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「No, wild boar ………!」

In the mountain where the trees grow thickly.

The moment I was confronted by him, a shiver ran through my body.

As I say, this boar is not a boar looking like a wild boar, but quite different.

After all, it has horns.

Two pairs of horns, reminiscent of bullfighting, extend forward as if to say, “I’m going to skewer you” Not only that, but the tusks this wild boars are equipped with are much larger and sharper than what I originally know.

It was a wild boar with four pairs of horns.

The viciousness of these animals is incomparable to the wild boars I saw on TV in the original world.


The horned boar has already noticed my presence and is turning on me with blatant hostility.

He lunged at me without hesitation.

「Whoo-hoo-hoo! 」

I narrowly dodged a bullet-like rush.

The horned boar rushed through with all the momentum it had and hit a tree trunk.

Four large holes opened in the trunk, and the tree fell down with a whimper unable to bear the loss.

The wood was so thick that it could have been used as a post for a house.


This boar is clearly not normal.

It’s exactly what I called The Fantasy.

Could it be a different kind of monster than the average animal

It’s a different world, so it’s only natural to have monsters……….

And while I was saying, “Oh, my God…” he lunged at me again!

「Whoa-whoa-whoa! 」

Anyway, what should matter is the intense hostility of this boar monster.

The moment you find me, “I’m not letting you live,” my eyes tell me.

I don’t want to come to this other world and die too soon!

Do I have anything to use as a weapon

After searching through the equipment I brought with me for today’s walk in the mountains, I took out a machete…..

Originally, it was used to cut down weeds and branches that get in the way, but this is the only weapon that seems to work.

Horned boar.

He looks straight at me and scratches his back leg.

「This time, I’m going to skewer you! 」It looked as if to say this

I also caught the machete and swallowed my breath.

Tension is at its maximum.

It was the boar that moved first.

A bullet dash.

But I’ve already seen it once.

The second time around, he’s more accurate with his moves, anticipating them, dodging paperweight attacks while swinging the machete on the counter!

The blade of the machete accurately hit the horned boar between its eyebrows and smashed its head.

The horned boar collapses on the spot with a beastly scream.

「Aye, I won…….! 」

I didn’t feel like I was alive.

On closer inspection, the machete in the hand is now just the handle, and there is no blade part.

It was broken.

It snapped with the impact of the slash.

The blade was still digging deeply into the Horned Boar’s brow.

Perhaps it had reached the brain, and this beast would never move again.

「Oh, that was scary, That Mountain! Is dangerous」

It’s a different world after all.

Danger is rolling in everywhere.

What’s more, it’s a pretty vivid danger.

The reason I was able to beat this monster was because the moment I gripped the scythe with the effect of 『Supreme Bearer』, I became a top-notch warrior.

If it were me, I wouldn’t be able to do that kind of paper-thin defence that fluttered like a butterfly and stung like a bee.

It really is a variety of 『Supreme Bearer』.

「But… what shall I do with this wild boar 」

Normally, the scene should have been applauded with 「Yay! It’s meat! 」

A wild boar is a relative of a pig.

I’ve heard that the meat tastes almost as good as it does.

If you apply the fantasy theorem, even a wild boar with horns can definitely be tasty, and fur can be used effectively.

However, in order to do so this prey must be slashed to drain the blood then dismantled and processed.

It requires a large sharp blade, the only one of which I had just snapped off.

There are no other things to cut, at least not right now.

Meanwhile, the dead prey was rotting away.

「It’s a waste, but I’ll just have to leave it like this…! 」

I put my hands together with the wild boar’s carcass and decided to leave.

Although he is the one who tried to kill me, I can’t help but feel a sense of reverence for his life.

I thought of burying him in the form only, but it is a law of nature that this is not right either.

If you leave it as it is, other animals and birds will eat the delicious food and clean it up.

As my spirit was thinned by this battle, so I decided to go down the mountain immediately.

What I learned this time.

The mountain is dangerous.

I should at least get a little better equipment before I go into the mountains.

Let’s say the main source of food is the sea.


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