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Chapter 20- A dragon comes

『Are you the ones who trashed my dungeon 』

Suddenly, a winged monitor lizard flew in from the sky.

While I was working in the fields and Platy was still working on the potion in the cabin.

Startled by her loud voice, she hurriedly ran out of the cabin.

「What the hell is that ……, a dragon 」

So you’re a dragon after all

That’s the way I see it.

Its entire body is covered in reptilian scales, with a lizard-like head and limbs.

However, the reptilian’s scales were silvery, and on its back were wings that would never have been found on a reptile.

The size … it’s huge.

『I’ll ask you again.

Are you the ones who have slaughtered my monsters in the dungeon I control 』

「Wow, wow, wow, wow……… 」

Platy were so overwhelmed by the power of the dragon that they seemed to pee their pants even now.

I’m going to have to cover for her and take the brunt of it.

「What’s your dungeon, you mean over there 」

I pointed in the direction of the mountain where we had hunted the horned boar the other day.

『Indeed, that King Dragon Mountain is my domain.

I’m the only one who’s allowed to behave as I please in that.』

「You’ve got a big name again…! 」

I mean, before that, can we just let it slide that I’m having a normal conversation with this **ing big lizard

It’s a dragon.

It’s a common occurrence in a fantasy world.

Let’s keep that in mind.

『It doesn’t matter how many square bores die, it doesn’t hurt the great me, but it’s bad for my reputation if I leave the rats doing their own thing on my turf.

That’s why I came to kill the rioters.』

「It’s true, we hunted a lot of those horned boars, but…! 」

How did they find out I’m not sure I don’t know.

「Are you telling me you’re the master of that dungeon 」

『That’s right, you are fearless enough to vandalize the dungeons ruled by this Grinzel Dragon Veil! 』

Oh there was a lord in that dungeon after all!

Platy said 「It’s not that easy to have a dungeon with a master 」 but so far, the dungeon rate that I encounter is 100%.

What’s going on

Is it just that I’m pulling too hard

「Um, we didn’t know there was a Lord in that dungeon.

I’m sorry for trespassing on your turf.

I swear I won’t do it again, so will you forgive me 」

『No, I won’t.』

No mercy, apparently.

『You dwarf inferior creature.

Did you think that the Great I would leave you little insects to take care of your own affairs If I leave flies in sight, I will be reprimand as weak from other dragons.

Is it the same in every industry, where you get licked and you’re done

『Therefore, I will wipe you out without a trace and you will die repenting for your sins! 』

As if the death sentence was over the dragon took a big breath.

The chest swells up like a balloon.

Then exhaled and at the same time a huge flame shot out of the dragon’s mouth.


「Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, I’m dying! 」

Platy screams next to me.

It’s not a bad thing, but this fire breath was so big that it would have burned me and Platy to the ground, turning all my fields into ashes in one fell swoop.

But of course, I don’t allow that to happen.


I drew my holy sword from my waist and shook it off in an inexorable manner in the air.

The blaze of fire was cut to pieces, and all the sparks disappeared.

『What! 』

At the end of the story, Dragon is shocked.

『This is ridiculous… a tribe of people ripped up my special breath No, they not only ripped up my breath, they also obliterated it without leaving any dust! 』

That’s good.

The fields don’t seem to have suffered any damage, not even a single leaf burning from the fire sparks.

「I’ll say it again.

I apologize for trashing your dungeon without your permission.

I’m sorry.」

I bowed my head.

「I apologize, but I’m not willing to give up my life to make reparations.

If you want more punishment than you need, it’s a fight from there on out.

I’ll be killing anyone who tries to kill us to protect what’s important to me and vice versa.」

The tip of the holy sword is thrust towards the tip of the dragon’s nose.

『Lord of the Dungeon.

Are you willing to fight for your life with me 』

「gu gugu uuu ………! 」

The dragon faltered and took a step backwards.




I wish you would come home scared like this way.

I’ve used strong words that don’t seem like me, but of course I’m not serious about them.

We can’t do better than that if we go on peacefully, so We’re hoping that the other side will back down by threats

The more you care about your face, the more you are a coward at heart.

『I’ll stop you right there.』


As the stand-off between us and the dragon continued, a third party’s voice suddenly rang out.

What’s more, I’ve heard that voice before.

This croaky, ringing voice that seemed to come from the depths of the netherworld……………………………

The master of the cave dungeon, the No-Life King.『Sensei』

What are you doing here


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