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Chapter 3337: The Immensity Heavenly King

Jian Chen returned to the Peace Ruler’s divine palace with a large number of Lifesoul Flowers.

As soon as he got back, he immediately entered secluded cultivation.

“I’ve truly achieved a bountiful harvest from my trips to the Jade Centre Domain, Grand Heaven Domain, and Scarlet Blood Domain this time.

I just wonder how much my soul will recover from the Lifesoul Flowers this time.” In the secret room, Jian Chen gazed at the large quantity of Lifesoul Flowers and smiled eagerly.

However, he was not in a hurry to heal his soul.

Instead, he took out over a dozen Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime sacred beast inner cores and ingested them one by one.

The damage to his soul could not be healed quickly and required nourishing over time.

However, his physical injuries were different.

He had already cleansed ninety percent of the laws lingering in his wounds from the Demonic Dragon Ruler’s inner core.

Only the last ten percent remained now, so it was easier to deal with.

As the Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime sacred beast inner core entered his belly, an explosive power spread through Jian Chen’s body.

At the same time, wisps of mysterious power seeped out from the inner core, removing the power of laws lingering in his injuries.

The inner core of a Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime struggled to match the inner core of the Demonic Dragon Ruler, so the energy from the first inner core dissipated very quickly.

Only a tiny bit of the laws in his wounds had been cleansed.

Jian Chen began to ingest the other inner cores without stopping.

Only when he used up all the inner cores he had obtained from the Jade Heaven Ruler and the Grand Heaven Ruler did the laws of the Wood Spirits World that haunted him like a ghost finally vanish completely.

Without the interference of the laws, Jian Chen’s injuries began to close at a visible rate.

In just a few minutes, Jian Chen’s exposed injuries had completely closed up.

“I’ve finally made a complete recovery from my physical injuries.” Jian Chen smiled in relief as he gazed at his complete skin.

With his physical injuries healed, his battle prowess had increased slightly yet again.

Even though he could not use his Chaotic Force because he devoted it all to suppressing the curse, it did not prevent him from using the physical strength of the Chaotic Body.

“Hmm My body actually possesses hints of presence from the Wood Spirits!” Jian Chen clearly sensed an additional power in his body as soon as he had recovered.

After a moment of thought, he stopped worrying very soon.

“This should be the shred of energy that the Wind Venerable left in my body.

This energy only serves one purpose, which is to deceive the sovereign god artifact of the Wood Spirits and hide my identity as a foreigner.”

“After all, the Wood Spirits World rejects anything foreign.

Once an outsider sets foot here, they’ll be slain by the power of laws or even directly erased by the sovereign god artifact itself.”

Thinking up to that point, Jian Chen immediately sensed how precious this presence in his body was.

If he did not have it, he definitely could not move about freely in the Wood Spirits World.

He was completely incapable of hiding his presence in front of a sovereign god artifact, even if he put on the mask that Mo Tianyun gave him.

By now, it had already been half a month since Jian Chen had entered secluded cultivation.

However, he did not emerge from secluded cultivation immediately.

After healing his physical wounds, he took out the Lifesoul Flowers and began to use them to repair his soul.

Time passed by silently.

Jian Chen remained in the secret room, using the Lifesoul Flowers to nourish his soul.

However, as his soul recovered, the amount of time he required for the later process became longer and longer.

This time, he spent a total of three years in secluded cultivation before finally healing sixty percent of the cracks in his soul.

A third strand of Profound Sword Qi appeared too.

By then, he had already exhausted all the Lifesoul Flowers he had gathered from the three domains.

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“My demand for Lifesoul Flowers has only been increasing.

Originally, I thought that even if the Lifesoul Flowers from the three domains would not be enough, I would not need too many more after them.

Looks like I’ve been too naive.”

“I do indeed need to farm Lifesoul Flowers en masse.”

After three years, Jian Chen ended his secluded cultivation.

When he emerged from the secret room, he immediately felt refreshed.

With the constant repair of his soul, his strength rapidly returned too.

The strength of his soul directly affected his usage of the Laws of the Sword and the Laws of Space after all.

Even if he could not use the power of his cultivation, just his laws were enough for him to move through the Wood Spirits World unhindered.

“Xia Jianming, I have a mission for you.

Immediately mobilise the power of the nine imperial cities and devote all the resources to farming Lifesoul Flowers.” The first thing that Jian Chen did after emerging from secluded cultivation was to issue an order to Xia Jianming.

