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Chapter_40 Everyday Health

『The Saint』

「So can you stop with that ‘saint’ thing Everyone’s already beginning to imitate it! 」

Sensei the No Life King came to visit us again today.

Well, I enjoy talking to you so it’s ok if you come every day.

『I have a gift for you today, saint』

I knew you wouldn’t stop calling me a saint.

And the souvenir I mean, SENSEI has been giving me a lot of things, and I’m starting to feel bad about it.

What is it this time

『You were saying this before, weren’t you you need a bird that lay eggs.

I was wondering if there was a bird-shaped monster that looked like that.』

Yes, I said it.

There are still many, many things missing from my frontier life in a variety of ways.

Eggs, one of the items in the food category.

Eggs are delicious, aren’t they

It’s a great way to expand your cooking repertoire.

We’ve got veggies, meat, and seasonings now we’re definitely going to need eggs.

And in order to have a steady supply of eggs you want the whole chicken that lays them.

But this is a fantasy alternate universe.

I doubt if there are any chickens I know of.

So he is searching for monsters that nest in the dungeon to see if any of them have a similar biology to that of chickens.

Like a monster horned boar could be used as a substitute for pork.

My wives, Platy and Vielle are organizing an expedition to enter a dungeon in search of a chicken-shaped monster that may or may not actually exist.

That’s why they’re still not here.

They’ve been running around the dungeons all day these days.

『After hearing your story, I wondered if there was a monster on my side that could help me meet my saint’s desires.』

「In sensei’s cave dungeon 」

There are two dungeons adjacent to our settlement, so far.

There are two dungeons: a cave dungeon led by sensei and a mountain dungeon led by Vielle.

Both Platy and Vielle think that if there are bird monsters nesting in a dungeon, it’s usually a mountain dungeon and they only search in that direction….

『I’ve got just the thing, sir.』

And the bird that sensei takes out.

「Oh! 」

The size, the silhouette, it’s a true chicken!

This looks very promising!

I thought…

『’It’s a monster called Yosamo.

Even though it’s a bird type it doesn’t fly, I’m sure that’s why it occurred in my dungeon.


…I realized.

This chicken-shaped monster called Yosamo is a bit of a trait you can’t miss.

「But sensei」


「That’s Tosaka (comb), right 」


It’s that bright red thing on the head of the chicken.

You’d think that since they are chickens, it would be natural for them to have at least a crest.

I think so too.

「However, if I were to say chicken with a crest.


It’s a male chicken, right

What I want is a chicken that lays eggs, and that’s definitely a female.

I mean, hen.

As I was thinking about it, a chicken called Yosamo suddenly looked back at me.

……… don’t show me your anus.

… Is it the total outlet for birds, isn’t it

When I thought about it, something suddenly came out of the hole.

It’s a light brown, spherical… egg

It’s an egg!

This guy has comb and he laid eggs!

If you think about it, the pseudo-creature monsters that arise from dungeons are pseudo and therefore have no ability to reproduce and therefore do not distinguish between male and female.

The thing is, there is no problem to have both male and female characteristics.

If they don’t have to breed why would they lay eggs Which begs the question.

Well, it doesn’t matter!

Trivial in the face of the fact that a steady supply of eggs is now available!

As I held the egg in both hands like a treasure, the Yosamo came tsk tsk tsk.

… you chicken.

If you look closely, you look like a grappler.

That Yohamo suddenly kicks his claws!

「Oh, my! 」

It wasn’t aimed at me.

It is the egg which that guy laid which I held.

Eggs are cut in half by sharp claw kicks and the contents spill out.

Conveniently, the whites and yolks were spread out nicely on the plate that was directly below us.

「This is…! 」

The yolk is so full of energy that it is almost spherical..

The colour is orange rather than yellow.

The egg white is so clear you’d think it was fresh water.

「You want me to try it 」

I asked, and Yosamo nodded.

I’ll take your word for it and suck a raw egg directly from the plate.

I’m Japanese by nature.

Raw eggs are usually good.

「Uma aa ーーーーーーーーー i ! 」

Immediately, we had to take in about five birds from sensei’s dungeon.

* * *

sensei was sent home.

When Platy and Vielle returned from the mountain dungeon in the night, heaving they were devastated by the fact that they had returned home from the mountain dungeon.

「I can’t believe they were in a cave dungeon… The effort of us who were running around the mountain dungeon without knowing so is what on earth…!」

「Oh God it’s useless in the mountain dungeon, isn’t it.

The Lord’s personality that’s affecting dungeon 」

「Oh Then you’re not going to eat a single bite of my mountain square bore! 」

They’ve become so close to each other that they can quarrel with each other….

But I’m not going to let the kids who fight eat scrambled eggs made from these freshly birthed Yosamo eggs!


It was very popular.

Even though it was a futile effort it will be an emotional experience for both Platy and Vielle, who scrambled through the mountain dungeons in search of this taste.

But when this happens, you’ll want a pan specifically for frying eggs.


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