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C31- Housebuilding

We’re going to make a house.

Not just me, also Platy and Vielle.

It had to be magnificent enough to welcome guests.

However, there are some problems with that.

The first problem that confronted me was…..

「I don’t have enough people.……! 」

Platy overheard me muttering, “I don’t know what to do,” and showed me the endlessly splitting kid starfish.


Man’s hand is human, but it’s not starfish, right

What I want is someone to help me with the work.

To build a house.

Needless to say, it’s a huge task.

It’s not like building a single cabin.

Naturally, I can’t get things done on my own.

I can’t let Platy my dear wife to help me.

Vielle is a dragon, but you can’t let a dragon alone help you.

The only thing I can safely trust that guy with is to break it and only if they break it thoroughly.

So currently I’m the only one who can start building a house and that’s inevitably not very efficient.

The field is getting bigger and we can’t afford to neglect the care of it.

What should I do in this situation It’s obvious.

I consult with Sensei.

* * *

『If you want a hand, why don’t you increase it 』

No life king sensei.

He’s the master of a dungeon in our neighbourhood.

Apparently, he became undead of his own volition over a thousand years ago.

He has long since become the Immortal King and has forgotten his real name so, he now goes by his nickname sensei.

Today I visited the Sensei’s dungeon from here.

The souvenir is a takuwan.

(Pickled radish)

It’s a new one I made together with a soy sauce miso brew.


The Sensei seemed sincerely pleased, though.

…..The undead are stuffed and tied together with pickles or fermented products.

…… You think Too much of me.

More than that.

「Do you mean to hire more men from somewhere 」

For example, the royal capital of the human race.

There is no way to hire mermaids, relying on Platy’s handlers.


「They’re both going to be a pain in the ass…! 」

The pioneering life originally started with just me.

It’s not that I’m a misanthrope, but that doesn’t mean I’m an exceptional conversationalist either.

I don’t want to get tired of using other people because I’m not used to it.

And if you’re going to employ people, you have to pay them a wage.

But now I’m in possession of almost no money.

The first ten gold coins that the king of the tribe gave me were used up as I bought land and got all kinds of tools.

If I’m going to give them a reward, it’s going to be in crops but I have no idea what the market is for that area.

『We don’t need to hire from the outside.』

The Sensei smashed my fears with a blow.

『Do you want to take it out of here 』

「Here 」


「here, from your dungeon 」

『 Yes 』

Were there any other residents in this dungeon besides the Sensei

I thought they were just monsters.

『Of course, we’re taking a monster.』

「What did you say 」

『There are people such as orcs and goblins commonly known as anthropomorphic monsters.

They are the ones that occur in cave type dungeons like ours.』

According to Sensei’s explanation, such anthropomorphic monsters can be used and entrusted with the job.

However, only the demon race can do that.

For this reason, it is said that in wars between demons and humans, orcs and other animals that emerge from dungeons throughout the demon country where the demons live are collected and mobilized to serve as an army.

「So, I’m not a demon I can’t lead them 」

In response to the explanation and my doubt.

『The personified monsters in this dungeon are under the control of this old skeleton.

I can give the order to obey thy orders, sir.』

I see as expected of the world’s two biggest disasters, while the things that only the demon race can do are usually feasible

「Is it only human monsters that you can command, for example… beasts 」

『 They don’t have enough intelligence to understand orders.

That’s why no race, no existence can control the monster itself.

And it seems that the few monsters that are intelligent enough to understand commands are anthropomorphic monsters that imitate people.

Even if it has intelligence, it is a monster so it doesn’t have a soul or ego.

Therefore it seems to have no consciousness or survival instinct.

『So you don’t have to reward them or feed them to work.

It absorbs the mana in the air to live, so it won’t stop until its killed.』

「That’s… convenient…! 」


But somewhere in the back of my mind is the thought, 「Is that enough 」


『I’ve kept about ten of them for use as booths in the dungeon but I think it would be better if you have the one’s arisen naturally』

Once again, I decided to take advantage of the Sensei’s kindness and bring back some of the anthropomorphic monsters that roamed the dungeon.

In addition, the Sensei gave me another manna metal as a gift.

No matter how many times I’ve been here I’m sure you’re a Sensei who look like a grandpa…!


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