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Thus, we welcomed the demon newly-weds.

But is it really all right for the Demon King to stay here

Won’t his subordinates be worried

I asked him about this multiple times, but he always replied calmly.

“It’s fine.

They deserve some fun every now and then.”

I’d like to think the sinister vibe I get from his smile is only my imagination.

Anyway, the couple didn’t think of their stay here as a honeymoon vacation and took the initiative doing labor.

The Demon King volunteered to hoe the fields while the orcs and I devoted ourselves into creating a kiln.

 I felt bad making the demon race’s ruler do this kind of physical labor, but he said it gives him a good workout.


Astres on the other hand is back to doing both farm work and hunting while also learning how to cook from me.

If she’s one of the Four Heavenly Kings at such a young age, it’s no surprise that she immediately mastered how to use condiments in cooking.

But since they’re only found here and nowhere else, I don’t see the point in learning about them if you’re eventually going to leave this place…

Oh, you’re going to purchase them from me

Thank you for your patronage.

Someday, they will return to the capital and walk the path of a politician together.

In the meantime, they can forget about this and enjoy the life they are living right now.

But as the royal demon couple, they mustn’t forget their duties completely.

In between their work periods, I see the two of them taking lectures from Sensei from time to time.

It isn’t even a metaphor to say that Sensei is a walking encyclopedia, what after living for over a thousand years like him.

He knows most of this world’s mysteries, so you can learn a lot.

Unsurprisingly, the magic he uses is also extremely potent, hence the two asked Sensei to teach them.

Isn’t the mere thought of a Demon King being coached by an undead king utterly ominous

Inspired by them, I also began listening to Sensei’s lectures.

It was helpful in enlightening me about this world’s history and general knowledge, but when it came to magic, not as much.

It seems the skill gifted to me by the gods, “The Hand of Supremacy”, doesn’t count as magic.

And apparently magic in this world is something you do on your own, without the use of extra tools such as magic wands or grimoires.

“Magic has three main groups.”

Sensei gave his lecture in such a way that someone my level can understand it.

Although, it’s a little embarrassing because it’s common knowledge for everyone else here.

“The demon race uses alchemy, the human race uses thaumaturgy, and the mermaid race uses pharmaceutical magic.

There are also other kinds of magic, but they’re all sub-types that branch off from one of these main three.”

“So, the only major difference is which race uses them”


It’s extremely difficult to learn and use the magic of another race because of their innate affinity.

It is said that it is probably the difference in the gods that give divine protection.

Magic is also manifested through our connection with the gods and spirits that protect us.”

Hades, Zeus, and Poseidon.

And just recently we met one of them face-to-face.

It was quite the staggering experience.

“Of course, each and every magic has their own sets of characteristics.

There are many things you can do with it.

The magic group with the most diverse effects is alchemy from the demon race.”

“Not only is there a multitude of demi-gods residing in the underworld that protect the demons, they can also communicate with spirits.

From Hades’ perspective, who is also considered the god of the earth, the spirits here on the surface are considered his underlings.”

The Demon King offered a supplementary explanation.

“Thaumaturgy on the other hand, is very restrictive.

Given the right amount of training, any demon can become an alchemist.

However, only clergymen such as monks and priests can use magic in the human race.”

It seems the effects it produces are also limited in various ways.

“Alchemy can be used in a wide range of situations; be it to attack, offer support, or even help in daily life.

Thaumaturgy on the other hand, have very few spells and limited situations where you can use it.”

“In short, there’s not much you can do with it, right”


The Demon King further elaborated on the topic by giving examples.

“Us demons were able to find the Saint’s residence thanks to clairvoyant magic.

It’s a kind of magic that borrows strength from Aeacus, a demi-god that also resides in the underworld and judges people in the afterlife.”

“If we use it, we can see any place in the world as if it were right in front of our eyes whilst staying in one place.

Of course, it has its own limits.

And the user’s capacity largely affects it.”

I see.

So that’s how they found Platy here and sent Mrs.

Astres after her.

“And you can’t do that with human magic”


Which is why it’s unlikely for them to come here, let alone find this place.”

Hearing that puts me at ease because things would be a disaster if the humans come now.

“In summary, there are many things alchemy can do that thaumaturgy can’t.

But in exchange, they have a grand spell that surpasses even common folk’s intellect.”

Like summoning heroes, for example.

The same magic that brought me to this world.

“Distorting the flow of time and space to connect to another world sounds amazing as it is, but knowing how to make use of it greatly depends on the user’s wit.”

“Thaumaturgy tends to be as such.

Rather than aiding the human user, more importance is put on those who demonstrates the authority of Zeus, the source of their power.”

What’s that supposed to mean

“By the way, if you abandon your ordinary life like I did, you get to acquire versatile magic that can rival even that of alchemy’s.

The type of magic a Lifeless King uses is the same type during the time they were alive, but as they develop, they become more or less identical with the other.”

“That’s a line only those who have reached the top can say.”

Sensei and the Demon King burst out in laughter.

They’re having such a sophisticated conversation.

“With regards to pharmaceutical magic, I believe it’s best if we have an actual user explain it to us.”

“Huh, me”

Sensei was talking about Platy.

“The pharmaceutical magic we mermaids use is for making magic potions.

This is what differentiates our magic from the other two races.”

“Without exception, all the effects of pharmaceutical magic are manifested in the potions, but that is not magic in itself.

Making magic potions is what characterizes mermaid magic.”

Everything’s going over my head.

“Mermaids mix magic into medicine when making potions.

That’s how it becomes pharmaceutical magic.

Even if humans and demons have the right herbs and knowledge, they can never make a magic potion out of it.”

Because mermaids are the only race that can use pharmaceutical magic.

“None of us know why our god, Poseidon, gave us such complicated magic.

People theorize that maybe it’s convenient to use considering our underwater environment, or that it prevents us from being haughty with its usage were it easy to handle, but we’ll never really know the truth unless we ask He Himself.”

“Should I summon Him”

“Please don’t!!!”

Sensei, are you starting to get hooked on summoning gods after what happened last time

I don’t want things to turn for the worse, so I better stop him now.

“Anyhow, that sums up our lecture on the basics of magic.

I hope it helped you learn a thing or two, Lord Saint.”

Mm-hmm, I got it.

It’s probably going out my other ear sooner or later, though.

Now, how about we stop studying here and get back to work

“Hold it!”

Veil came barging in.

“You forgot to explain to Master one more important thing- our dragon magic!”

“Your magic is too grand for me to explain to them!”

“Even the dragon race itself is full of mysteries for the rest of us!”

Both Sensei and the Demon King made troubled faces.

“You’re all so useless! Fine! I’ll explain it myself! Listen to this, Master! I’ll show everyone how amazing dragon magic is, the strongest magic there is! Then maybe you’ll have a better opinion of us dragons!!!”

“Sorry, farm work calls for me!!!”

Study hard, work hard.

That’s what matters.


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