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Chapter 26-Male Mermaids

Mermaid Platy.

My first and only partner in my pioneering life.

I was fishing in the ocean and I caught a fish.

I caught her while fishing in the ocean.

After that, I don’t know why she called me husband for some reason and as if she were a wife rolled into my home.

Living with a young, beautiful woman.

Living with her remedy the loneliness and the original mermaid pharmacy magic she uses is a great help to.

Thanks to her magic potion the crops in the field grow quickly and vegetables that would take a year to grow can be harvested in a month or so.

If it’s a crop that grows even faster, it’s a week or so.

She’s taken care of me who has no knowledge of spices, seasoning preparations, etc., and she’s the one who helped me find dungeons and made me acquainted with the teachers and Vielle.

Even more she’s beautiful and cute.

Just living together and talking to each other will enrich your heart.

Platy has become an integral part of my pioneering life in many ways.

This time, I’m going to talk about the trouble surrounding her.

* * *

While fishing at the beach, I met a mermaid again.

It’s a mermaid different from Platy.

This time, he appeared over there, not fishing.

I wondered if he knew Platy, and waved to her…


He replied.

Many mermen suddenly emerged from the sea.

「Roundup! Skewer them! 」

He threw the harpoon at me.

If it hits you, it will get through your body and seriously injure.

Dozens of them all flying at once well if they all hit you, you’re dead.

So I pull out my holy sword and swing it wide.

The wind pressure created by the swing through blew away all the flying harpoons.

「Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh! 」

「Gueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Oh my god!」

As the tide’s momentum causes a tremendous wave to roll over the surface of the sea and the mermaids at sea are swept away without a trace.

Ummm, maybe I overdid it a bit

The fish would have escaped if we shook the surface of the sea to this extent, so today’s fishing was over.

「So, what’s the deal 」

I call out to the mermaids who are finally recovering from the rough waters and coming out of the sea.

I say mermaids, but the groups that showed up this time were all mermen.

So there are mermen, too.

It’s a race, of course.

「 the mermen I know are much more intelligent and rational or is murdering people like muggers who kill people in the guise of robbery the standard for mermaids 」

「Shut up, you’re the one who robbed us! 」

The one who shouted back was one of the better-dressed of the group of mermen.

The dignified look on his face, and the fact that he has the appearance of a mermaid nobleman, makes him the leader of the group.

It was also this guy who was giving instructions to the other mermen earlier.

「 Land dweller, we already know from the reports that you’ve kidnapped mermaid! Choose now, right here and now, and return her quietly, or die here! 」

A female mermaid

…I have a terrific idea.

「So you all know Platy 」

「My sister’s name is… I knew it was just as the search party reported! I won’t forgive you, Rikku, you have the gall to kidnap my sister! 」


And my sister!

Did you call this guy mermaid, Platy, your sister

「Don’t be afraid, continue the attack! Harpoon! Release the harpoon! 」

At the command of the noble mermaid, the surrounding male mermaids throw the harpoon again.

If you look closely, you’ll see that all the male mermaids are armed with Armor-like things.

I mean, soldier merman!

「 Wahhhhh… 」

I can’t blow them away with the holy sword anymore, and I have to be on the defensive.

Then the Goddess of Salvation appeared.

『 What are you doing 』

Voices pouring down from the sky.

When I looked up, the dragon’s huge body spread its wings wide and covered the sky.

「ohhhhh, dragon 」

「 Run away! You’ll be eaten and killed! 」

「 Go down to the sea! As deep as you can! 」

「You ain’t got time to spare.” “One breath and this whole area of ocean will be boiling hot water! 」

「 We’re going to be boiled mermen! 」

The panic of the soldier mermaids who saw the dragon at first sight was tremendous.

Regardless of the degree of training, I didn’t know that it would confuse a soldier who was definitely in a combat position to this extent.

Dragons are still horrible creatures in this world, after all.

Well, I’m not scared.

It’s rather cute.

『human, you okay 』

Vielle, the dragon said as she landed on the rocky shore.

「Yeah, you didn’t hurt me at all.

I’m glad you’re here.」

『Of course, I won’t be able to eat well if you’re not here…』

He was clear, but he seemed happy to be praised somewhere.

「Stop pouting, you stupid dragon.」

『 Nuh-uh! 』

「 you came to drop me off and stumbled upon this place by accident, don’t make it sound like you saw a crisis and ran to it! 」

Someone else’s voice.

If you look closely, you can see that Platy is on top of the dragon form Vielle’s head.

「 Platy! 」

Your Highness, Your Highness, Your Highness, Your Highness, Your Highness, Princess!

The soldier mermaids also noticed Platy’s appearance and raised their voices in unison….

That’s what you call it…

「Princess… 」

Platy slid down the slide from the top of Vielle’s head in the dragon form, through her shoulders, forefoot and down the slide.

「 I never thought……..that this would happen while I was searching for the bird monster in the dungeon…….! 」

Is this group, after all related to Platy


The noble leader mermaid, leading the soldier mermaids, shouts.

「Long-time no see, brother.

What the hell do you want to do here 」

Older brother

He said something about a “sister” earlier, so I wondered if it was possible.

「Darling, I’d like to introduce you.

This is my older brother.

His name is Arowana.

As expected it was your elder brother!

「 The firstborn son of Nargus, the current King of the Merman Kingdom and therefore the first heir to the throne.」

And you’re a prince, aren’t you



So, what about your sister Platy



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