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Chapter_27-Prince Mermaid and a princess

27 Prince Mermaid and a princess

Shocking Facts.

Platy was a princess in the land of mermaids.

「Platy! Thank God I finally found you! 」

The noble mermaid named Arowana or something like that, as soon as he found Platy, a gentle relief came over his face.

「It’s been months since you’ve been dazed.

After you covered up whereabouts for several months, we were looking for you with blood in our eyes!.

Recently one of the search party reported that he had seen a figure of yours on a bank so remote from the others, thus led a party with me! 」

I see.

It was an immediate line that gave me an abrupt sense of how things had gone so far.

「Father and mother care about you more than ever, so come home with me! 」

「I don’t want to.」

Platy flatly refused at once.

If you’re dealing with a family member, it would be better if they were a little gentler… I wonder if it is because my current position is a stranger

「let me ask you this, why would your brothers want to bring you back 」

「Of course! Because we care about you as a family.」

「No you don’t, because it hurts to lose a pawn in a political marriage, doesn’t it 」

She declared it with great zest.

There seems to be some troublesome family situation.

「But alas, I have married to the man I have chosen for myself to him! 」

Platy pushes me forward with a thud.

「I have devoted myself and my heart to this man! so I can’t marry anyone else, please tell father and mother that! 」

「What did you say 」


Arowana are shocked by those words.

He looked in despair as if she had a charlatan boyfriend, the cute little sister he had cared for since she was a child.

…or is that exactly what happened

「…Oh, you land lad! It’s a great way to start your day. Everyone! Keep fighting!! I’m going to tear that bastard and take back platy out of his hands! 」

The mermaid soldiers in line took up the harpoon in response… .


『Stop! 』

A single roar from Vielle shattered his courage and caused a total collapse.

「Oh my God! What’s wrong with that dragon Is it on the side of the land dweller」

Only Prince Arowana manages to hold his ground, but the rest of the soldiers are so afraid that they run away without waiting for orders.

「 Prince! This is dangerous! Order to withdraw! 」

「 It is not enough for us to devote ourselves to dealing with the Dragon! We should report this to the Emperor and ask for his instructions! 」

The mermaid soldiers were crushed by the power of the dragon without a fight.

Your brother is still not ready to move from the spot.

Everyone else has fled into deeper water.

『Well, there was only one left 』

Vielle cast a brutal look.

『The Daughter of the Geyser Dragon.

I commend you for your bravery in the face of me, the Grinzel dragon, for not being afraid to run away.

As a reward, I’ll make you ashes in an instant! 』

「Don’t do it.」

I gave Vielle a good punch in the shins in her dragon form.

『 Ow! 』

「I don’t know what’s going on, but he’s Platy’s brother right If so then he is not a stranger.

Do you think you can kill such a man 」

『I’m sorry…! 』

「People are too freaked out to talk about it when you’re in that form, so get in human form Otherwise, I won’t make you any more good food.

When I say this, Vielle becomes exceptionally quiet.

With a shudder, the dragon’s massive body shrinks, and a beautiful silver-haired girl, Vielle, appears.So the pressure of the dragons swirling around this place disappeared.

「there there, good girl」

「ehehe ………… (giggle)」

I caressed her head as a reward for being honest.

「A dragon listening to the orders of a human ……… What the heck! 」

「 oniisan.」

I get as far underwater as I can and reach out to Platy’s brother, Prince Arowana.

「You and I just met.

We don’t know anything about each other, and why don’t we have one long discussion here 」

「What 」

「I have a house on the land.

If you’d like, you can get a bite to eat there and tell me more about Platy.」

My suggestion was met with protests from next to me, not from the front.

「Darling, I don’t want to be a part of this.」

「I own this place.」

They leapt back

「It’s up to me to decide who to invite and welcome to my house.

Platy。 Can’t you listen to your husband 」

「Ugh… 」

After saying that much, Platy said nothing but shunned.

「You’re a surprisingly husbandly ningen.」

I felt Vielle say something beside me, but I decided not to listen.

「 I never thought the feisty Platy would be so obedient… well, good…! 」

And Prince Alowana, the party concerned, agrees to my proposal.

「As a mermaid royalty it would be a badge of honour if I don’t respond to a challenge, I accept your feast! 」

Good answer.

「Well, let me show you home.

Can you go ashore like Platy with your tail fins turned into legs」

「Of course! 」

Platy’s brother Arowana said.

When he comes ashore in his half-human half-fish state, he takes the drug and changes his shape significantly his lower body glowing just like his sister Platy’s.

Prince Arowana’s fish’s tail fin was strong perhaps because he was male and reminded me of a migratory fish like a tuna.

Even though he has become humanized and has two legs he still looks powerful.

It’s a man’s foot with agile-looking muscles.

And yet another thing, the strong part of the man…


It was the same with Platy.

The lower half of a mermaid’s body, which has changed from fish form to human form, is as naked as the fish.

The manly thing that hung between the humanized Alois’s legs was more obscene than anything else.

「cover it quickly!!」

「Oh, my I beg your pardon 」

Arowana took out the shorts he seemed to be carrying and put it on with a jerk.

Why shorts

Moreover, the design was a boomerang type.


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