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Tianyu City, Zone 1.

Chu Feng stood at Residence No.3s door and pressed the doorbell.

Today was the day he had come to look for Fan Zhengqi to bond with a dragon.

He wondered what kind of dragon he could get.

In a short while, the door opened, and Fan Zhengqi was

seen sitting on a bench while looking straight ahead, deep in thought.

“Chu Feng, youve reached the commander level so quickly” Fan Zhengqi knew very well, but still wanted to ask.

“Haha, senior is well-informed.

Thats right, Ive already broken through to the commander-level,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

“Your advancement speed is very fast, much faster than I expected, but your Mirage Butterfly hasnt advanced to the commander level yet,” Fan Zhengqi nodded and continued.

“Although the Mirage Butterfly is strong, its still a little weaker than the Wild Bear,” Chu Feng said after thinking for a moment.

“Thats right.

The Mirage Butterfly doesnt have a strong enough foundation.

Many genius Beastmasters raise the levels of their beasts as soon as they have the resources, but this is putting the cart before the horse.

Doing so will deplete the potential of the beasts.

Its a good thing that you know how to give your beasts time to settle down,” Fan Zhengqi said approvingly.

Chu Feng smiled and didnt say anything.

Fan Zhengqis words were indeed correct.

The two of them continued to chat for a while.

“Do you know about the dragon races dragon whelp competition that is held every hundred years in the dragon world All the dragon whelps will participate in an unprecedented competition, and those from other dragon races will also participate,” Fan Zhengqi went straight to the point.

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“So, senior, what are your intentions Do you mean that I need to choose a dragon whelp to bond with in this competition” Chu Fengs eyes lit up.

“Thats right, thats how it is,” Fan Zhengqi nodded.

Chu Feng thought to himself, wasnt this like a pie falling from the sky Where else could he find such a good opportunity like this that allowed him to choose between dozens of dragons

Following that, Fan Zhengqi summoned his dragon.

[Azure Dragon]

[Level: Overlord Level 10]

[Bloodline: Moderate Overlord]

[Talent: super spatial talent, super dragon-type talent.]

[Skills: Wormhole, spatial collapse, azure dragon breath…]

This dragon should be Fan Zhengqis main combat beast.

Just by looking at its attribute panel, Chu Feng could already feel its power.

Following that, Fan Zhengqi signaled for Chu Feng to mount the dragon.

Chu Feng thus jumped onto it.

Immediately after, with a roar from the Azure Dragon, a wormhole appeared in front of him.

The wormhole was so deep that one couldnt see the bottom and god knows where it led to.

The Azure Dragon flapped its wings and entered the wormhole.

The scenery inside the wormhole was also quite new to Chu Feng.

He had only heard about it from others, but he had never personally experienced it.

After personally experiencing it this time, he had a “so this is what a wormhole is like” kind of feeling.

With a thought, Chu Feng released the Mirage Butterfly.

The wormhole was a rare sight, at least it wasnt something that he currently had the strength to do.

Since the Mirage Butterfly was a spatial-type beast and hadnt completely grasped the wormhole skill, releasing it now was just the right time for it to experience the wormhole firsthand.

In the blink of an eye, the Mirage Butterfly appeared on the dragons back.

When the Mirage Butterfly saw the scene before it, it was instantly fascinated.

Then, the Mirage Butterflys aura began to rise.

Fan Zhengqi was quite surprised when he saw it.

He couldnt help but sigh and say, “As expected of the legendary Mirage Butterfly.

Just seeing the scenery in this wormhole is enough to give it a euphoria.”


Chu Feng also smiled.

He didnt expect the Mirage Butterfly to feel something just by looking in the wormhole.

Moreover, from the looks of it, it was obvious that it was going to break through to the commander-level.

At this moment, the Mirage Butterfly broke through to the commander level.

“Haha, you are quite worthy of praise,” Chu Feng sent his thoughts over.

“Mi-meh! Mi-meh!” The Mirage Butterfly flapped its wings happily.

“The ancient times was the world of the gods.

It was called the age of the gods.

At that time, even the Mythical Tree was just a child.

All the gods possessed the ability to destroy the world.

Among them, there was the Water God, Fire God, Desolate God, and the incomparably powerful Dagon God, all that I am now familiar with,” Fan Zhengqis words broke the silence.

Upon hearing these words, Chu Feng was somewhat surprised.

He did not know much about these things.

Only now did he have the opportunity to know the details.

“The current dragon world was created by a skill of the Dragon God back then.

In the battle between the Dragon God and Desolate God, both gods suffered heavy losses and died,” Fan Zhengqi said slowly, “The Ancient Desolate Dragon had fused with the bloodline of the two gods, which was why the current status of the dragon race could be achieved.”

These words overturned Chu Fengs worldview.

After all, the size of the dragon world was not any smaller than the Blue Planet.

Since the Dragon God could create the dragon world, could the tree world created by the Mythical Tree also become a world that was not smaller than the Blue Planet

“You can think of it this way.

Im more inclined to let you bond with the Ancient Desolate Dragon, unfortunately, it conflicts with your current system.

It would be great to choose another royal tribe,” Fan Zhengqi said with a smile.

As soon as he finished speaking, a ray of light appeared before their eyes.

They had arrived in the dragon world.

“This is the dragon world,” Fan Zhengqi said slowly after getting off the dragon.

At the same time, he was breathing in the air of the dragon world with all his might.

Chu Feng quickly followed him.

On this vast and boundless land, the trees were incomparably tall.

In front of him was a primeval forest, and behind him was a large grassland.

Dragons were playing around on the grassland, and many types of dragons could be seen.

These dragons were Tyrannosaurs, Long-necked Dragons, Velociraptors, and other dragons that had already gone extinct on the Blue Planet.

For a moment, Chu Feng felt as if he had returned to the Jurassic period.

However, these dragons were also members of the dragon race.

They were no different from other dragons except for their bloodline.

For example, Tyrannosaurs only had a king bloodline and were thus considered to be a branch of the dragon race.

The dragons that had overlord bloodlines at birth were the upper-class dragons in the dragon world.

As for these lower-class dragons, they were usually treated as food.

Having a beast with king-level bloodline as food seemed quite extravagant.

Following the Azure Dragons roar that resounded through the sky, almost all the dragons within a hundred-mile radius lay on the ground.

No dragon dared to stand up or raise their heads.

There was nothing they could do, this was the natural bloodline suppression.


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