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I’m happy Mrs.

Astres has given birth to baby Goetia, but another person is also about to give birth.

It’s Mrs.

Glasya, the second Demon Queen.

Her pregnancy was confirmed three months after the first Demon Queen, so I’m sure her delivery is also delayed by that much.

So, while Mrs.

Astres has already given birth, Mrs.

Glasya’s baby bump is still visible.

The birth of the second heir is just around the corner, making the Demon Kingdom’s future more secure.

…Or so I thought, but both of them came to us for advice.

“The Demon Kingdom may be doomed!”

“But why”

Aren’t things supposed to be going smoothly!

What’s this threatening foreshadowing in such a peaceful world

“Do you have a new enemy”

“No, that’s not what I meant… How should I say this It’s just… my subordinates whom I thought were capable turned out to be incompetent!”


I shift my glance to the side where Batemy and Belena are standing, two of Mrs.

Astres’ former subordinates, after the fragmentary information I’ve received.

“It’s not us!”

“Please listen to Miss Astres until the very end and help her come up with a solution after!”

Well, I’m already well acquainted with the Demon King’s family, so I’d like to help them in any way I could.

“It all started with the newly selected Heavenly Four.”

“The Heavenly Four”

If I recall, they’re directly under the Demon King and are also the generals in their army.

The two Demon Queens in front of me used to be members of it.

It has ‘Four’ in the name so there must be two other members, but I don’t know them since we’ve never really met.

“It’s been almost a year since Glasya and I became queens.

Hence, we’ve decided to officially step down from our position and decide on our successors.”

“I see…”

That’s understandable.

It’d be weird if a queen is also a general at the same time.

“As is customary, the successor to the Heavenly Four is selected from their subordinates.”


My gaze shifts to Batemy and Belena once again.

But they react violently.

“I swear it’s not us!”

“Only aristocrats with a qualified bloodline are chosen to succeed the Heavenly Four! A commoner like me has nothing to do with it!” emphasizes Batemy.

“I actually have other aides aside from the two of them…”

“What Really”

That’s news to me.

“Lieutenant Aeshma was in charge of commanding Miss Astres’ army during her absence.”

“Hence she’s more fit for the role than me or Belena.

When Miss Astres was exiled, she stayed in the army to consolidate the remaining troops, all while choking back on her tears!”


I’ve never really given it thought until now, but I guess someone did have to do that.

So, that person will replace Mrs.


“That’s what I’ve had in mind for a long time.

Aeshma comes from a family close to mine and is well qualified by bloodline.”

The Demon King readily gave his approval as well, so Aeshma was appointed as the new member of the Heavenly Four.

So far, there seems to be no problem.

It’s probably going to start from here.

“Aeshma, now a Heavenly One, said she’ll attack and destroy the Saint’s Farm!”


“I sincerely apologize!!!” says Mrs.

Astres as she dives into a dogeza.

Meanwhile, Batemy is taking care of baby Goetia.

“Lately, embellished rumors have been circulating about your farm, such as it containing riches rivaling the wealth in the world altogether!”

“The scary part is that they’re not entirely wrong…”

No way.

The world part is a bit of an exaggeration.

“Tasty, otherworldly vegetables that are to die for.

A complete set of mana metal wares.

Garments made of adamantine silk.

The finest monster materials from Sensei and Veil’s dungeons.

Mermaid potions, satyr milk, artifacts by the elves, and alcohol brewed personally by the demigod Bacchus!”

“I take it back.

You can stop now!”

“They know nothing about such riches in detail, but if they invade and conquer the farm, they said they’ll take everything for the demons!”


That’s what Aeshma wants

“I think she’s just being misled by the rumor.”

Somewhere in this world, there is a utopia with abundant treasure.

Find it.

Conquer it.

And take all the treasure!

“Aeshma’s planning to gain total control of the farm as soon as she finds this place.

I did my best to scold her when she came to me in high spirits with this proposal, still!”

Not even the wrath of a Demon Queen could stop the new Heavenly One.

“To make matters worse, she’s not the only person among the Heavenly Four who proposed this plan!”


Astres’ gaze shifts somewhere else.

She looks at Mrs.

Glasya gobbling up our fresh vegetables.

“…I have to eat for the baby.”

“I’m not criticizing you for eating a lot, I want you to apologize for letting your successor go along with Aeshma’s nonsensical plan!!!”


It’s self-evident that Mrs.

Glasya also has to retire from being a Heavenly One and select her successor now that she has become the queen.

So, even the Heavenly One who succeeded her is in favor of raiding the farm

“Thanks to the aggressive promotion of those two, the plan to search and invade the Saint’s Farm is about to be approved! The fact that the Demon King is no longer in direct command of the army as he is busy with government affairs makes it more troublesome!”

“The situation is being delayed by Belphgamilia’s indolence who has been entrusted direct command of the army by Lord Zedan.

But that also makes it hard to keep the newbies in check.”

I get it now.

So, what do we do

“Lord Zedan or I could personally reprimand and silence them, but they are the pillars that will be responsible for the army in the future.

We don’t want them to keep talking about this kind of nonsense since it might cause you trouble again.”

“That’s why we want you to interfere and beat some sense into them.”

Thus, it was decided to invite the new Heavenly Four to the farm.

However, the result turned out to be more pitiful than I imagined.

The other party came with the intention of conquering us, so we sent out a Warrior Orc since Orkubo himself would’ve been too ruthless.

They didn’t even last three seconds.

The newly appointed and highly motivated Heavenly Ones were blown away like dried leaves.

Still, they persisted and said that they haven’t been defeated yet, so we asked a Spartan Goblin, one of Gobukichi’s subordinates, to fight them.

This time their match was decided in two seconds.

It ended all too fast with one attack from the goblin that I couldn’t even react.

Our opponents brokenheartedly raised the white flag.

“We’re leaving these people here as an apology for the trouble they’ve caused.

You’re free to use them however you wish,” says Mrs.


“We heard that you’re shorthanded, so I hope they can be of help.

Surely, they’ll develop an awareness of what it means to be a Heavenly One through their labor.”

Well, we are extremely busy nowadays, so I gratefully took them under my wing.


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