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“Its just a small-scale alternate dimension,” The Dragon Emperor placed the alternate dimension between the little Azure Dragons brows as he spoke.

Under their gazes, the alternate dimension was indeed absorbed by the Little Azure Dragon.

Following that, the little Azure Dragon slowly rose into the air and a burst of dragon aura was released.

Although it was only a very weak burst of dragon aura that was almost imperceptible, the Dragon Emperor could still clearly feel it.

His eyes immediately widened.

“It really is the bloodline of the Dragon God,” The Dragon Emperor was filled with emotion.

He could not wait to announce it to the entire dragon world right now.

All the dragons in the dragon world, listen up! His son was a peerless genius!!

“Awoo!” At this time, the Azure Dragon slowly opened his eyes.

First, he turned around and glanced at his father.

Then, he spread his wings and pounced on Chu Feng.

This scene shocked everyone.

The situation was developing out of the Dragon Emperors control.

“Geer, come back!” The Dragon Emperors expression changed.

He did not expect Geer to fly away by himself.

However, the Azure Dragon ignored him and flew straight toward Chu Feng.

Although Geer had never grown in the past hundred years, the moment he merged with the alternate dimension, he instantly became mature and his state of mind was improved due to his advanced level.

The little Azure Dragon knew that he would be able to grow more if he stayed by Chu Fengs side.

“Are you willing to become my beast” Chu Feng asked excitedly.

“Awoo! Awoo!” The little Azure Dragon danced gracefully and nodded.

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Chu Feng smiled slightly.

Then, he extended his finger and gently tapped the little Azure Dragons forehead.

The Dragon Emperor was anxious when he saw this.

He wanted to stop Chu Feng but was, in turn, stopped by Fan Zhengqi.

Soon, Chu Feng had successfully bonded with the Azure Dragon.

[Dark-sky Azure Dragon (Geer)]

[Level: Awakened Level 1]

[Bloodline: Advanced Overlord]

[Talent: Super dragon-type talent level 1(0/200), super elemental talent level 1(0/200)]

[Skills: dragon world level 1 (super skill.

The user will have the ability to transform an alternate dimension into a world that belongs to elemental dragons and will be able to use the power of all elemental dragons in the alternate dimension) (0/200), dragon god realm level 1 (super skill.

The user will have to ability to construct a realm filled with dragon power) (0/200), elemental realm level 1 (super skill.

The user will have to ability to construct a realm filled with boundless elements) (0/200), dragon gods blood level 1 (super skill.

The user will have the ability to activate their Dragon God bloodline, allowing it to unleash terrifying power, reconstructing the glory of the Ancient Dragon God) (0/200)]

Looking at these skills, even Chu Feng felt that they were not simple.

He did not expect that they were all super skills.

However, looking at these super skills, Chu Feng felt powerless in a sense.

After all, it would be much harder to level them up.

“Awoo! I am the Dark-sky Azure Dragon,” The little Azure Dragon sent his thoughts over.

Chu Feng was a little surprised.

Wasnt this little Azure Dragon still cute and cuddly before Why did it suddenly seem to have become much more mature now Though, the little fellow seemed to be more than a hundred years old, an age even older than his grandfather.

Chu Feng immediately felt a chill run down his spine.

Even if it was already more than a hundred years old, according to the dragon race, the little Azure Dragon was still in its youth.

“Was it because you didnt awaken your bloodline before that you were unable to awaken your intelligence” Chu Feng shook his head and asked.

“Thats right,” The little Azure Dragon nodded.

Chu Feng was quite speechless.

However, since he had successfully bonded with the little Azure Dragon, it was now his, and the Dragon Emperor couldnt do anything to him.

At this moment, the Dragon Emperors emotions were also complicated.

When Fan Zhengqi had stopped him earlier, he had sent a voice transmission to the Dragon Emperor, telling him that he was Chu Fengs guardian.

With that, this matter was no longer simple and small.

The Dragon Emperor hadnt expected that even the magnate of the human race would place so much importance on Chu Feng.

It seemed that the boy really wasnt simple.

It was very likely that he did have the strength to reach the legend level.

A legend-level Beastmaster had twelve bonding spots, but the beasts that bonded with a legend-level Beastmaster all had the chance to grow to the totem level.

Thinking of this, he felt relieved that he hadnt stopped Chu Feng from bonding with the little Azure Dragon.

If he had made the little Azure Dragon miss the opportunity to bond with a future legend-level Beastmaster, he would definitely regret it.

“Your Highness, please rest assured.

Ill definitely take good care of the little Azure Dragon,” Chu Feng said immediately.

“Since youve already helped the little Azure Dragon awaken its Dragon God bloodline, Ill consider it a favor from you.

If you encounter any difficulties in the future, feel free to come and look for me,” The Dragon Emperor sighed as well.

Geer had accompanied him for over a hundred years.

Now that his son had finally awakened the Dragon God bloodline, it was time for him to go out and explore.

Then, The Dragon Emperor gave Chu Feng a communication device that would allow him to get in touch with him, which meant that Chu Feng could use the communication device to look for the Dragon Emperor when he was in trouble.

“Thank you, Your Highness,” Chu Feng said very respectfully.

After all, the Dragon Emperor was still the Dragon Emperor.

Chu Feng and Fan Zhengqi were about to leave when the Dragon Emperor spoke again, “The dragon whelp competition will be held in three days.

You can let Geer participate in it since there will be rewards for the competition.

I wont force you, but with Geers current strength, itll be difficult for him to take first place in the competition.

There are only three days left, so itll be very difficult to improve Geer as well.

If you dont want to go, I wont force you.

Im just telling you.”

“The dragon races dragon whelp competition Whats the reward” Chu Feng was a little puzzled.

If the reward was useless, then it was fine if he didnt go.

However, this was the dragon races royal dragon whelp competition, and how could the rewards prepared by the royal tribe be of a sub-quality

“Only the top three are qualified to receive a reward.

The first place in this competition will receive a true dragons heart.

If converted into human currency, it is roughly equivalent to ten million points.

It can increase the probability of the dragon whelp advancing to the totem level and can also increase its combat strength…” Immediately after, the Dragon Emperor said a lot more.

“Then, well take our leave,” After listening to the introduction, Chu Feng turned around and left.

To think the champion of the dragon races dragon whelp competition would be rewarded with a true dragons heart that was also worth 10 million points.

As expected, the dragon race was generous.

Putting that aside, the effects of this treasure was extremely heaven-defying.

For it to be able to raise the chances of the dragon whelp advancing to the totem level in the future was already very heaven-defying.

Even Chu Feng couldnt guarantee that his beasts would have a chance to advance to the totem level.


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