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Even if the foreign races had gathered a large number of races to form an alliance, and there were quite a few totem level existences among them, even so, none dared to directly declare war on the human race, because these two magnates of the human race are the pinnacle of existence.

Each magnate had bonded with quite a few totem-level beasts, and their terrifying power could completely destroy them.

Even if they were eyeing the human race like a tiger eyeing its prey, they didnt dare to act rashly.

At this moment, Chu Feng was sighing in amazement in his heart.

Even he couldnt understand the totem level at all since it was too profound.

Right now, he was only at the commander-level.

Wanting to learn something about totem-level existences was simply impossible.

At this moment, a voice entered his mind and the sound of a notification sounded.

A letter appeared in front of Chu Feng.

He opened the letter and saw rows of words.

[Mission: Battle the Mystic Race.]

[Description: Due to the incident with Gorgan being the fuse of recent events, there will be an upcoming battle with the mystic race that will involve a large portion of the Foreign Races Alliance.

To deter the enemy and show the strength of the human race, the magnates have unanimously decided to let four human geniuses from the Overlord Reserve Camp to head to the enemys alternate dimension to battle.

These four geniuses are Chu Feng, Luo Heng, Mu Yao, and Zhu Haoqian! We are thus issuing a mission to these four geniuses.]


Looking at the row of words, Chu Feng was extremely surprised.

He didnt expect that the Overlord Reserve Camp would issue a mission and this mission would happen to fall on him.

Of course, there were other people on this mission, namely Luo Heng, Zhu Haoqian, and Mu Yao.

It was a four-person mission this time.

It was quite a good mission though, they were to go to the foreign races alternate dimension to fight.

Were missions supposed to be so exciting from the start To think they had been ordered to destroy the foreign races base directly.

Did the mission issuers not know that there were some totem-level existences in the alternate dimension

There were also some peak overlord-level existences there.

Could it be that the magnates were sending them to their deaths

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However, this was too exciting, and it just happened to arouse Chu Fengs desire to fight.

Chu Feng knew the person called Gorgan.

When he had been preparing to come to the Overlord Reserve Camp, this person had prepared to assassinate him personally, but he didnt seem to have succeeded, because he had been captured by the City Lord and Ling Wanjun together.

It seemed that the magnates of the human race had put a lot of effort into this matter.

Could it be that they were trying to stir up internal conflicts between the Foreign Races Alliance It was very possible.

Chu Feng seemed to have discovered something.

After Chu Feng had a deeper understanding of the whole mission, he finally understood the reason behind this matter.

The human race wanted to intimidate the foreign races so that they wouldnt invade the human race again, nor would they dare to have any designs on the human race.

Chu Feng also understood the intentions behind sending them to complete the mission.

The magnates of the human race would definitely not let them, the geniuses of the human race, face such a huge danger.

So, the only thing that could explain their decision now was that the two legend-level Beastmasters had plans.

It was obvious from a glance that this was the plan of the magnates.

Chu Feng had experienced the sufferings that the two magnates had experienced over the years in the Ruins Hall.

He had also learned some secrets that were rather profound, though still digestible.

He was very sure that the two magnates had long been paying attention to him.

This was not a guess but based on actual evidence.

Chu Feng could give some examples of the many details that he finally understood now.

Such a dangerous mission was obviously given to him so that he could gain experience and become stronger, increasing his real combat experience.

It could only be an arrangement made by the two magnates.

“Perhaps all this was arranged.

Im just a chess piece, but Im the most important one.

It seems that the magnates have made their plans,” As Chu Feng spoke, he couldnt hide the excitement in his heart.

It was too exciting.

This time, he was going to destroy the foreign races alternate dimension.

This wasnt just empty talk, he was really going to do it.

Facing the powerful mystic race and many powerful enemies, even if he knew the dangers involved, he would still resolutely rush forward.

It was obvious that this wasnt a simple task.

However, this mission was the best opportunity, so Chu Feng chose to accept it without hesitation.

At this moment, in the sky above Tianyu City, Luo Heng, Zhu Haoqian, and Mu Yao had already gathered.

At this moment, the three of them were chatting idly.

“Do you think Chu Feng will come” Mu Yao asked with some doubt.

“I think he will.

His strength has already surpassed ours.

He will definitely take this risk.

After all, this is a mission given by the magnates,” Luo Heng said slowly.

“I dont think thats necessarily the case.

This mission is no trifling matter.

Chu Feng has every reason to reject it.

After all, he has a great future ahead of him.

If he were to die halfway because of this mission, it would not be worth it.

Besides, that place is so dangerous.

As long as he rejects this mission, he will still have a lot of opportunities and time to improve himself,” Zhu Haoqian also began to analyze.

“No, I think he will definitely come.

He already has the strength to take charge of his own affairs.

Moreover, I believe that with his character, he is a risk-taker.

This is a rare experience, and all the resources obtained in this expedition would belong to us.

I believe he will definitely come,” Luo Heng lowered his head and pondered for a while before saying.

“Are you so sure” Mu Yao said with a chuckle.

It was obvious that she wasnt so sure about Chu Feng.

“Hehe, just wait and see,” Luo Heng said with a sneer.

In the Overlord Reserve Camp, there was a ranking system.

However, this system only took into consideration the combat strength of the Beastmaster and their strongest beast.

In reality, every Beastmaster had a lot of beasts, and these beasts could be used in combination.

Some beasts were very powerful when fighting together while having very weak individual strength.

This was the strength and ability of fighting in a team.

However, Chu Feng didnt have any weaknesses in this aspect, because each of his beasts was extremely powerful.

The individual combat ability of his beasts could be said to be outstanding, while their team cooperation ability was flawless.

Although there was no team cooperation at the moment, there would be when they went to the alternate dimension.

When the time came, their strength would rise again.

Who knew how strong they would be when the beasts cooperated


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