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A letter from her mother shattered Platy’s stubborn will.

Is it that hard to defy her

Let’s find out from an excerpt of the letter.

My beloved Platy,

Congratulations on your pregnancy.

You are now an adult.

I couldn’t be prouder as your mother.

Are you taking good care of yourself Are you making sure you’re not sleeping with your belly exposed

Your body is not yours alone anymore, so you have to be more careful.

Usually, I’d come over and congratulate you in person, but I can’t be away from your younger siblings, so I’ve decided to write this letter and give it to Carpy.


I trust you’ll take care of the branch school’s establishment.

With love,


“There’s no way… I can say no to Mom’s kind words…” says Platy as she cries tears of joy.

I see.

Appealing to her weak point is also her natural enemy.

I think there was some pretty nasty political stuff in the omitted part, but we’ll get to that later.

“Fine, we’ll start a branch school or whatever! I’ll listen to anything Mom says!”

And so, Platy gives in as well.

Now that there’s no one left to oppose…

“I hereby approve the establishment of Mermaid Witch Academia Farm Branch School.”


All the mermaid students rejoice, including Angel and her friends.

…Why are they all so overly delighted

“Quiet down, everyone!”

With just one shout from Carp, things instantly quiet down.

“As merladies, you must refrain from such immodest behavior.

You will not only learn pharmacy magic here, but you will also learn how to behave nobly like the ladies you are.”


Teacher Carp is strict.

Come to think of it, I also had a carping teacher like her during my school days…

…Meanwhile, Platy is purring close to me.

It’s as if I’m seeing a fluffy tail swishing behind her.

Though, obviously, she doesn’t have one.

She’s a mermaid.

Veil is our only cat character here, and that’s more than enough for me.

“Therefore, Saint, we need to discuss our schedule with you.”


“A student’s life is all about order! The students will be following a daily schedule that has been carefully made by our instructors!” she says as she lays out another broad piece of seaweed.

This must be their version of paper.

Written on it is a detailed schedule of when to get up, go to class, start work, etc.

It’s so detailed down to the very minute.


I boldly toss the seaweed into the pot to make dashi out of it.


“Please discard this schedule.”

Our farm is all about tranquility.

It will ruin the atmosphere if people are forced to live such a time-pressed life.

“You can work whenever you want, however you want here.

That’s what makes this place pleasant and fun.”

As long as we all have a set time to eat, wake up, sleep, and drink the milk the satyrs hand out, the rest is all up to you.


Who cares I’m in a different world, so I’m free from such things.

“But… But our school’s education…”

“It’s a branch school within our farm.

If you can’t adhere to our ways, I’m afraid we’ll have to ask you to leave.”

Behind me, I could hear, “Way to go, Dear!”, “You’re so cool, brother-in-law!” from the two merprincesses.

“I-I understand… We’re already indebted enough as it is already.

I suppose we should comply.”

“Thank you for understanding.”

Behind me, I can hear more merry voices, saying, “See that That’s my Dear’s power!”, “Brother-in-law’s power!”

“Well, since you’re going to be living with us… We have to prepare your quarters too.”

There’s no way we can let them stay out in the open.

And since there are more than a dozen of them, we’ll need to build another house.

“My Lord! Do we get to build things again”

Orkubo and the rest of the orc team seem excited.

They’ve really become construction junkies.

“Our boys want to indulge in their hobby, so they’ll build you your place to stay shortly…”

“That can’t be.”


“We can’t nurture the merfolk’s pride if we let others do everything for us.

We’ll secure our own quarters.”

So, they’ll be building their own house

“Will you be hiring carpenters from the Mermaid Kingdom”

“No need.

We mermaids have this,” says Teacher Carp, taking out a white pebble of some sort.

It’s about the size of her fingertip.

“…A coral”

From the looks of it, it’s probably a fragment of it.

“It’s not just any coral.

It’s one of Princess Platy’s great inventions—a sample of a hypertrophic growth coral.”

Hypertrophic growth coral

“You really brought that old thing with you” asks Platy.

She probably invented it, but really, what exactly is a hypertrophic growth coral

“It’s a coral that grows at an explosive rate when a special growth-accelerating potion is mixed with it, and you can decide in advance what shape it will take.”

“That’s why it’s possible to grow them into hollow, roofed houses.

With this, mermaids can instantly lead a cultural life in any ocean!”

So… Like a coral house

But corals can only thrive in the ocean, so that means they’d have to be built underwater, right

“You won’t be staying at the farm”

“We are mermaids, and we should live our basic life in the sea.

We will build our quarters in the nearby waters and live there.

During daytime, we will ingest the humanizing potion and go on land.”

That’s too much trouble.

If they’re going to live with us, why don’t they just stay on land

“Besides, a cultivation coral house is just prefabricated with simple construction, a far cry from a house built by a professional coral carpenter.

It’s one thing to make your camp-out more comfortable, but not as a permanent solution to it!”

“No, merfolk’s pride can only be nourished by cherishing sea life.”

Her statements alone are more than enough for me to understand Carp’s stubbornness and troublesomeness as a teacher.

The students with her probably find it unbearable.

“To avoid becoming a burden on Princess Platy and the rest, we will be providing our own meals, too.”

Thus began Mermaid Witch Academia’s farm branch school.

At first, the girls built a sea dorm near the farm as instructed by their teacher Carp, slept there at night, came on land in the morning in their human forms, took classes, and helped with the farm work.

Then, they returned to the sea after dark, reverting to their mermaid forms.

Such was the repetition of their life.


“Huh! Do they wear such cute clothes when they sleep on land!”

“They’re called pajamas! All the clothes here are made by the best demoness artisan!”

The mermaid students are all of a certain age, and the longing to dress up in pretty clothes can’t be taken away from them.

What’s more…

“…Lunch at the farm is so delicious!”

“…It’s nothing compared to food under the sea!”

“I’ve had enough… Enough of eating raw fish!”

“I’ve also had it with the philosophy that drinking seawater is enough to make you live!”

At some point, one by one, the students began to stay on the ground, and it wasn’t long before they all refused to return to their sea dorm.

And Carp…

“W-We’ll be in your care!”

With my homemade kebab in hand and a bashful expression on her face, Carp proposes a full-scale residence on our farm.

By that time, all the newcomers were captivated by our farm life.

“The food on the farm is delicioussssssssss! The milk from the satyrs is also deliciousssssssssssss!”

“The hot spring feels so goooooooooood! So are these cozy futooooooons!”

“Lord Bacchus sake is deliciouuuuuuuuuuuuuuus!”

“Wait… What”

“Aren’t you still a student!”

And so, the mermaids could no longer live without the food and clothing produced on our farm.

Once their official migration was settled…

“Orc team, assemble! It’s your long-awaited building! Let’s build a comfortable place for our new mermaid friends!”

“But we already have, My Lord.”

“Huh! Fast!”

“Well, it was only a matter of time before they gave in.”

Still, they started construction without waiting for their Lord’s signal; how impatient!

Despite the twists and turns primarily due to Carp’s fastidiousness, the mermaid branch school officially started.


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