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『Supreme Bearer』did not respond to the parameter reading of priests because it is a gift rather than a skill

I don’t know the truth, but as it turns out it must have been lucky for me.

After mowing the grass with a sickle and ploughing the soil with a hoe,

I found out how great the 『Supreme Bearer』 gift was.

If the king knew I had such power, they would cheered in glee for me.

I would have been held a legendary sword and sent to the forefront of the battle without question.

I don’t want to die doing that.

The fact that I am able to tinker with the soil in such a secluded place is thanks to my gift showing restraint and not make any futile claims

I’m so grateful… I can’t thank you enough.

Let’s bite down on our thanksgiving to God and move on with our pioneering.

First and foremost, food, clothing and shelter.

It’s the bare minimum necessary for a human being to live a human life.

For this reason, that’s why we first created a field while confirming the effectiveness of 『Supreme Bearer』.

Agriculture was the basic tree for the stable supply of food,

A field, Its farm work.

If I can sow seeds here and harvest various vegetables, I won’t have to worry about my food.

「That being said, I don’t think it’s going to happen anytime soon.」

In addition to a lot of farm tools from the royal capital, crop seeds were also bought, but I’m not sure that the soil of this land holds enough nutrients to grow crops properly.

Of course, the earlier you sow the seeds, the earlier you can harvest them and the more stable the food situation will be, but if you fail to do so and they wither away, it will be a lost cause.

Can’t afford a mistake

Let’s feed fertilizer here and carefully grow them from the soil.

I wonder where I’m going to get that fertilizer from…

Should I make a manure cesspool

Let’s think it over another time.

I decided to focus my attention in a different direction.

Of all the food, clothing, and shelter, you can stay only in one of these.

Actually, standing here, the weather was good and the sunshine was a breeze.

Although it was an environment where I wanted to say “”Batch-Koi”” even in the open-air camp, there is no guarantee that this accommodation will continue throughout the year.

There could be a rain tonight and we’ll see the hell out of it.

Also, the fact that there is a coastline within sight from here is a cause for concern.

The sea breeze from the sea is sure to be unbearable in winter.

I really need a house to keep out the night breeze, but…

「…… Should I consider the location of the house 」

In the first place, they said, don’t build your house in a place where the sea breeze hits you.

And that’s true to the place where the fields are made.

There is no way that the sea breeze blowing in from the sea will have a good effect on the growth of crops, and if there is a tsunami or something like that and the fields are covered with salt water, you are out at that moment.

「Maybe I should have ploughed a little further inland ……! 」

Even though it was to test the effects of the 『Supreme Bearer』, the cultivated abundant plentiful plots stretched out as far as the eye could see.

「Well, let’s try something else.」

I scooped up the softened soil with my hand as I pulled the hoe out of the ground.

「I’m counting on you.

Grow me a lot of delicious vegetables.」

With this hope in mind, I scooped up the soil and returned it to the field.

It’s such a sentimental act that it’s easy for the viewer to laugh at it.

But I would later find out that this act would have serious implications.

Anyway, it’s a house next

I’ve bought all the carpentry tools, so I can build a house even if I have only lumber.

After all, I have my “『Supreme Bearer』”.

And securing lumber was not a problem.

The land that I selected as the place of residence, the sea is close, but the mountains are also close.

I entered the mountain, swung my axe, and secured good quality lumber that stretched straight to the point.

The “『Supreme Bearer』” also works well when it comes to carrying lumber, allowing one person to easily carry a log that would normally take several people to lift.

With this, I think I can use a log as a weapon to fight.

Then, for the time being, the house was built in a position overlooking the field that had just been made.

With 『Supreme Bearer』, I’m a master craftsman just by holding a saw and a hammer.

There were no great difficulties in construction.

Originally, I had no intention of turning it into a full-fledged residence, so it was a simple shack.

I think this is enough to get through the night dew.

When work was completed, timing was good and the sun is sinking under the horizon.

So much for today’s work.

I fill my stomach with the food ration I brought from the royal city.

I’ll have to get my own food from tomorrow.

Fortunately, there are mountains and ocean near this land.

For a while, going back and forth on both sides and gathering the blessings of the Sea and Mountain will be the way to live.

Until the crops in the field bear fruit and are ready to be harvested.

Among food, clothing and shelter, the clothes are important issue.

I bought as many changes of clothes as I could from the royal capital and brought them in, but they will run out at some point.

By then, I’ll have to figure out weaving to acquire textile clothing on my own, or narrow it down to going into town and buying it.

I fell asleep with these thoughts in my mind, and the first day of my otherworldly pioneering life is over.

The next morning.

When I woke up in the morning and left the cabin, an astonishing event had occurred.

「It’s sprouting….!」

In the field I just ploughed yesterday.

On a field where no seeds should have been sowed.

They are sprouting.

「Why How 」

Were there any weed roots left in the tilled soil Or maybe some wild species from somewhere had been brought in by the wind, I thought.

Strangely, buds did not grow in random, but in an orderly fashion.

Could something like this happen naturally

「No way ……! 」

I remembered.

Yesterday, I scooped up the freshly cultivated soil with my hands and called out to them, 「Grow some good vegetables.」

Then I put the soil back into the field, but the soil was touching my hand at the time,

With 『Supreme Bearer』 you master anything, or to get the best out of anything you grasp by your hand.

Did 『Supreme Bearer』 act on the soil that I held and sprout seeds that I hadn’t sowed

The moment I held the soil, 『Supreme Bearer』 made me the best grower of crops!

It’s just too much, isn’t it

No holds barred

It’s confusing, but I can’t help but take care of the things that have sprouted.

My life on otherworld seems to be off to a good start.

Making a house


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