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If he could get the true dragons heart, perhaps the little Azure Dragon would be the first of his beasts to break through to the totem level.

As for the second or third place Chu Feng didnt even consider it at all.

But now, there were only three days left.

The little Azure Dragon had just awakened the Dragon God bloodline, but was three days really enough time The Dragon Emperor looked doubtfully at Chu Feng who was walking out.

Did the boy really think that the little Azure Dragon could get a place in the dragon whelp competition

After leaving the Dragon Palace, Fan Zhengqi still did not know Chu Fengs plan, so he asked tentatively, “Why dont we go back for now”

“I want to participate in the dragon races dragon whelp competition,” Chu Feng shook his head and said.

“Dont tell me youre really thinking of winning in the dragon whelp competition,” Fan Zhengqi was speechless when he heard that.

The reward for the first place was worth 10 million points.

The reward for the second place was the diluted blood of the Dragon God which was worth 3 million points.

The reward for the third place was a dragon scale fruit worth 1 million points.

“Haha, I think I have hope,” In fact, Chu Feng already had a plan in mind when he learned about the reward, and that was to add points to the Azure Dragon.

No matter what, he had to get the reward for first place.

“The dragon whelps participating in the dragon whelp competition must be under 200 years old, but you should know that some of the talented dragons have at least reached the overlord level.

Yet the little Azure Dragon is still at the awakening level.

It doesnt have the ability to compete at all,” Fan Zhengqi muttered in his heart.

Chu Feng only smiled.

First place Three days was enough.

Dont forget, he had more than a million enhancement points now.

There was no need to hesitate.

He had a million enhancement points.

In addition to that, he had another 11 million points.

If Chu Feng wanted, he could easily convert those 10 million points into enhancement points.

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There was no need for that now, though.

All he needed to do now was to use all of his a million enhancement points on the Dark-sky Azure Dragon.

If the target had been the Dark-sky Azure Dragon, he wouldnt have dared to spend so many enhancement points so wantonly.

However, the Dark-sky Azure Dragon possessed the bloodline of the Dragon God.

Just this alone was worthy for him to spend his fortune on the beast.

The little Azure Dragon was already more than a hundred years old while the Wild Bear had only been born three months ago, and the Mirage Butterfly two months ago.

As for Leila, it hadnt even been a month since it sprouted.

Therefore, the little Azure Dragon had a foundation of more than a hundred years.

Chu Feng realized that even though the little Azure Dragon had only just gained sentience after a hundred years, he could already clearly feel that the current Azure Dragon was relatively mature.

At this moment, it was very lively in the beast space.

The other beasts hadnt expected their new companion to be over a hundred years old.

To the beasts that were only a few months old, the Dark-sky Azure Dragon could be considered as their grandfather.

However, the Wild Bear was still quite happy.

This was because even though the little Azure Dragon was already over a hundred years old, he was still willing to call it his boss.

With this, the Wild Bears status was still the highest in the beast space apart from Chu Feng.

“Awoo! Awoo!” The Wild Bear hopped over to the little Azure Dragons side, and then, like a brother, it said, “Just you wait and see.

A miracle is about to happen.”.

As expected, in the next moment, the little Azure Dragon, who had been puzzled, suddenly felt his body filled with power.

An endless amount of power was crazily rushing into his body and his four super skills.

It was not a false feeling as he could clearly feel that his power and skills were constantly being strengthened.

His dragon world was expanding at a speed so fast that it could not be judged by common sense.

On top of that, he could also clearly feel that his Dragon God bloodline was strengthening and growing increasingly denser as its ancient aura soared.

The little Azure Dragon only felt that he was now like a Dragon God from ancient times.

After a while, this feeling gradually faded away.

Immediately after, his level began to rise steadily.

In just the blink of an eye, his level had rose to the extraordinary level, followed by the commander-level.

Then, although the speed of his level advancement slowed down at this time, it did not stop.

Commander level 4, commander level 6, commander level 8, commander level 9, only when he reached commander level 10 did the level advancement finally come to a halt.

However, the little Azure Dragon was in a daze.

He found everything quite unbelievable.

He could feel his strength at the commander level 10 that seemed so real.

The little Azure Dragon couldnt react.

He felt like he was in a dream.

How did his level suddenly change from the awakening level to the commander level

“Its normal.

You dont have to worry,” Chu Fengs voice reached the little Azure Dragons ears.

For ordinary beasts, it was completely impossible for what had happened on the little Azure Dragon to have happened in them.

However, Chu Feng had an SSS-grade beast tamer talent, unlimited growth, that was a heaven-defying existence in itself.

The main point was that as long as the beast had sufficient foundation, it could almost level up indefinitely with his talent.

There was no upper limit.

The upper limit was the beasts foundation.

Once their foundation had been fully developed, they would then not be able to level up again.

After all, foundation was accumulated by the beast itself.

With this, the little Azure Dragons interface had an increase.

All of its skills had been leveled up to level 50.

Right now, Chu Feng really wanted to see if the little Azure Dragon could fight against the Overlords Dragon race.

It was very obvious.., the Little Azure Dragon now had the ability to fight across ranks.

“Super skills that have already reached level 50 require 10,000 strengthening points for every level up.

This is too expensive.”Chu Feng was dumbfounded when he saw this.

It was too expensive.., he would definitely have to consume even more resources in the future.

At this time, the beast space was also filled with joy.

Everyone was very curious about this new member.., Chu Fengs voice slowly traveled into the room.

“Dont be anxious.

You guys work hard for the next few days.

When we get back, Ill give you more points.”

The Wild Bear and the Mirage Butterfly were all very excited.

They were looking forward to the next increase in their points.

This was already a rare opportunity.

They had to cherish it, each upgrade would make them feel very comfortable, just like the joy in heaven.

Each upgrade was a pleasure.


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