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C33 - House completed

Working in unison with the orcs and goblins who had gained their egos, one of their goals was finally achieved.

「House, completed」

It’s quite large to be called a house better describe as a mansion.

Anyway, it was a fine one.

「If this is all there is to it me, Platy and Vielle will have no shortage of rooms to live with.」

Rather, there is a surplus.

It was a mansion of a size and luxury that was completely too big and luxurious for the three of us to hold, but if you assume that the sensei and Prince Arowana would be visiting well, it would be a reasonable size wouldn’t it


Besides, I have a vague feeling that there will be more residents in the future.

There is no harm in being prepared.

「So this is the love nest for Darling and me 」

「But it’s a Peculiar man’s house, isn’t it 」

The reaction of my two wives looking up at our completed mansion is generally good and what does Vielle mean by her assessment of “unusual construction”…

It was a Japanese house.

Let’s call it a samurai residence style.

Me, the orcs and the goblins worked together to build my castle in a Japanese style of architecture reminiscent of the world I was from a few hundred years ago.

Wooden floors and columns.

Above all, tatami mats.

It’s the best pleasure to lie sprawled out on tatami mats so, I fell down like a dive in the newly completed Japanese room.

「Tatami feels so good, the smell of grasses smells so good!」

I’m very pleased this alone made it worthwhile to make the house a Japanese style building.

「What Does it feel that good 」

「 Then we too…! 」

Platy and Vielle also lay down on the tatami mats and that was enough to change their expressions.

「I’ve never felt floors like this before! 」

「 What’s this smell! Grass! Its grass! But it smells so good! 」

Tatami seems to be popular with both of them.

However, it seems that the rules of the Japanese-style room were not yet well known to the two people born in this world and they had dirt feet.

I took off the shoes at entrance, Observe this strictly.

If you don’t like to have bare feet on the floor, we can make you slippers later.

I’ve gotten a lot of new materials as we’ve built the house.

In addition to the rushes that were used to make tatami mats, I also started growing cotton.

Such cultivation work was done by the goblins.

Thanks to that, I was able to make bedding and I have plenty of fabric material to work with.

I’d like to try my hand at clothing one of these days.



Well, why Japanese style architecture Talk show

The first reason for this is the climate.

It’s most important to build a house that suits the climate.

With the proximity of the ocean and the humid sea breeze, I thought it would be a good idea to have a house with good moisture protection.

Japanese style architecture born in hot and humid Japan is excellent in that respect.

Both wooden posts and rush tatami mats will absorb excess moisture and make you comfortable.

Well …, the rest is due to my own desire to lie down anywhere at any time in my own house.

The unique atmosphere of a splendid Western-style house where a locked room murder could take place was nice, but I wanted my home to have a calmness that would make my whole body relax.

The result is Japanese style architecture.

Well in short, it’s a perfect reflection of my tastes.

「But I’m surprised I didn’t know darling had the skills to build a house like this…! 」

「Well, I’ve never seen such a curious structure in a house before.

Where in the world does he come up with strange knowledge 」


Well, I was completely reliant on 『Supreme Bearer』 for that part though.

Just by grabbing a saw, it could turn me into a top-notch carpenter and give instructions to the orcs in a snap 『Supreme Bearer』is so versatile.

I want to make an onigiri and offer it as soon as possible to the god Hephaestus-san who gave me this gift.

Then here are some more secrets of my mansion!

* * *

By the way, my mansion came out from the concept of a Japanese style architecture but I was not particular about the Japanese style.

The problem is the comfort and livability.

Based on this, the interior of the house is a blend of Japanese and Western styles with a Western-style room in one part.

The best part was the kitchen.

In addition to cooking stove and sink facilities, a kiln-roasted oven was installed in the kitchen, which also served as a parterre.

Eventually, I want to bake bread and pizza with this.

A pot for cooking rice is also available.

I haven’t made the rice yet, which is crucial.

There are seven Japanese-style rooms and two Western-style rooms which is quite a lot of living space.

In addition, we have a dining room and a hall where people can gather to discuss any problems they may have.

I think I have quite a bit more room but if I don’t have enough I’ll build more.

