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C30 - A brilliant light

Thus said Prince Arowana, returning to the sea.

He reported the events that occurred here to his father, the Mermaid King for his approval.

We sent him off with a bunch of vegetables from our farm as a souvenir.

Next time you come over, I want to be able to give you some ham and smoked food as well.

「Um … darling, are you sure about this 」

After seeing him off, Platy asked me timidly.

「 You’re really going to marry me…! That’s what I said, but it’s almost completely momentum…….!」

「Aren’t marriages supposed to be 90% spur-of-the-moment… 」

When you think about the future, there’s so much going on that it’s hard to take the plunge.

「 Atashi… I had a lot of trouble in the mermaid’s country… I got so annoyed that I ran out of the house…! So I met my husband.

I’m half forced to get married because I was caught…! 」

I knew it, I guess that ‘sure.

「 But I had a great time getting my husband to live here with me.

The food my darling cooks is delicious and it’s worth helping him…! Is it OK if I stay here really like this!」

「Of course.」

「Yay! 」

Platy looked genuinely happy and hugged me.

We felt like we were tied to each other again.


Next to us, there was Vielle the dragon.

Human form, of course.

「 I’m going to marry you human」


Does the lack of enthusiasm in this remark maketh the dragon

「 What’s the matter with you, dragon.

Master is already married to me! 」

「 Strong males often monopolize multiple females.

If you’re as strong as your master, it doesn’t matter if you can ** and care for hundred females.

「 Master 」

What a strange style!

「 I was thinking, how can I take the Holy Sword away from Master!.

If I marry Master, we’ll share the property right 」

「Oh…! 」

「When the master dies in his lifetime, I can inherit the Evil Sacred Sword as his inheritance and the life of a ningen is only a moment in the eyes of us dragons! 」

So, when she couldn’t break through up front she decided to take it to an endurance fight

「Also, if I become master’s wife I can have all the good food you can eat every day of my master’s lifetime! 」

「That’s your main objective 」

「"Now master! Will you take Vielle of the Grynnzel Dragon to be your wife! Well, I needn’t hear the answer! There’s no more honour for a lower tribe like the ningen to have a female dragon! As their wife」

Well, I am troubled about the consequence


「Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! What 」

I felt like it was unprincipled to mend another woman on the same day that I was officially pledged to Platy.

Also, Vielle’s “accepted as natural” attitude is a bit….

「Why is it master What’s wrong with me Is it wrong that I’m so weak that I’m losing to the undead king on the other side 」

Vielle started to cringe, surprisingly.

And she shed tears like rain then burst into tears.

「 eeeeeeeeeeeeeh 」

It is indeed a foul thing to be cried over.

I had to intervene immediately.

「 It’s a lie I am lying I love Vielle! I don’t hate you!!」

「So you’re going to marry me 」

「 Yes, yes, yes, I will! 」


In the end she had her way

「Platy gave me a look like, “He can’t help it, this guy” but I really don’t have a choice.

What else could I have done

* * *


This is how I ended up having two wives at the same time.

The question of double marriage… I don’t think it’s a problem.

It’s fantasy anyway.

Wealth or women, a strong man can monopolize everything!

…I’m not strong enough.

All thanks to 『Supreme Bearer』, a gift from God.

Let’s try to make these women happy as someone they cared, not something as we’ve got them.

There I’ve decided what I’m going to make next.

Home, Right now we’re bunking in a shack that’s just a simple pumping shack.

Very crude and simple.

It was originally built for the purpose of allowing me alone to sleep out of the rain and dew.

It is sufficient for one man’s residence but inadequate for a family dwelling.

Or rather, it’s out of the question.

It’s also a good opportunity to get pissed off by Prince Arowana.

Now that I’m married and the pillar of the family, I have to make a nice place for my wife and me to live in peace!


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