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Chapter_28 - ZENZAI

Platy’s brother, Arowana.

Suddenly, we invite him into our home and the hospitality begins.

As soon as I showed him to our house, her brother became agitated.

「What’s this poor house 」

He looked up at the hut we were sleeping in and his brother exclaimed.

「You let Platy, princess of the venerable Mermaid King family, live in this rude house! 」

I can’t argue with that anger, you’re right.

Originally, this hut was built by me to live on my own.

After I started living with Platy, I decided to rebuild it as it was too cramped.

Also it’s not an appropriate place for a girl to live.

But, before I could get started on that events happened one after another.

Whether it was a dungeon discovery or a dragon encounter and I had to deal with them all the time which put me off.

Platy herself slept with me all the time without complaining and I got used to it but looking back, I think that might have just been Platy’s indulgence.

「You’re right.

I’d like to rebuild a house suitable for the two of us to live in as soon as possible.

「 Oh, I hope you can rebuild your house quickly …….

Rebuild it! 」

It’s better to keep it low and do what they say.

It’s a sure way to avoid trouble.

「 Rebuild What Is it really that easy to say that You don’t have to show off just because I’m in front of you… 」

「Brother, brother.」

Her sister Platy tugs at her brother’s Arowana sleeve.

「Look at that」

「Oh… Oh! What’s that magnificent building…! Warehouse and two buildings! 」

It’s a food pantry that Platy begged me to build.

It’s a good size as it stores harvested vegetables and meat from the mountains.

「What a colossal…! There aren’t many warehouses this big in our mermaid capital, and what’s with those white walls 」

「It’s plaster I found it in Vielle’s mountain dungeon the other day, so I took it home and applied it.」

It’s used in white walls of old castles.

The original raw material was lime, and the story goes that it was produced in the mountains, and that it was found in the mountain dungeons of Vielle.

I also added seashells from the beach to the ingredients.

I thought it would be perfect for the walls of the pantry because it not only makes the walls stronger, but also makes them waterproof, fireproof, heat-retentive and airtight.

And when Prince Arowana said, “Two buildings!” he was probably referring to the newly built brewery.

I had decided to make a new soy sauce, but the truth is, with the help of Platy’s Hyper Fish Fertilizer, the soybean harvest was complete and I was ready to try my hand at making a new product.

We couldn’t brew it outdoors or in a house that was already there, so we built a new building for it.

Platy’s request to double as a potions mixing room made me a little more enthusiastic.

Inside, the miso and soy sauce in question are also smoothly underway for now.

「 isn’t it a magnificent building, brother Darling is a man who can do everything he’s strong in battle, a farmer and the food he cooks is delicious! 」

「Ugh…! 」

「And this larder and Brewhouse built at my behest, that’s why I’m never treated badly by my husband! Don’t get me wrong 」

Platy says cheerfully, but it’s not about me accepting her selfishness, it’s about building it because I need a pantry and a brewery.

It was so helpful to get some advice from Platy during the creation process.

But it’s a reflection on the fact that we put off our own dwelling place because of it.

「Well, I guess we’ll just have to show you to the cabin and have our meals outside.」

Lately, I haven’t opened it in two days and Vielle has come to ask for food, so I created a dining set for eating outside.

Prince Arowana, Platy, and incidentally the human form Vielle sit around a wooden table.

「 there’s a new dish, it’s too early for dinner but it’s a perfect menu for snacks so it’s convenient.


So we grew soybeans to make soy sauce and miso….

Despite the fact that I had grown it so carefully to avoid making mistakes….

The red beans were produced.

(Azuki) On my farm we don’t sow seeds we just touch the soil with the『Supreme Bearer』 a gift from God in my hands and the crops grow as we wish.

We used that to grow and harvest soybeans, and we also grew wheat with them.

I reminded the soil through『Supreme Bearer』

『Soybeans and wheat, grow…! 』

『Soybeans and wheat, grow…! 』

『Soybeans and wheat, grow…! 』

『Beans and barley, grow.


I reminded myself not to go the other way so much, but I let myself the other way around.

Thanks to this, azuki beans are growing nicely in one plot of soybeans.

I thought about how to use it to make something and as a result, it was easy to make with the materials I had on hand….


(Red bean soup made with azuki beans)

… Was picked up.

Just cook the red beans with sugar.

Of course, if it had rice cakes or chestnuts in it, I have nothing to say but I don’t have any right now, so I’m patient.

I’m going to offer that to Prince Arowana as a good opportunity.

「 Sweet, yummy! 」

He liked it.

「 What is this rich but complex sweetness As a mermaid royalty, I thought my taste buds were well rounded but even I can’t think of anything as of such a fine sweetness…」

「Well, this will be the most popular dish my husband has ever made.」

「I like meat and fish, but sweet things are better.」

It was well received by Vielle and platy.

「The only thing I can’t forgive…! 」

「The fact that one more person appears to be consuming this precious Zenzai…! 」

There was a killing intent in the eyes of the two maidens.

「What 」

Their gaze is directed at the guest, Prince Arowana.

「Brother How could you come here at this time of all times This ingredient for Zenzai was made due to an unexpected accident and we don’t have much of it! 」

「 Even though there’s not much to share with a mermaid woman to eat, I can’t take it away by force because Ningen gets angry! 」

Women’s passion for sweetness seems to be the same in any world.

Prince Arowana, who is accused unreasonably is an afterthought.

From now on, I decided to produce red beans stably.


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