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I am Aeshma the Wild, a Heavenly One.

I never thought that I would be calling myself this.

I thought this title would forever belong to my superior and my sister, Astres.

I’ve been supporting her as an aide whom I believe also relied on me.

I’m part of the elite unit under her direct control who took over things during her absence, a duty only her aide could carry out.

I was happy that she trusted me enough with such an important duty, but at the same time, I envied Batemy and Belena who followed her on her sorties.

I felt frustrated not being able to be by her side during those times.

I wanted to accompany her on the day she was framed by the previous members of the Heavenly Four and was ousted from the army, but alas, she stopped me.

“Only you can look after the troops under my command when I’m gone,” she said.

She was still concerned about her troops even in the desperate situation she was in.

The best I could do was reciprocate her feelings, so I stayed behind in the army and awaited her return.

My patience eventually paid off as things took a sudden turn for the better upon His Majesty’s return.

She surpassed her original position and married the Demon King, becoming the Demon Queen.

That’s Astres for you!

A woman of greatness!

But now that she has become queen, she can’t continue being a Heavenly One.

She has officially retired from the army.

Personally, it’s a pity, but she has been promoted, so to speak.

Blessed be Astres on her further glory as the Demon Queen!

But amidst my excitement, a sign of change came to me as well.

I was asked to become her successor as a Heavenly One.

It was understandable since most members of the Heavenly Four, including Astres, had left their positions at one time or another, but as is customary, their successors are selected from among their respective aides.

Hence, my turn has also come.

Belena is also qualified in terms of lineage, but she’s been missing since Astres’ comeback…

I felt like I wasn’t up to the task as Astres’ successor, but when she told me I can do it and that she’s counting me, I just had to motivate myself.

I, Aeshma, will do my best as a new member of the Heavenly Four.


Now that I’ve become a Heavenly One, you’ll also give me the Wild-Holy Sword

Please, no!

That’s too much! That sword is yours to keep forever especially since it’s been completely restored!

All right.

Now that I am actually one of the Heavenly Four, I must live up to Astres’ expectations.

I’m going to fight hard, win hard, and garner fame in the Demon Kingdom!

But then I realized that there’s no way to do any of that since our archnemesis, the human army, has already been destroyed.

The Demon King has also grasped this situation and passed the disarmament policy.

This is bad.

I won’t be able to make any distinguished service now!

Is there any enemy out there worth fighting

The Mermaid Kingdom

No, they’re too big of a target.

They’re one of the three major kingdoms along with the Demon Kingdom and the Human Kingdom.

Even the war with the Human Kingdom lasted over several hundred years.

They’re not an opponent a single general like me can pick a fight with just for the sake of contributing to the military.

So, who else do we have

Should I just slowly accumulate points by killing monsters that have escaped from the dungeons

That’s still not enough…

But as I was fretting over this, I happened to hear a certain rumor.

The Saint’s Farm—an earthly paradise somewhere in this world with a mountain of treasure.

A utopia.

Hearing this rumor was my eureka moment.

I’m going to invade this farm, loot all its treasure, make a triumphal return, and gain huge credits!

The only problem is where it’s located, but I’m sure finding it will be easy by mobilizing the entire army!

Imagine how successful I will be!

Encouraged by my own plan, I first went to Astres to report this.

She was in the middle of breastfeeding His Royal Highness Prince Goetia, so I thought I’d come back later, but she said she didn’t mind my presence.

Thus, I presented to her my plan of invading the Saint’s Farm.

But she instantly fumed with anger and landed a somersault kick on me whilst holding Prince Goetia the entire time.

For some unknown reason, my plan wasn’t to her liking.

I would’ve given up my plan since I couldn’t gain her approval, but that wasn’t the case this time.

I found out that Leviasa the Malicious, another newly-selected Heavenly One, was thinking of the same plan.

Leviasa was formerly Lady Glasya’s aide.

And as long as Lady Glasya is in rivalry with Astres, I will not fall behind in the competition with her respective successor!

I repeatedly talked to Astres and asked for her permission with the state of affairs in mind.

Although, Lord Belphgamilia, the new commander-in-chief, is slacking off as usual, which isn’t helping the situation progress.

Please approve my plan, Astres!

We need a new enemy for the army’s future!

“You’re so hopeless… Fine,” exasperatedly says Astres after my incessant pleading.

“Then, how about we go to the Saint’s Farm right now”


I don’t know how things turned out like this.

There’s an orc in front of me.

I was suddenly brought to a strange land through teleportation and ordered by Astres to fight him.

But I can easily tell that this orc is crazy strong just by looks.

The vibe he gives off is clearly beyond that of the Heavenly Four.

Even my companion, Leviasa, is immobilized with fear.

Say what

This orc isn’t the strongest one here

Why are you telling me this now!

I was trying my best to keep it together, but that’s all gone now!

As a result, I lost.

After I lost, he told me that this is the Saint’s Farm.

Huh What do you mean

But before I was given time to think, a goblin appeared next.

I could tell just by looking at him that he’s another strong one.

Then, I was blown away and lost again


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