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However, he wouldnt take such a risk, because the Mythical Tree was in the beast space.

If Chu Feng projected his beast space, then his Mythical Tree would naturally be exposed as well, and the gains wouldnt make up for the losses.

“Commander-level Beastmaster though…” Chu Feng said with a smile on his face, feeling very satisfied.

“Awoo! Awoo!” The Wild Bear was also very excited.

It didnt expect to break through to the commander level here.

“Alright, alright.

Youve done well.

Youve worked very hard,” Chu Feng praised with a smile.

“Awoo, awoo, awoo.” The Wild Bear was so happy that it was about to fly as it beat its chest.

“No matter what, I should have some credit for this.

You have to treat me to a meal,” Xiang Wanzhu said with a smile and a wink.

“Sure, Ill treat you,” Chu Feng wasnt stingy at all.

After all, he wasnt short of money, and he indeed should thank Xiang Wanzhu.

“Then Ill wait for your invitation,” Xiang Wanzhu said as she slowly walked down.

Soon, the next challenger appeared.

Cang Qis expression didnt look too good.

The Wild Bear already gave him a huge sense of danger when it was still at the sovereign level.

He didnt expect it to break through to the commander level at this time, making it even harder to deal with.

He might lose this time, but since he was already here, he might as well fight a match before returning.

He was even a little weaker than Wang Hongzhi.

Seeing that Wang Hongzhi had lost as such, would he be instantly too This couldnt do, absolutely not.

It would be too embarrassing.

If he had known earlier, he wouldnt have challenged Chu Feng.

Wouldnt he become a stepping stone on Chu Fengs path to success with this He had originally planned to win, but now he had become someone elses tool to improve.

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He felt great pressure, but now wasnt the time to retreat.

He had to stand up and face Chu Feng.

Immediately after, Chu Feng put away the Wild Bear and summoned the Mirage Butterfly instead.

The Mirage Butterfly hovered in the air, looking as if it had been waiting impatiently for a long time.

When Cang Qi saw the sovereign level 10 Mirage Butterfly, his eyes instantly lit up.

It seemed that there was still hope for him, as long as his opponent wasnt at the commander level.

Then, Cang Qi summoned his beast.

It was a dragon, a black dragon.

[Dark Dragon]

[Level: Commander Level 10]

[Bloodline: Elementary Overlord]

[Talent: Super strength, top-level defense, top-level speed]

[Skills: Dark dragon breath, shadow exchange, dark dragon claw, true dragon descent]

Chu Feng was quite surprised when he saw the black dragon.

He didnt expect it to be a Dark Dragon.

Dark Dragons wasnt a desolate-type beast, but a dragon-type beast instead.

If it could fully display its tough body as a Dark Dragon, it would be an extremely terrifying existence.

If it had been a king-level Dark Dragon, combined with Cang Qis beast tamer talent, they mightve been able to pose a threat to him, but as they were now, they were like a mantis trying to stop a chariot.

The Mirage Butterfly fluttered in the air, then released its skill.

With that, the Dark Dragons body suddenly froze on the spot.

Spatial collapse and spatial blade.

Following this, the terrifying power of space almost tore the Dark Dragon into pieces.

If it was not for the Dark Dragons thick skin, it would have become a heap of scrap by now.

If the Wild Bear was compared to the Mirage Butterfly, the destructive power of the latter was still greater.

Then, the Dark Dragon fell to the ground, unable to resist.

[Chu Feng wins!] The notification without any emotion soon rang out.

To think Chu Fengs beast had easily dealt with the Dark Dragon, Cang Qi was stunned.

He did not expect his beast to be killed in an instant.

It seemed that the sovereign level 10 Mirage Butterfly was even more powerful than the Wild Bear from before.

He slowly closed his eyes.

Only a beast with absolute strength suppression could possibly defeat the Mirage Butterfly.

Otherwise, it would be impossible for any beast to survive such a magnificent move from the Mirage Butterfly.

Above the battle area, the Dragon King was looking at the battle below.

Naturally, he had also seen the performance of the Mirage Butterfly just now, then he smiled at the old man beside him and said, “In my opinion, even your Space-break Behemoth has to back off a little in the face of the Mirage Butterflys skills.”

Fan Zhengqi had the intention of “starting a fire” with his words.

As expected, as soon as he finished saying this, the old man next to him reacted immediately.

“Are you trying to use this junior to suppress me” This old man was Bai Yong, the Royal King who was as famous as the Dragon King.

At the moment, Bai Yong was feeling quite helpless.

Fan Zhengqi had dragged him over early in the morning to watch a juniors match.

The key was that this junior seemed quite good.

He had thought that this would be a very boring match, however, after arriving and watching the match, he realized that the junior had exceeded his expectations.

He hadnt expected a junior to be able to fight those of higher levels in the Overlord Reserve Camp.

Even the Wild Bear seemed shocking to him, the Mirage Butterfly even more so.

This time, he didnt even have the time to speak — he was completely engrossed in watching it.

“Dont tell me you want a junior to teach you about nurturing the skills of the beasts.

Dont forget, you are the Royal King.

Is this appropriate” Fan Zhengqi said with a chuckle.

The Royal Kings face turned red after hearing this because he had indeed thought so.

He didnt expect Fan Zhengqi to see through his thoughts.

However, he still said stubbornly, “Dont tell me you didnt think this way when you went to Chu Feng and gave him the opportunity to contract with the dragon race”

“How could I have looked for him just because of this I looked for him for the future of the human race and even gave the kid the opportunity to contract with the dragon race,” Fan Zhengqi didnt show any diffidence as his voice was loud and clear, showing that he was very confident and it didnt seem like he was lying.

“Besides, this should be the only person in the Overlord Reserve Camp who has the chance to become a top-tier overlord.

I only gave Chu Feng this chance to make the dragon race owe me a favor,” Fan Zhengqi said with a serious face in an unhurried manner.

Bai Yong had a suspicious look on his face, as he had a feeling that Fan Zhengqi was doing this for a deeper reason, “Chu Feng is just a junior, and he only has an SS-grade beast tamer talent.

Its impossible to make the dragon race owe you a favor just because of him.”

“Thats hard to say,” Fan Zhengqi said instantly with a meaningful smile as if he knew something.

This made Bai Yong even more confused.


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