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“Can we begin now” Luo Heng asked faintly.

“Yes!” Chu Feng did not waste time.

He was prepared.

Now, he could focus on facing the battle.

Facing Luo Hengs Moving Fighting Jet, this was the first time Chu Feng faced a virtual life.

Virtual lifeforms were all created by the magnate.

With the help of technology, humanity could be said to have advanced by leaps and bounds.

In just a few hundred years, humanitys technological level had already reached an extremely powerful level.

Facing Luo Heng was equivalent to facing humanitys strongest technology.

Luo Heng had an SS-grade beast tamer talent, energy optimization.

This was a very comprehensive strengthening-type talent.

The strength of a beast could not be isolated from the enhancement of energy.

“Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!” The Moving Fighting Jets speed immediately became very fast.

The Moving Fighting Jet was already more powerful than beasts of the same level.

As it increased its speed by another notch, the space was torn apart immediately.

This was the skill of the Moving Fighting Jet, twist and turn.

This was the strength of powerful mechanical-type beasts.

As long as they had powerful computing abilities, they could master any skill.

The Dark-sky Azure Dragon was also flying in mid-air, riding on the wind.

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He could clearly sense the flow of the air.

As long as the Moving Fighting Jet appeared, the Dark-sky Azure Dragon would discover it.

This was the tactic that Chu Feng had given him.

It was to directly face the opponent head-on, not play tricks, and win with strength! Soon, the Dark-sky Azure Dragon had a reaction, because the Moving Fighting Jet had just appeared behind it.

The Moving Fighting Jet form had already undergone a change.

It was no longer in the form of a fighter plane, but a beast-form mech.

On its back were two cannon barrels that shot up into the sky.

One was a sky-piercing cannon, while the other was a wormhole cannon.

The former could shatter space, while the latter could create a space tunnel.

The combination of the two was simply flawless.

Chu Feng was also quite impressed.

It was a pretty good tactic.

If it was any other commander-level beast, it would probably have been instantly killed by now.

However, the Dark-sky Azure Dragon was different!

“Awoo!” The Dark-sky Azure Dragon roared.

With that, the dragon god realm and the elemental realm were abruptly activated!

The trajectory of the cannonball was changed by the Dark-sky Azure Dragon then and there.

Then, the Dark-sky Azure Dragon twisted its body slightly and quickly dodged the incoming cannonball.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, the Dark-sky Azure Dragon pressed down on the Moving Fighter Jet with its body.

Violent elemental energy instantly overflowed from its body before erupting at full strength.

All of the attacks surged towards the Moving Fighter Jet.

When Luo Heng saw this, his pupils also constricted.

He felt deeply threatened and hurriedly commanded the Moving Fighter Jet, “Space warp!”

In the next moment, the Moving Fighting Jet disappeared.

When it reappeared in everyones line of sight, they could clearly see that the body of the Moving Fighting Jet had been damaged.

A piece of it was missing and there had been quite some damage, obviously caused by the Dark-sky Azure Dragon.

Luo Hengs heart sank slightly.

He nodded as if recognizing Chu Fengs strength.

“Anti-gravity armor!” Luo Heng lowered his head and pondered for a moment before saying.

“Boom, boom, boom!” Following the sounds of an engine revving, the Moving Fighting Jet was operating at its limits.

It seemed that the Moving Fighting Jet was going to go all out now.

Following the sound of the engine, its energy was also on the verge of overflowing.

The Dark-sky Azure Dragon feel a wave of mental confusion, though he quickly returned to normal.

This was the mental interference of the Moving Fighting Jet, successfully buying time for it.

In the next moment, the Moving Fighting Jet that had already transformed into human form appeared behind the Dark-sky Azure Dragon.

It waved its fist and smashed down fiercely.

The mechanical fist seemed to contain boundless energy within it.

“Awoo!” The Dark-sky Azure Dragon was not willing to be outdone.

He immediately reacted and quickly dodged.

Turning around to look at the Moving Fighting Jet, the Dark-sky Azure Dragons face still had a look of fear.

If he had been hit just now, he would have been heavily injured.

However, the Dark-sky Azure Dragon knew that he definitely could not lose.

He had to win.

He now represented not only himself, but also Chu Feng.

Only by winning now could he let Chu Feng smoothly ascend to the top of the Overlord Reserve Camp.

Only then could Chu Feng be the true overlord of the Overlord Reserve Camp!

Immediately after, a majestic power erupted.

“What a terrifying power.

How can it be so strong The scale of the power is getting higher and higher.

Three million, four million, five million, six million! Damn!” Luo Heng was incomparably shocked.

He simply could not believe what he was seeing.

The figure was just too shocking.

Luo Heng hurriedly commanded his Moving Fighting Jet to escape.

However, it was obvious that it was already too late.

With a rumble, a huge mushroom cloud formed in the center of the battle.

In just an instant, the entire space underwent an earth-shattering change.

The originally green forest had turned into ruins.

The mountains and rivers had become flat land.

The water in the lakes had been directly evaporated.

The land was a complete mess.

In the center, the ground was charred black.

However, the Dark-sky Azure Dragon was still fighting.

Sounds of collisions could be heard.

The Moving Fighting Jet and the Dark-sky Azure Dragon were currently engaged in close combat.

However, the Moving Fighting Jet was made of steel while the Dark-sky Azure Dragon was flesh and blood.

“Awoo!” The Dark-sky Azure Dragon roared.

Although he was covered in wounds, he was still flying in the sky.

The emotions in his eyes were solemn and unyielding.

He was like the dragon god, unyielding and tenacious.

At this moment, the audience was completely silent.

No one was discussing or saying anything.

Not even a single sound could be heard.

Everyone was just staring blankly at the battle that had erupted on the battlefield.

The explosion just now had shocked them.

When the smoke dispersed, they only saw the Dark-sky Azure Dragon in control, flying and circling in mid-air.

However, its aura now could not be compared to before.

The current Dark-sky Azure Dragons aura was much stronger than before.

When the smoke had completely dispersed, only then was the full appearance of the Moving Fighting Jet finally revealed.

When the audience saw the Moving Fighting Jet, they all had their mouths agape.

They simply could not believe what they were seeing.

The Moving Fighting Jet had almost all been shattered.

The core of its body could be seen to be exposed in the air.

As for the armor outside, it was so tattered that it was unbearable to the eyes.

At this time, it was already covered in wounds.


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