“Yes, master.

I’ll go and handle it immediately!” Xia Jianming answered politely before leaving straight for the nine imperial cities with Jian Chen’s written order.

At this moment, Jian Chen’s eyes suddenly narrowed as he gazed into the distance.

He frowned slightly.

A few seconds later, a figure shot over from the distance with a disorderly presence.

They seemed like they were fleeing for their life.

It was the Ceremonial Bell Heavenly King.

He was heavily injured, such that almost half of his body had been obliterated.

His presence was haggard and even his life force dimmed.

He directly fled back to the Divine Palace of Peace.

“Save me, sir! There are people trying to kill me!” The Ceremonial Bell Heavenly King immediately noticed Jian Chen who had only just emerged from secluded cultivation.

Like a person on the verge of drowning clutching at straws, he rushed over to Jian Chen’s side.

Jian Chen looked at the Ceremonial Bell Heavenly King’s miserable, half-dead state, and his expression became ugly.

The Ceremonial Bell Heavenly King was still one of his subordinates.

Even if they wanted to teach a dog a lesson, they had to check who its master was.

Since he had been reduced to such a shape, that was equivalent to slapping Jian Chen across the face.

Suddenly, several powerful presences appeared in the distance.

Four figures flew over, arriving outside the Divine Palace of Peace.

The four of them were all Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Primes.

In particular, their leader’s presence was so mighty that it already surpassed regular Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Primes.

He was a heavenly king!

“Greetings from the Immensity Heavenly King, Peace Ruler!” The leading middle-aged man stood in the air and bowed towards Jian Chen.

He spoke politely, but he maintained a sense of pride.

“Ceremonial Bell, were you injured by these four people” Jian Chen looked at the Immensity Heavenly King and asked.

“Peace Ruler, this is a matter between us and Ceremonial Bell.

This is a private affair!” the Immensity Heavenly King said.

“I don’t care what kind of grievance you have with Ceremonial Bell.

Ceremonial Bell is my subordinate now.

You’ve injured him, so do you know what that entails” Jian Chen glared at the Immensity Heavenly King.

“We mean no disrespect.

We only have a blood feud with Ceremonial Bell.

Killing him is only for the sake of revenge.

We hope the Peace Ruler can understand,” said the Immensity Heavenly King.

“Please hand Ceremonial Bell over to us, Peace Ruler.

Our Immense Qi sect will be filled with gratitude!” said a Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime old man beside the Immensity Heavenly King, clasping his fist.

“You actually want me to hand him over to you How bold of you.

Looks like the so-called lord of the Peace Region is far too easy going in your eyes.” Jian Chen sneered.

Then his eyes flashed with killing intent as the space in the surroundings immediately twisted violently.

In the next moment, four spurts of blood rushed into the sky.

Including the Immensity Heavenly King, the heads of the four Infinite Primes were cut off by an invisible spatial crack.

The four Infinite Primes were shocked, but before they could think too much about it, the space around them changed again.

Countless spatial cracks shot past, slicing away their flesh and skulls.

However, the four of them did not perish.

Their bodies were lost, but their souls still remained in perfect shape.

However, the illusionary face on everyone’s souls was filled with extreme fright, including the Immensity Heavenly King.

“Lock up their souls and hang them outside the divine palace!” Jian Chen ordered coldly.

Before long, the souls of the four Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Primes were hung up outside the Divine Palace of Peace.

Their fates made many experts lurking in the shadows gasp before silently backing away.

The Ceremonial Bell Heavenly King had countless enemies, but many of them decided against taking action immediately after learning the Ceremonial Bell Heavenly King had sought refuge from the Peace Ruler due to their qualms about him.

They remained in the shadows and watched on.

The Immensity Heavenly King and his people were the first to take action.

However, they had never thought that they would end up in such a miserable state as soon as they tried something.

They did not perish, but their imprisoned souls were hung up like that, which was without a doubt even more terrifying than death.

“The Peace Ruler is actually so protective.

Looks like we can’t touch the Ceremonial Bell Heavenly King any time soon.”

“Sigh, the Peace Ruler is far more powerful than we imagined him to be.

He can butcher heavenly kings like they’re dogs.”

Many of the experts hiding in the shadows sighed.

“The ruler is even stronger than before.” Nearby, the Ceremonial Bell Heavenly King who only possessed half of his body was silently surprised as well.

For a moment, he began to fear Jian Chen even more from the bottom of his heart.


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