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We’re back from our fishing trip!

Along the way, we ran into a sailing ship in distress, but other than that, our voyage was smooth with a bountiful catch.

However, we didn’t keep them with us on the ship, we teleported them directly back to the farm after draining the blood out.

Completing the revolutionary cycle of instant cryopreservation left us with extra space on the ship.

And thanks to Sensei, we don’t have to load the ship with piles of coal, either.

…I think we should drastically remodel its interior once.

But we’ll leave that for later.

For now, I should be thinking about whether or not we caught the otherworldly counterpart of bonitos.

I selected several fish from our catch and found one that looked good.

It’s about two sizes bigger, but it’s blue with stripes on its belly, just like the bonito I know.

“Ah, isn’t that a bont-o”

My wife Platy looks like she knows something.

“It’s a migratory fish monster!”

“Oh, so it’s a monster too…”

“Its flesh is so firm and flavorful that it’s widely available in the Mermaid Kingdom’s markets! If I knew you wanted bont-o’s, I could’ve just asked my parents to send us some.”

The two of us then look at the mana metal magic steamboat, the only one of its kind in the world, that we had painstakingly built.

“…W-Well, our farm’s motto is self-sufficiency, remember”

“O-Oh, right!”

It’d be hard to accept the fact that we wasted our efforts making it otherwise.

Anyway, I minced the bont-o and gave it a taste.

It was just like bonito.

But ‘bont-o’ sounds confusing, so I’ll just call it a normal bonito.

I cut them into appropriate sizes, boiled them, and smoked them.

Strictly speaking, it took several rounds of trial and error.

Still, I was eventually able to recreate the process of making dried bonito with the smattering knowledge I have of it.

“Okay, all that’s left is to mold it.”

It’s an essential and characteristic process of dried bonito, as the mold adheres to soak up the moisture and dry them out.

That’s why I’ve already prepared the mold while we were building the boat.

Specifically speaking, I entrusted it to Garra Rufa, our local expert and avid fan of the science behind it!

“Lord Saint, I’ve prepared the fungus you requested!”

Garra Rufa is also known as the Witch of the Plague and is devoted to the existence of germs that are unacknowledged by anyone else in this fantasy world.

I decided it was best to leave the fermentation to her, so she sprayed them with a mold hybridized with mermaid magic and observed their progress.

“I’ve made several magic mold prototypes, so let’s try all of them!”

And then, we used the one that turned them into dried bonito the fastest.


Otherworldly dried bonito!

“What’s this” asks Veil, the first person to have spotted the food.

“All that fuss with the big boat, and this is what you made A little bland, don’t you think”

Yeah, I know a lot has happened to get here.

We made mayonnaise, then a boat.

It was a project with many by-products and detours…

“I think that mayonnaise thingy tastes better than this… Well, I’m broad-minded enough not to jump to any conclusions until I’ve tasted it, though,” she adds as she takes a bonito.

“Now, for the taste test…”

Oh, Veil.

You’re actually eating the entire thing as is…



She writhes in pain.

Why would she sink her teeth in them like that

“Veil, a dragon, couldn’t gnaw through it!”

Platy shivers as she watches the silly scene.

Then, she takes the bonito from Veil’s hand…

“Hey, Aileron, can I have a piece of that firewood”

“Hm Yeah, sure.

It’s only for the kiln anyway…”

Platy holds the dried bonito in her right hand and the firewood in her left…

What is she planning to do

With tremendous speed, she then smashes them together.

The firewood got smashed into pieces.

“I get it now! This is a weapon!”

This time, Platy is being the silly one.

“I had the preconception it was food since it’s a fish! But it turns out this hardness makes it the ideal blunt weapon!”

“That’s not it!”

“Huh What is it then It can’t possibly be food with this hardness.”

Well, when you put it that way, I’m afraid I’m also terribly perplexed as to how we’re going to eat something with a hardness of ten, enough to pulverize phosphophyllite.

It seems to be harder than the dried bonito that I know of…

Is it because of the special mold that Garra Rufa made Or is it because I unconsciously activated the Hand of Supremacy

Even if I were to chop them into flakes, I don’t think a simple blade would be able to cut through them.

So, what now

That’s right.

This calls for the holy sword.

As expected from the Wicked-Holy Sword Dreischwartz.

The otherworldly bonitos, which are so hard that an ordinary iron sword’s blade would chip, are chopped away.

They’re so thin that you can see through the other side.

“Here, it should be fine now.

Try it.”

“Hngh… Are you sure”

In addition to Veil, who is being more wary than necessary after nearly breaking her tooth, Platy also takes a piece of the flaked bonito.

“Well, it’s easier to chew than that huge lump earlier… Hm What’s this”

“The more you bite into it, the more flavorful it tastes! What is this taste!”

“It’s neither sweet, sour, nor salty…”

“It’s not bitter, either!”

Yes, this is…


Bonito flakes rich in umami.

With the introduction done, I chopped the rest of the dried bonito using the Wicked-Holy Sword Dreischwartz to make bonito flakes.

After boiling it in a pot and taking out its extract, I mix it with soy sauce and kelp extract and adjust the taste with salt and sugar.


“The natto sauce is done.”

What do you think, Horkosfon

Taste the natto with this sauce.

“Here’s to supreme natto!”

Horkosfon then eats a lot of the natto mixed with the special sauce.

I have no idea why Gobukichi is next to her, but anyway, they both give it a try.


They put down their bowls and place their chopsticks on top of it, and say:

“It’s the best.”



It’s been approved by Horkosfon and Gobukichi, the two biggest natto fanatics on our farm!

All my hard work up to this point has paid off!

“Thank you so much, Master.

Thank you for going to so much trouble for what I want…”

Yeah, I think I’m going to take a break from going all-out for a while.

“I’ll work even more vigorously to make natto and repay your kindness.”

“In moderation, okay”

All right, the case is closed.

This project had many by-products, but I’m just glad it was a success.

“After the sauce…”


“Let’s try putting mayonnaise on it next.”

Mayonnaise is secretly and steadily corrupting our farm.


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