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From the looks of it, if the Dark-sky Azure Dragon reached overlord level 1, he would most likely be able to defeat a beast at overlord level 9.

If the Dark-sky Azure Dragon reached overlord level 10, then even Fan Zhengqi would not be a match for Chu Feng.

He did not expect that he would actually be able to witness a genius junior surpass him.

“Haha, senior, you flatter me.

I still have a long way to go before I can surpass you,” Chu Feng said humbly with a smile.

Hearing this, Fan Zhengqi smiled and praised Chu Feng in his heart.

It seemed that not only was Chu Feng extremely talented, but he was also very humble.

Now, Chu Feng had already obtained Fan Zhengqis approval.

Then, they continued to watch the competition.

Geer had met a new opponent.

It was a Luoshui White Dragon, Tracy.

In the harsh environment, Tracy was also roaming around freely.

He was still very disdainful when seeing Geer since the latter was only at the commander level 10.

“Brat, you are only at the commander level 10.

Although you can survive in this environment now, arent you too arrogant Who gave you the courage” Tracy looked at Geer with a face full of disdain as he said.

Then, he directly attacked.

Several water pillars shot up into the sky and charged at Geer.

Geer was not willing to be outdone.

He raised his head and let out a long howl “awoo” before charging forward.

Right now, Geer only had the desire to fight.

Before he came, Chu Feng had told Geer to fight as much as he could during the competition.

After all, what Geer lacked the most right now was combat experience.

Although he had accumulated more than a hundred years of foundation, he had also not fought in the past hundred years.

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Only by fighting could the current Geer get used to his current strength.

After getting used to it at this stage, the process to enter the next stage would be much smoother.

As such, Geer urgently needed to train himself through battle after battle right now.

Facing Tracy, who was a genius among the 200-year-old dragon whelps of the royal tribes, Geer was fearless.

He only had a strong desire to fight.

After easily neutralizing Tracys attack, Tracy finally stopped looking down on him and understood that Geer was no easy opponent.

At this time, Geer had completely activated his Dragon God bloodline.

Naturally, he could not underestimate his opponent either.

“Awoo!” Tracy roared in anger.

With that, all the water elements in this small space became Tracys power.

These powers gathered together and crazily rushed toward Geer.

“Awoo,” Geer laughed coldly.

Then, he broke the waves and came to Tracy.

Tracy was stunned when he saw this, finding it quite unbelievable.

He didnt expect his move to be so easily broken by Geer.

Then, with a furious roar, Geer grabbed Tracy.

Tracy struggled hard, but it was useless.

Faced with such a Geer, Tracys eyes were full of shock.

This was too terrifying.

No matter how hard he tried, he could not break free.

He could not even release his power.

Tracy was almost in despair.

In his eyes, there was only disbelief.

Geer looked at Tracy, who had been subdued by him.

There was only disdain and disappointment on his face.

He did not expect Tracy to be so weak.

In just one or two moves, Tracy had been severely injured.

He was now in a precarious situation.

The referees unanimously decided that Tracy had failed, so they teleported him out.

After Tracy disappeared, Geer looked at the sky.

At this time, a cold aura suddenly appeared, and it was crazily expanding its range.

“Roar,” Then, a powerful dragons roar.

As the aura appeared, the surrounding space was covered in ice and snow.

Following that, a dragon appeared.

It was the Frost Dragon, Lawrence! At that moment, Lawrence was flying, and his wings were raining snowflakes.

There was a hint of unwillingness in Lawrences eyes, “I didnt expect my sneak attack to fail.

It seems that you are much stronger than I imagined.”

“Hehe, you are too weak,” Geer said in disdain.

There was no change in the emotions in his eyes when he faced Lawrence.

He had already sensed Lawrences strength from the attack just now.

Lawrence only chuckled.

It seemed that winning or losing was no longer important to him now.

What he wanted to do now was just to fight.

On top of that, he seemed to have given up on struggling, as if he knew very clearly that he was not Geers opponent.

Immediately after, Geer flashed and appeared in front of Lawrence.

However, Lawrence also released a very terrifying and powerful move at this time, and a sky full of frost appeared out of thin air, surrounding Geer.

The corner of Lawrences mouth slightly rose, “Hehe, it seems that you are still too naive.”

Now that the frost had completely enveloped Geer, Lawrence thought that it would be difficult for Geer to escape no matter how powerful he was.

“This is my ultimate skill, absolute zero.

Lets see how you can survive this,” Lawrence sneered, “I didnt expect that a monster like you would still lose to me in the end.”

However, his gloating did not last long.

Lawrences smile gradually froze, then turned into fear.

Geer instantly activated his elemental realm.

With that, the elemental power of the frost instantly broke away from Lawrences control and turned into Geers power instead.

This was, after all, the dragon god realm, and its level was many times stronger than Lawrences skills.

Now, Lawrence was completely suppressed, and he had no way to fight back.

Sweat trickled down Lawrences cheeks, and the ice covering Geer cracked open.

Then, Geer broke through the ice.

The ice shattered and turned into Geers power.

If Lawrence had been an Overlord, Geer wouldnt have been able to do anything.

However, Lawrence wasnt, so Geer could completely suppress him.

In the face of absolute power, Lawrence was like a small ant.

Cleverness was useless.

Even if he devised a powerful strategy, he would still be defeated.

“Haha, its over,” Geer used his tail.


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