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Chapter_25-Sa shi su se so (five seasons)


I am painfully aware of what has happened so far.

That’s an overwhelming shortage of condiments.

The basis of life, food.

It is the seasoning that supports the food from the core and has the ability to make even the unpalatable food taste better.

Some dishes boast a wide variety and in some cuisine it is not possible without them.

I don’t have enough of that seasoning on hand.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been frustrated when I’ve been so enthusiastic about “cooking __” in front of my harvested vegetables or hunted meat and fish, only to find out that I didn’t have the seasoning I needed to make it.

Even at the time of the attack by Vielle, I really wanted to serve a ginger-grilled dish with wild boar meat but I didn’t have any soy sauce, so I gave up.

I wish I had some soy sauce.

Soybeans are the main ingredient, right

As this happens many times, this time I’m going to think about the seasoning that I need.

Then I remembered…

Sa shi su se so.

(Sugar, salt, vinegar, soy sauce, miso- Japanese traditional seasonings)

….that’s what I’m saying.

They were able to summarize the many seasonings needed for cooking in these five words.

Let’s go along with 『sa shi su se so』 and examine what I have at hand and what I have to get now.

First of all, 『Sa』.

The 『Sa』 is sugar.

There is this.

This is because they grew sugar cane in the early days of cultivation and have already harvested it.

Platy’s knowledge of Potions made creating sugar from sugar cane a breeze.

What a good wife I have.

Sugar will be consumed in large quantities in pastry making, and I’m sure it will get a big turn of success.

We need to continue to grow a lot of sugar cane.

Next, .『shi』


There’s also this.

It was taken as a by-product of the process of getting domestic water from the sea.

One of the easiest to obtain so far.

However, as a seasoning there is nothing more basic than this and it is an absolutely necessary element for people to live, so let’s take care of it.

Then .『su』


This is missing.

I have no idea what it’s used for, but it should be essential.

What would you use as an ingredient for……..was it alcohol

Even if you say liquor, there are many kinds of sake.

I would definitely like to make sake myself someday and for that reason, I have to decide which sake to make and what to grow.

And speaking of vinegar, I want to make sweet white wine too (mirin).

I don’t know what to make for mirin even more so than vinegar, I don’t even know how to make it.

There’s a lot of work to do.

Let’s move on.


That’s soy sauce.

This is the production issue that I want to tackle with the top priority.

I mean, it’s not there yet.

Since I was born Japanese, I want my soy sauce back as soon as possible.

What do you need to make soy sauce, soybeans

Next time I’ll first grow soybeans in my new field.

And speaking of soy products, there is also miso.


This is the last one.


『So』 in miso.

I wonder why they ignore “Mi” and fly to “So” It’s a little bit painful, but I think it’s going to make elderly uncomfortable to poke such a heavy box.

Anyway, miso.

Along with soy sauce, I’ll take it as the two main reaches of the soybean project.

However, there is one more material about ‘so’ that I would love to see.


This one is more appropriate to take on the role of “So” in this day and age.

But I’m not sure about this.

What should I mix to make it

When I was in the previous world, the story that I overheard seems to me to be about mixing fruits with spices.

… I haven’t made any fruit.

I didn’t want to plant fruit tree because I thought it would take too much time and would be too difficult.

Fruits are delicious on its own and Platy and Vielle will be happy with them.

Is it worth a try

Let’s consider it.

And the sauce itself is a must-have.

The ultimate goal for me to use those horned boar meat to make tonkatsu and sauce are absolutely necessary! .

Still missing ingredients for making tonkatsu.

An egg.

And crumbs.

I’ll be sure to produce a sauce before they become available!

As long as we have the sauce, we can get to the next level after pork cutlets (tonkatsu)!


This is the top type of tonkatsu (pork cutlet.)

Katsudon! (With rice)

If you have the sauce, you can easily make a katsudon….


Isn’t it

I thought I’d make a sauce katsu-don with sauce but I guess I’d rather make it with an egg.

At any rate, so far we have decided on the policy.

Grow soybeans.

To make soy sauce and miso.

After examining 『Sashisuseso』, I realized that the most urgent need for me right now is soy sauce.

That soy sauce is made from soybeans, and if you have soybeans, you can make miso.

And let’s make some wheat.

I need breadcrumbs for making pork cutlets.

Breadcrumbs are made by tearing up bread.

The bread is made of wheat.

In the “Let’s Make Vinegar” section, we talked about using liquor as an ingredient, and it would be good to try making beer from wheat.

And it’s about time we had a staple food.

But just because those ingredients have been grown and harvested, it doesn’t mean you can make the soy sauce, vinegar, and sauce you’re looking for right away.

Even though I come from another world, it doesn’t mean that I have all the knowledge of another world in my possession.

For example, it’s not like I have to memorize every single detail of the process of making soy sauce an amateur’s listening knowledge at best.

I don’t think there’s anything else to do in that area but to try and repeat the process of trial and error.

At times like that, though Platy an expert in Potions is a super reassuring partner.

I feel like everything will be easier if I talk to her about it.

Now, here’s what I’m going to do.

So let’s raise our spirits.

Soy and wheat!

Soy and wheat!

Soy and wheat!

I’m not going to gag that I grew red beans and barley by mistake!

YES soy bean! NO adzuki bean!


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