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At this moment, the audience finally made a sound, then immediately boiled over.

“Am I seeing things Chu Feng won.

The explosion just now was so terrifying!”

“How did he get this dragon Wait, I know, Chu Feng seemed to have left the Overlord Reserve Camp sometime before.

So he went to bond with a dragon! This is just shocking.”

“Is that really an Azure Dragon Why do I have the feeling that is an overlord A dragon with an advanced bloodline should be of the royal tribes, but there isnt a dragon of such a form among the royal tribes.

Could it be a mutated dragon No wonder it was so powerful.

Even the lowest-level mutated dragons are very powerful.

Besides, this dragon doesnt look low-level, but high-level!”

At this moment, Gao Honghua was also in the audience stands, dumbstruck as he watched the energy released by Chu Fengs beast.

He didnt expect Chu Feng to defeat Luo Heng.

With this, Chu Feng was truly standing at the top of the Overlord Reserve Camp.

Although Gao Honghua was an instructor, his talent was still far from Luo Hengs.

Of course, the most important point was that since Chu Feng came to the Overlord Reserve Camp, he hadnt attended any lectures.

Instead, he had been completely self-learning.

The first thing he did upon coming to the Overlord Reserve Camp was challenging the Beast Taming Tower.

Then, he challenged the Secret Technique Pavilion.

He hadnt listened to any lectures at all.

This was what shocked Gao Honghua the most.

To think Chu Feng had reached his current level by completely relying on his own strength, without the help of anyone elses knowledge.

Was it because of his talent, or was it because of something else that he had acquired

After letting out a sigh, Gao Honghua left the audience seats.

Now that the outcome had been decided, there was no suspense.

Chu Feng had won, so there was no need to watch any further.

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At this moment, in the higher sky, Fan Zhengqi stroked his beard and said with a face full of praise, “Hehe, see Chu Feng has the strength.

Didnt you just make a bet with me Hurry up and hand over the goods.

I cant wait!”

His face was full of joy as he spoke, and he couldnt wait to get his spoils of war.

“Hehe, Luo Heng hasnt lost yet.

Why are you in such a hurry The battlefield is ever-changing.

Who can tell for sure” Bai Yong said with a glare.

As he spoke, Fan Zhengqis smile became even brighter.

“But now that Chu Feng has reached the top of the Overlord Reserve Camp, he might be targeted by the foreign races.

After all, his growth rate is so fast that the foreign races will definitely see him as a thorn in their flesh,” Bai Yong continued.

“Dont forget that we are Chu Fengs guardians.

This was arranged by the two magnates themselves.

Even the higher-ups place so much importance on him.

I dont think the foreign races are that blind!” Fan Zhengqi said with a smile.

Besides, even if the foreign races came, the two of them would naturally stand in front and protect Chu Feng.

They would not allow the foreign races to obstruct or halt Chu Fengs growth.

After all, the potential that Chu Feng displayed was simply too great.

It was simply inconceivable that a commander-level Beastmaster could fight against an overlord-level Beastmaster and still win.

Moreover, Chu Feng had only been a Beastmaster for a few months, yet he had already grown to such a terrifying level.

He was already the strongest person in the Overlord Reserve Camp.

With such a terrifying talent, those foreign races would definitely not turn a blind eye to him.

“Oh right, isnt the mystic race going to war with us humans because of the matter with Gorgan recently” Bai Yong suddenly said as if he had thought of something.

Hearing this, Fan Zhengqi lowered his head and pondered for a moment, then said slowly, “It seems that we can plan something.”

“Awoo!” The Dark-sky Azure Dragon roared and returned to Chu Fengs side.

“Well done,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

He was very satisfied with the Dark-sky Azure Dragon.

The current Dark-sky Azure Dragon was already a very terrifying existence.

However, it was still very exhausting to completely unleash the dragon world.

Now, the dragon world had entered a state of weakness.

Chu Feng was somewhat helpless.

With just a single command to his Ai, he had exchanged for one million points of elemental resources.

Then, he put these resources into his beast space for the dragon.

Such a huge amount of resources should be enough for the Dark-sky Azure Dragon to fight and use the dragon world as he pleased.

“Skills at this level really burn money.

Even I probably wont be able to hold on for long,” Chu Feng was quite distressed as he spoke.

He looked at his wallet which was flattening bit by bit and his heart ached, but there was nothing he could do about it.

That being said, he was still quite happy.


The reward for ranking in the first place was 10 million points.

[Overall Ranking: First place.]

[Monthly Points Available: 10 million points.]

With this, he wouldnt be short of money, right Chu Fengs heart was bursting with joy.

Ever since he had defeated Luo Heng, his ranking had been smoothly adjusted to first place.

He was now the top existence in the Overlord Reserve Camp.

“No wonder he could nurture his Moving Fighter Jet to such a powerful level.

It turns out that he has ten million points every month!” Chu Feng said.

Now, Chu Feng could get ten million points every month.

With such a large amount of resources available to spend, he could also nurture a very powerful virtual life.

“Congratulations, I didnt expect you to be so powerful.

You might even become a legendary Beastmaster in the future!” Although Luo Heng had lost, he still walked up to Chu Feng and shook his hand generously with pride.

This was the exchange between two geniuses.

Now, the original genius of the human race had been replaced, and Chu Feng had become the top genius of the new generation.

Being at the top of the Overlord Reserve Camp, Luo Heng could have advanced to the overlord level a long time ago.

However, to continue to enjoy the 10 million points, he had been suppressing his advancement.

After battling with Chu Feng, he finally realized that he had been restricted by the title of genius.

He hadnt broken through and hadnt made any new progress.

If he had reached the overlord level earlier, he would have been able to shoulder the responsibility of protecting humanity.

He would have been able to fight against the foreign races to become stronger.

To protect humanity and have the heart to protect others was the most important thing.

Compared to the first place, the future of humanity was the most important.

At this moment, Mu Yao and Zhu Haoqian slowly walked over.

It could be seen that their expressions were still very complicated.

“Looks like youre really a genius.

I didnt expect you to really be able to defeat Luo Heng,” Mu Yao praised, but her expression was still a little sour.

“Chu Feng, Congratulations.

Im also preparing to advance to the overlord level.

Looks like youll be able to fight alongside us very soon,” Zhu Haoqian, on the other hand, didnt seem to harbor any sour emotions.


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