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The atmosphere in the conference hall immediately relaxed.

At least, this was an order from the magnates.

Those two were legendary Beastmasters of the human race, the pinnacle of human existence.

They represented the human race.

If it werent for them, the human race would have long perished.

Even if they hadnt perished, they would have been a race of slaves.

Fan Zhengqi just smiled and did not say anything.

He and Bai Yong were now the guardians of Chu Feng, so how could he allow anything to happen to Chu Feng This was naturally an order from the magnates.

Otherwise, he would not dare to even suggest an alphabet of such a thing even if he had ten guts.

“In that case, since this is the decision of the two magnates, then we will officially start a war with the mystic race.

At the same time, the four peerless geniuses of the human races Overlord Reserve Camp will be responsible for destroying the mystic races alternate dimension.

Of course, everything they gain from the alternate dimension will be freely distributed among them.

Any objections” At this moment, Ling Wanjun finally felt at ease, and he spoke passionately.

“No objections.”

“No objections.”

“No objections.”

The strategy meeting was finally resolved and ended successfully.

Speaking of which, this was the first time Ling Wanjun had hosted a conference, so it was a given he was filled with emotions.

He didnt expect Chu Feng, a newcomer who had just arrived at the Overlord Reserve Camp, to reach the top of the Camp so quickly.

Everyone present agreed that Chu Feng was the newcomer with the greatest potential, the hope of the human race.

He was very likely to become the next legend-level Beastmaster of the human race.

Now that even the top existences of the human race were so optimistic about Chu Feng, Ling Wanjun felt as if he was dreaming.

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Everything just felt unreal at this point.

There was also another point worth noting.

The new geniuses, Chu Feng who was currently shining in the Overlord Reserve Camp, and the Sword King Xiang Yunfei were both from Dibei Region.

Three days had passed since Chu Feng and Luo Hengs duel.

At this moment, a shocking piece of news spread in the Overlord Reserve Camp.

Luo Hengs Moving Fighter Jet had advanced to the overlord level.

Luo Heng had thus become an overlord-level Beastmaster as well.

Then, another two days passed, which was five days after Chu Feng and Luo Hengs duel.

Mu Yaos Thunderbird successfully advanced to the overlord level, making Mu Yao an overlord-level Beastmaster as well.

After two more days, Zhu Haoqians Golden Ape also successfully advanced to overlord-level, and with that, Zhu Haoqian also became an overlord-level Beastmaster.

These three were the most powerful Beastmasters in the current younger generation of humans.

Now, all three had become overlord-level Beastmasters.

It was worth mentioning that no one had heard from Chu Feng at all during this period.

No one knew where he was, nor what was he doing.

It wasnt until some time later that the people learned that Chu Feng had been in the Ruins Hall all this time and hadnt come out.

It wasnt until the tenth day that Chu Feng finally walked out of the Ruins Hall.

When Chu Feng finally came out of the Ruins Hall, the entire Overlord Reserve Camp was in an uproar.

This was a full ten days, which meant Chu Feng had spent at least ten years in the Ruins Hall.

In ten years, how strong had he become

Chu Feng stood at the entrance of the Ruins Hall and took a deep breath.

Looking at the familiar world outside, even his heart was filled with emotion.

“Ten years, a whole ten years have passed,” Chu Feng said as he looked at the world outside.

One could see the vicissitudes of life in his eyes.

Chu Feng had been fighting in the Ruins Hall for a whole ten years.

He had accumulated a lot in terms of foundation, wisdom, and strength in these ten years.

He knew that he had always been under the gaze of the magnates.

Thats right, Chu Feng had felt it.

In these ten years, Chu Fengs arm had almost been chopped off by an overlord-level fierce beast.

However, these ten years also brought him a lot of benefits.

His beasts had all become very mature now.

It was just so that ten years was just enough because the beasts, as well as Chu Feng himself, could no longer gain anything from the Ruins Hall.

Even if they stayed in there for another ten years, they would learn nothing.

Although it had only been a fictional adventure, everything was so real.

Lilas current strength had already reached the extraordinary level 10.

Although Chu Feng hadnt given any points to Lila in the past ten years, time had allowed her to gain a lot and grow.

She was now an adult.

Looking at the familiar world outside, which she hadnt seen for a long time, she smiled.

Only ten days had passed outside, but they had spent a full ten years in the Ruins Hall.

The outside world didnt seem to have changed much in these ten years, but to them, it had indeed changed a lot.

Chu Feng stopped thinking about all this for now.

He looked at the sky above him, then said, “Please exchange nine million soul crystal spirit stones for me.”

Soon, Chu Feng successfully exchanged for twelve million soul crystal spirit stones.

Now, he had ten million points left.

These were the points that Chu Feng was saving to buy virtual life since he could probably bond with another beast soon.

If he reached the overlord level but didnt have any points in his pocket, that would be awkward.

Not long after, Chu Feng successfully received 12 million soul crystal spirit stones.

Seeing these stones, Chu Feng was immediately delighted.

It seemed that his hard work had still paid off.

[Successfully exchanged into 300,000 enhancement points.]


Chu Feng converted all of the spirit stones into enhancement points.

Without hesitation, he chose to add points to his beasts.

First, he maxed out the skills of the Wild Bear and the Mirage Butterfly.

With that, each of them had an additional super skill.

Seeing these max-level skills, Chu Feng was simply delighted.

First, the Wild Bears godly speed, godly soul, and godly body were all passive desolate-type skills.

Since they were of the same system, there was no conflict between them.

Chu Feng did not even dare to imagine the chain reaction of these skills.

The Mirage Butterfly had also awakened three skills, namely the space-break array, the psychedelic array, and the space-tear array.

These skills were very powerful.

Other than that, similar to the Wild Bears, the three skills were of the same type.

When these skills were stacked together and combined with other skills, Chu Feng could almost imagine how terrifyingly strong the Mirage Butterfly would be after that.

Next, he had to give the Wild Bear the most comprehensive upgrade.

First was Wild Bears three talents, namely supreme strength talent, supreme defense talent, and supreme speed talent.

Chu Feng didnt even think about it and directly invested more than 300,000 enhancement points to upgrade the Wild Bears three talents to become super talents.


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