upper limits existed for all these.

If there were no upper limits, then the human race would definitely have many new geniuses, and their overall strength would also rise by a lot.

“Senior, you really think too highly of me.

Im not as talented as you think,” Chu Feng also laughed, then said modestly.

Then, he looked at the wormhole before him.

At this time, the wormhole was rapidly forming and growing in size, till it slowly became the size that could fit an adult.

Soon, it became bigger and bigger.

Not long after, it was a huge wormhole.

Seeing the wormhole, Luo Heng, Zhu Hao Qian, and Mu Yao were all very surprised.

At the same time, they were also surprised about other things.

The most crucial point was that Tian Haowen had ignored the three of them and only spoke to Chu Feng.

It was as if the three of them were not qualified to speak to him at all.

They felt quite surprised.

After all, they were once the three most talented people in the Overlord Reserve Camp but were now being ignored.

Wasnt this surprising

They felt helpless and surprised but had no choice but to accept reality.

They knew very well that Chu Feng was in the limelight now, and his talent had already surpassed theirs.

Besides, Chu Fengs ability to defeat and surpass them while only at the commander level was more than enough evidence of his potential.

An existence like Chu Feng would most probably become a totem-level existence in the future, and thus become the third magnate.

The chance was definitely there.

This was also the reality that the three of them had to accept: Right now, Chu Feng was the most anticipated, and the three of them were being suppressed just like that.

In terms of potential, Chu Feng was many times stronger than them.

Yet, the only thing they could be remotely proud of now was that they had all advanced to the overlord level.

Only with this could they stand on equal footing with Chu Feng.

Otherwise, he would be an existence that they could only look up to.

Perhaps at that time, Chu Feng would forget about them, because he would then already be standing at the top of the human race and even the world.

He would be standing with the magnates.


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