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chapter_43 The Demons Revisited

While I was making clothes like this, there was new trouble.



She’s the sister of the sexy demon tribe and a great person in the demon king’s army.

The person came over to the house again.

「You people, you never learn…! 」


Platy as expected, felt dismayed by their persistence.

After being beaten up so thoroughly, it’s a reappearance before things have even cooled down.

But today’s visit was somewhat different.

They didn’t bring in as many monster soldiers as they did the last time.

They came alone.

There is a sense of sadness in their appearance.

「No, its different reason! 」

「I have not come here today to harm you, please listen to me! 」

It was not Ms.

Astares herself who appealed to me but the two women who followed her, who looked like deputies.

Since her boss, Ms.

Astares is a woman does her subordinates have a unified gender

「If there are any circumstances, I’d like to hear it.」

So Vielle.

Quit your dragon form and take on human form.

I can’t say anything.

Stop making an appeal.

I’m scared, too.

『 Are you sure you want to do this, master These fools will take advantage of you if you’re easy on them 』

「You can’t judge until you hear why 」

You can tell just by looking at them that they are not here for battle.

There must be a good reason why she returned to a place where she was beaten so badly that her heart was broken, without the will to fight - that is without the purpose of humiliation.

「As a matter of fact, we’re…」

「I was chased out of the Demon King’s army! 」

We are baffled by the confessions of the two lieutenant’s alternates, unable to swallow their meaning.

「No, no, no.」

That’s where Ms.

Astares herself comes in to argue.

「I was the only one who was chased out of the Demon King’s Army.

They were just following me around as I fell off the face of the earth.

If you had stayed in the Demon King’s army, a new post would have been prepared for you and you would have been able to stay in peace…! 」

「What are you saying, Master Astares! 」

「We are sworn to serve Master Astares for the rest of our lives! 」

The kids of the second-in-command are quite healthy, but the bottom line is this….

「Did you get fired from the Demon King’s Army 」


「Is that our fault 」

Last time she came in here, I did whatever I wanted to them.

We wiped out all the monsters they brought with them and the Vielle who turned into dragons took them to the battlefield to do some crazy flashy things.

Is it any wonder that Ms.

Astares the executor, has taken that responsibility on her shoulders

「Right after that mess, there was a court martial in the Demon City.」

「It was a one-sided denunciation of Master Astares.

In addition to failing the mission, he said it was sinful to pull the dragon into the battlefield and confuse it… Ugh! 」

Astares was stripped of the title of the four heavenly kings and exiled from the kingdom.

She came here with nowhere to go.

「It’s strange, such a decision! Astares-sama has worked so hard for the Demon King’s army until today! 」

「That court-martial itself was ludicrous, starting in a hurry and finishing in a big hurry before the Demon King returned from the front line as if he was doing everything he could to bring down Master Astares!」

「I thought! You must be the mastermind of that meeting!」

「He’s the Fourth Heavenly King who always seems to be up to something, he’s definitely up to something!」

Two of her deputies were reminiscing about what had happened at the time and were outraged by the remembrance.

「No I’m not talking about who’s to blame.

Strength and ability are everything in the demon army, It’s my fault that I couldn’t accomplish the task I was given.


Astares has blamed herself but it seems to be confirmed that the incident was the catalyst.

I’m starting to feel bad about it.

「…… I understand」


Vielle made a sullen sound.

That’s a mess I’m afraid of but I won’t back down and I won’t look back.

「It’s hard on my conscience to overlook someone in need regardless of their past ramblings.

So, you can stay here as long as you want.

That’s it.

A bird that jumps into your bosom is not killed by a hunter or something like that.

Let’s follow that one.

「However, while you’re here you will follow the rules here.

Bloodshed is prohibited, don’t eat what you don’t work for, Absolute obedience to what I say.

If you can keep those three points, you’re a great resident of this place.

「Master, you are being too soft.……! 」

The Vielle reveals even more displeasure but I was also the one who couldn’t be very good enough to turn away a human (demon race) who came to rely on me, weak to the limit without impunity.

「All right, we will do everything you say.

We will accept it gratefully」

Astares rubbed her forehead against the ground and posed on her knees.

I thought there was no need for her to get down on the knees, but she was the one who tried to kill us all last time.

That’s the least you can do for a change.

Well, she was overwhelmed by the difficulties and couldn’t hold onto her pride anymore.

There is no way to get angry or hateful towards her anymore and I don’t have the energy to do anything untoward.

You can consider it safe.

「But! 」

「There’s one thing I’d like to ask of you, Saint! 」

Then the two deputy daughters rushed out of the room.

…what is it

「Could you excuse Ms.

Astares for the night shift 」

「'In return, we both will do our best to work hard, and we will endure any play we can to make the saints happy, so please just not Ms.

Astares! 」



「That’s not what I meant when I said absolute obedience! 


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