Oh, I forgot to mention that this house is two stories high.

In the aforementioned seven Japanese-style rooms and two Western-style rooms, one Japanese-style and one Western-style room is located above.

The view from the upstairs window overlooking the ocean is very nice.

Since it is a Japanese style building, we added a veranda.

I’m looking forward to basking in the sun here on a nice day.

We decided to still use the brat starfish for toilets.

Their infinite appetite for food allows them to decompose any kind of filth in seconds, making it very sanitary to have as toilet in the same building.

However, I wanted to make a western-style toilet seat out of ceramic so that I could sit on it and do my business but I couldn’t get to that point yet.

The kiln for pottery firing is not yet complete.

I was working on it alongside the house but I didn’t make it in time and then bath.

This was the centrepiece of the house’s construction, but it too was not completed in time.

Since it’s a Japanese style building, I imagined a cypress bath, but I went into the Vielle’s mountain dungeon and tried to find a building material close to cypress (hinoki) but I failed.

The idea of growing cypress trees from scratch using the『Supreme Bearer』came to mind, but even with Platy’s Hyper Fish Fertilizer it’s impossible to grow a whole tree in a day or so.

I tried to do something about it with magic but Platy and Vielle had a hard time developing it so, I couldn’t finish the house itself in time.

In short, my mansion is still unfinished and growing immensely.

I’m going to have a lot of praise.

That’s about it.

And then there are the orcs and goblins who are now helping us to build houses and take care of the fields.

They built their own private house on the side of the house and started sleeping and waking up there.

「'You should have lived with us in the mansion…‘」

But the orcs and goblins declined to do so, saying “That’s too much!”

Nevertheless, the private quarters that Orcs built for themselves were magnificent with private rooms for each person’s privacy arranged side by side in a single building.

Could it be………. Certainly it was a tenement house.

Monster row houses……..

Maybe it’s a nice touch.

The goblins also go out from here to work in the fields.

I started to grow cotton, rush and other non-food crops as I couldn’t manage them on my own, their support was very helpful.

The goblins who have acquired an ego despite being monsters are very labour-minded, coming to request the crops they want to grow.

In terms of responsibilities, duties are divided between orcs for construction work and goblins for farm work.

I’m going to continue to work hard with them on the pioneering work.

Of course, it’s not just the orcs and goblins you can rely on.

My wife Platy’s potions that I had relied on since the beginning and will continue to rely on for a long time.

A new house is under construction.

I suggested that we should set up a dedicated Potions Lab, but she refused because she was already using the brewery as a lab.

The Brewhouse and pantry were built before the new dwelling, but the Vielle in dragon form forced them to lift and relocate them.

This meant that both the stored food and the fermented food from the brewery could be retrieved as soon as they were needed.

My mansion’s unrivalled feelings is growing! and the shack we had lived in the first place was something that we loved so we decided not to tear it down but to leave it there.

Afterwards, it will be used as a storage warehouse for agricultural equipment and as a resting place.

There are still a lot more things to adjust, but I got my own house in my own land! I’m getting more and more excited about my future development!

* * *


As for my other wife, Vielle.

「Shouldn’t you be back in the dungeon 」

「Hmm 」

I asked Vielle, who felt completely at home and relaxed.

To begin with this dragon is the lord of the nearby mountain dungeon.

「In the meantime, since you’re the master of that dungeon isn’t it a bad idea to be away for so long 」

No, I don’t know the details.

But I’d hate to see the mountain dungeons that supply me with valuable protein deserted in the absence of the Lord.

「That’s true too so, here’s what I’m going to do.

Oh, yeah!! 」

As Vielle got into some kind of spirit, a glowing thing flew out of her body and eventually manifested itself in form.

Is that a dragon Isn’t that the Vielle’s dragon form! But we also have Vielle in human form over here.

Two Vielle.

「That’s my magical alter ego.

I could leave it in the dungeon.

as it will be a measure against intruders 」

「 What’s that.」

「More importantly master I’m hungry meat, let me eat meat the crispy stuff! 」

「 Yeah! Yeah! 」


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