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chapter_29 – Platy’s Past

「I’m sorry 」

After finishing the zenzai, Platy’s brother Prince Arowana bowed his head.

「Armed forces with dragons, wisdom to make such a large storehouse and unknown dishes.

None of these things are possible in this world quite a famous sage or saint, I presume.

「Oh, no, I’m not that kind of…! 」

「No wonder my sister is in love with you please take care of my sister for a long time! 」

Come to think of it, that’s what I was talking about.

Platy she barged in and from then onwards there’s no way out.

It’s no longer like a de facto marriage, and I myself now have a lot of things that would be very difficult to do without Platy.


「Are you sure that’s the right thing to do 」

「Are you crazy, darling 」


I call out to her.

「I heard for the first time today that you were a princess of the mermaid country.

If you’re that high up, wouldn’t it be dire to decide who to marry Isn’t there a lot of people’s agendas at stake 」

「 I won’t agree! 」

「Oh 」

The language was so strong that I was more surprised than I was.

「 My marriage is only for me and my husband and I don’t care what else you have in mind I won’t let you get involved, as my life is mine! 」

「Calm down, Platy.」

Prince Arowana hushes Platy.

It’s like he’s doing something brotherly for the first time.

「by the looks of it, Saint you don’t seem to know anything about my sister’s situation.

I’m not a saint, you know.

Why does everyone want to call me a saint like the teacher and why does everyone want to call me a saint

「 Since Platy didn’t seem to want to say it, I’m not going to forcefully pry… 」

「’You’ve been very considerate for my sister.

I really cherish my sister however, the truth is if you are willing to marry my sister there’s an inevitable problem and no way around it since my sister cannot speak, I will speak to you myself.

It was a stormy story about the mermaid Platy.

* * *

The gist of the story, first of all the princess of the Mermaid’s Country was super talented.

The mermaid race specializes in medicinal magic.

A genius whose skill at making potions could be said to be once in three hundred and thirty-three years that was Platy, the mermaid princess.

I rushed into the middle of the conversation, but Prince Arowana said that 333 is a sacred number for the mermaid race and is used for every occasion.

Story got strayed.

At any rate, Platy is a genius at making magic drugs and he says she overturned many common sense in that area.

Such a genius is the daughter of the current king, Princess Platy Even more she’s beautiful.

It was only natural that the right thing would come when the right thing was said.

A marriage proposal.

I would love to have the Mermaid princess with all of her abilities, bloodlines, and good looks as my wife.


Such offers were reportedly delivered to the royal palace incessantly.

The Mermaid King was in a good mood at first, saying it was a good thing his daughter was able to pull it off.

But halfway through, that wasn’t the case.

This is because even non-mermaid species have begun to mix in with those who wish to marry Platy.

Human and Demonic.

The powerful forces on earth have asked for the rumoured mermaid princess to marry them, not one faction.

It was never just about my beautiful and clever wife.

Naturally, there was an underlying agenda.

The idea behind this was to take the opportunity to bring the mermaid race itself, a major force into their camp.

* * *

「….The land people have been fighting a continuous, barren battle for hundreds of years now.

It’s a war between the demon race and the human race.」

And it seems that’s why I was originally summoned to another world, too.

「They will continue to fight for earthly supremacy until destruction one of the species.

Frankly, we mermaids have nothing to do with it! 」

The realm of the mermaid race is under the sea, a world separate from the land.

I don’t care who becomes the champion of land.

Do what you want.

And the mermaid race was neutral and non-interfering in the conflict between the human race and the demon race.

That state of affairs lasted for hundreds of years.

It was Platy, of all people who brought a change in that equilibrium.

「 I’m going to marry Platy and use her friendship to get the entire mermaid race on my side….

The human race and demon race that’s what both sides are really after.

With our own race and the mermaid race, we are going to attack and destroy the enemy with both races.

「 Wow….」

「 Platy’s matchmaking is driving the land men closer『Human and Demonic.

Choose clearly which side you’re on 』 」

「 What if you didn’t choose both 」

「If that’s the case they consider us an enemy of both sides and launch an intensive attack… The fear has caused the country to be confused and there is a big dispute over which race to put Platy into.」

The controversy has grown so much that it’s about to turn into a civil war.

「 If we don’t the mermaid kingdom will collapse.

Platy, as a princess must have disappeared in an attempt to rule over the national disaster that was caused by her…….! 」

「Oh, wow… 」

「If only I was gone, the demons and the mermaids would lose their reason for intervention and the mermaid country would be secure…! Platy was also a mermaid.

As a royal family, she has a sense of responsibility and a spirit of compassion.

It was probably that heart that made my sister act like a runaway.」

What kind of grim resolve is that for Platy…

… Yeah.

I don’t know.

「And at the edge of the sea that she fled to escape.

On land, beyond even the coastline I met you Lord Saint.

Now I can see why my sister chose this place as a place of seclusion.

「Do you understand 」

I’m not sure yet.


saint you have left the mundane world and live a life completely free of interspecies warfare.

My sister is like you, wants to cut off from the mundane world and free herself from a life driven by politics.

……..I’m a big brother and I want to give my sister what she wants! 」

Prince Arowana slams his forehead against the table.

「Please! I beg you by all means, take my sister Platy to wife and protect her and make her happy! 」

「Yeah, sure.」

「Thank you! 」

The answer was immediate.

As long as I’m already moving forward with living with Platy, knowing about her messy situation doesn’t change what I need to do.

I’m just going to continue to live my life here the same way.


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