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At this moment, a stream of light streaked across the sky.

Another two streaks of light followed closely behind.

A total of three dragons flew into the sky.

The one in front was naturally Geer, the Dark-sky Azure Dragon.

The dragon that came in second place was the Ancient Desolate Dragon.

As for the third place, it was a Red Dragon at the king level.

The Red Dragon had hidden in the lava with the thought of staying in hiding as long as he could and had restrained his aura, avoiding to the extreme in making a move.

Now, he was in a daze.

He did not expect himself to be in third place.

He had done his mother proud.

The dragon in third place could get a precious dragon scale fruit.

Seeing this, Cairns sighed slightly.

The dragon whelp competition this time had been dominated by Geer.

It turned out that he had only gotten second place thanks to his good luck.

Cairns was a little disappointed.

However, Geer had indeed gotten first place with his own strength, so he was calm as ever as he walked onto the podium.

Upon getting first place, Geer successfully returned to Chu Fengs side with the reward.

In Geers hand was a true dragons heart.

“Well done,” Chu Feng praised with a smile.

“Awoo!” Geer cried out happily.

Then, he handed the true dragons heart to Chu Feng.

Chu Feng took the true dragons heart and put it into his beast space.

This was a treasure worth ten million points.

Only dragons could use the true dragons heart, so it was of course for Geer.

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It just wasnt the time yet.

Geer still needed some time to settle down before he could use it.

By then, he could rely on the true dragons heart to break through to the king level.

Of course, the most important thing was that Chu Feng also needed some time to lay a good foundation for himself.

Besides, his beast space had not grown to its limit yet and was still slowly growing.

Only after Chu Fengs beast space was fully grown was it time for Geer to grow.

“Geers performance is too outstanding.

Quickly take him away now, otherwise, some unnecessary trouble will appear,” The Dragon Emperors voice came over.

The Dragon Emperor looked at the few dragon tribe chiefs who were next to him and felt that they were not easy to deal with.

If these chiefs really went to Chu Feng and asked him to bond with the talented dragon whelps of their tribe, the dragon race would truly lose their face.

The Dragon Emperor did not want such a thing to happen.

Before this, Fan Zhengqi had first negotiated with him before he allowed a bond to be established.

But now, the chiefs seemed to have some intention of giving away the dragon whelps for free.

This was just too embarrassing.

As the Dragon Emperor, he didnt want to see such a thing happen.

“Its time to go back now.

Your ranking in the Overlord Reserve Camp will probably soar again this time after we get back,” Fan Zhengqi was at a loss for adjectives at this point.

Chu Fengs leveling speed was too terrifying.

“Mm,” Chu Feng nodded.

It was indeed time to go back now.

There were no benefits to be gained from staying in the dragon race any longer.

Just to upgrade the Dark-sky Azure Dragon, he had already used more than a million enhancement points for the beast to reach commander level 10 in a go.

Fortunately, although it was at the commander level ten, its strength had already reached the overlord level.

Chu Feng was quite curious as to how many stages the Dark-sky Azure Dragon could clear in the Beast Taming Tower.

Following a roar from the Azure Dragon, it slowly rose into the sky.

In the blink of an eye, a wormhole appeared before it.

Some of the dragons in the audience were very confused, but when they saw the Azure Dragon on the dragons back, they were stunned.

Why was the champion of the dragon races dragon whelp competition next to a human Some of the smarter dragons had an answer in their hearts, but they did not dare to believe it.

Then, the Dragon Emperors voice came from above, “The champion of the dragon races dragon whelp competition this time is Geer.

Geer is extremely talented but had unfortunately been trapped by his innate restrictions for a hundred years.

By bonding with the human Beastmaster, Chu Feng, the restrictions have finally been untied.

Only then was he able to truly unleash the power of his bloodline.

This is now the bond between the dragon race and the human race in maintaining a friendly relationship.”

The Dragon Emperors mighty voice traveled into the ears of every dragon present.

Only then was the veil of the truth finally lifted.

The voice reverberated in the imperial city, shocking everyone.

All the dragons were shocked.

They didnt expect that the champion of the dragon races dragon whelp competition this time had already bonded with a human Beastmaster, and was even the son of the Dragon Emperor, Geer.

Before this, Geer had always been a good-for-nothing.

He was a laughingstock in the dragon world.

But now, not only had Geer awakened his talent, but he had even defeated everyone in the dragon races dragon whelp competition.

This was simply a miracle.

“Holy sh*t, I didnt expect it to be the Dragon Emperors son, Geer.

Its the Crown Prince Geer.

The last time I saw him, he was only at the awakening level.”

“I cant believe it.

How long did it take him to reach the commander level And he even has the strength of an overlord while at that level.

This is too terrifying.”

Immediately, the dragons began to discuss.

They were all exclaiming their amazement about Geers strength, but Chu Feng did not care about this.

No matter what those dragons said, he was going to return to the human world now.

The thoughts of these dragons were not at all important in the human world.

Just as Fan Zhengqi opened the wormhole, four giant dragons flew over.

They were the chiefs of the dragon races royal tribes.

Each of them had the overlord level 10 cultivation base.

“Chu Feng, when you break through to the King level, feel free to come and bond with the young juniors of the Ancient Desolate Dragon tribe.

You can choose any of them,” The Ancient Desolate Dragon tribes chief said anxiously.

“The same goes for the Gem Dragon tribe,” The Gem Dragon tribes chief hurriedly said, unwilling to be outdone.

“Us Black Shadow Dragon tribe too.”

“The White Dragon tribe as well.”

Seeing this, Chu Feng immediately laughed out loud.

Then, he looked meaningfully in the direction of the Dragon Emperor.

At this moment, the Dragon Emperor only felt as if his face was burning.

Was this what it felt like to be “slapped” in the face It hurt, it really hurt too much.

Chu Feng did not mock the Dragon Emperor.

After all, the Dragon Emperor was also Geers father.

Then, he simply turned around, cupped his hands, and slowly said, “Thank you for your kind intentions, seniors.

In the future, if I have any needs, I will not hesitate to come and look for you.”

“Awoo,” The Azure Dragon roared and then entered the wormhole.

This scene shocked all the dragons present, and they were immediately silenced.

The scene was terrifyingly quiet.


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