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C32- False People

In this way, a new resident in my house was added.

The anthropomorphic monsters brought from the teacher’s dungeon were ten in total, five orcs and five goblins.

Other anthropomorphic monsters were said to be common species such as ogres and trolls, but they didn’t occur in the teacher’s dungeon.

However, it was enough to have these two types of anthropomorphic monsters to proceed with the work I wanted them to do.

An orc, a goblin.

All of them seem to be the most common race of anthropomorphic monsters, or rather the most common monsters in general.

In this world, these guys are the first thing that comes to mind when you say “monsters”.

Minus the slime and dragons.

But as for dragons, they seem to be a separate species in this world, different from both monsters and humans.

And they say it’s not born in a dungeon, it’s born elsewhere.

Well, that’s aside.

Orcs are big and powerful.

It’s suitable for careless heavy labour.

In contrast, goblins are smaller long fingered and more dexterous than orcs.

I decided to give them each a job that fit their characteristics and operate them.

Orcs are to enter the mountain dungeon and cut the lumber for building a house.

With the permission of the dungeon master Vielle the work goes smoothly.

I asked the goblins to take care of the fields.

These guys are appointed for their look and I can safely trust them to pluck the weeds and harvest the fruit crops.

At first, I was wondering through the teacher if it would really work but when I actually left it to them they worked much better than I expected.

Sometimes they fail to follow difficult instructions but if you teach them intently and carefully they will gradually learn and be able to finish on their own.

I was happy to watch them grow up and be able to do the things they couldn’t do, one by one.

Is this the kind of fun we have in raising people

However, it’s true that there are some things that are lacking compared to teaching and educating people normally.

They don’t have their own will or heart.

That’s the same for all monsters because these guys are just pseudo-beings, materialized by mana concentrated in mana pools.

If you give orders they’ll follow them but it’s like a robot that runs according to a program.

I don’t sense any emotional unity of mind working together, nor does it create a harmony.

The lack of such a response took a greater emotional toll on me than I could have imagined.

That’s what anthropomorphic monsters are by nature.

They’re just a mindless robot that mimics the shape of a human being.

The demon tribe that makes the most extensive use of anthropomorphic monsters is said to throw in an army of orcs and goblins with the assumption that they will be annihilated by the heroes.

It is not at all regrettable to use it up and throw it away.

If they die, you can replenish from the dungeon right away.

That’s what orcs and goblins are, they say.

Even though Platy and Vielle taught me that, I continued to feel uneasiness in my heart.

They’re in the shape of a true human being so, you’ve got a lot of affection for them.

If they had a more truly robotic appearance, I would have been able to treat these guys as tools from the start.

How to farm and chop up trees for them.

It’s a real pleasure to teach these guys how to hold a scythe or an axe while holding a handful of them and it’s a real pleasure to see these guys learn it properly.

But that’s as far as I can go in my interactions with these guys.

These guys are mindless robots.

Just as I was about to digest it up it happened.

* * *

「…… oh, my lord」

One of the orcs suddenly began to speak.

No, one of the orcs.

「What, Yeah yeah……!」

The orc spoke.

You’ve never said a word to me before, he just nodded or shook his head as best he could and we couldn’t communicate at all.

「Wagakimi, I want to work for you more.

What do I do next 」

「Me too.」 「Me too.」

「My lord, I want to grow more vegetables.

I want to grow tomatoes those are delicious.

Even goblins! The person in charge of the field are goblin!

What do you mean When I asked for advice both Platy, Vielle and sensei who came to check on me occasionally were greatly surprised.

『It’s hard to believe, but I can only assume that the monster has developed an ego.』

「Is it that easy to sprout an ego 」

I asked him, but he said it was the first time since the beginning of history.

In other words, an unprecedented situation.

I cried as I hugged the orcs and goblins, overflown with emotion.

I felt like a teacher in a drama.

That someday my thoughts will be understood.

Since then, I’ve wondered if『Supreme Bearer』 was the reason why the orcs and the goblins grew an ego.

I used to touch their bodies when I taught them things.

I taught them how to hold the farm tools and axes in their hands to form them, as well as the form of wielding them, touching their bodies.

With both hands inhabited by God’s gift of 『Supreme Bearer』.

The core effect of the『Supreme Bearer』 is not to make you a master of the tool in your hand, but to maximize the performance or potential of the tool in your hand.

For this reason, the monster that came in contact with my『Supreme Bearer』 had an ego.

They had evolved to the next stage.

I can’t believe that 『Supreme Bearer』has that effect.

I should have known that when you can sprout a crop the way you want it to sprout just by touching the soil but it’s still a terrifying force.

It’s great, but we should be very careful not to abuse it.

* * *

With their budding ego, the orcs and goblins do no longer look up sensei guidance but to myself as their master and they could unite in building their homes.

Now, at last, the house is complete!


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