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At the request of Horkosfon, I repaired and revived her fellow angel that had been destroyed.

However, the resurrected angel was repaired by mixing body parts from several angels, so it was impossible to tell who she really was.

The story continues from here.

“Hold fast right there.”

Me, Horkosfon, and the newly repaired angel are the only people in the workshop, but we suddenly heard a voice that didn’t belong to any of us.

“That startled me!”

I looked around and saw a gentle-looking young man I’d never met before, floating in the air.

He was slender and handsome but also seemed somewhat weary.

I felt like I’d seen him somewhere before, then remembered he looked just like that guy from express companies back in my world.

However, he was no ordinary person.

He was holding a staff with two live snakes coiled around it.

Certainly, not just anyone could carry such a thing with a straight look on their face.

“I am Hermes, the god of wisdom and knowledge belonging to the celestial realm.”

While I was trying to grasp the situation, the other party told us his name.

“God As in like Hades and the others But Sensei never summoned you!”

Huh A god

“I am a messenger for the gods, so I am more flexible than the other deities.

I can descend upon legitimate business without need of summoning by thy neighbor, the immortal king,” says the god of wisdom as he twirls his staff.

“No need to look upon me with such an extremely wary eye.

Thouest may have preconceived notions that gods of heaven be a bunch of scumbags from the deeds mine own father Zeus hast done.

But I desire of thee to have faith that his family members art not as blackguardly as that gent.”



“I always sought to be a valued god for the children of men.

Commensurate to mine own brother, Hephaestus, who hast gifted thee ‘The Hand of Supremacy.’ Such is mine purpose in coming here on urgent business,” he adds as he looks at the newly resurrected angel.

“…Goodness me, thou hast assuredly resurrected one hell of a thing.

Even with Hephaestus’ gift, I never wouldst have envisioned an earthling might revive an angel.”

“Um… Is it a bad thing that we did”

My gut feeling was telling me that Hermes rushed here maybe because he sensed the revival of this patched-up angel.

“Most verily.

I am sure Uncle Hades has declaimed to thee of the horrors of angels.

One angel alone embodies a threat that can destroyeth the earth.

In truth, a special exception of special exceptions made true that he spared thee one,” says Hermes as he points to Horkosfon with his serpentine staff.


We are terribly grateful to him for listening to our whims in granting our wish!

“The role of Uncle Hades and the other gods of the earth is to stand in stewardship o’re these lands.

But since angels originally came to be created by a celestial god, we too hast a responsibility.

Hence mine own descent here.”

“Um, what about this angel that we resurrected”

“Of course, it wouldst be most wise to destroyeth or seal her fast and secure so the lady may never resurrect ever again.”

No way…

After we worked so hard to fix her!

“I wanteth thou to recognize how much of a threat angels be.

In truth, just recently, that angel…”

Hermes points at Horkosfon again.

“…did become the cause of Uncle Hades and Uncle Poseidon storming the celestial realm for the cause of mine own father keeping her existence a secret.

Those gents were serious about locking up such an evil god in Tartarus.”

They want to say that the existence of angels is of prime concern, enough to anger the main gods.

“So, Zeus is…”

“Well, that old fool did press his forehead upon the floor and did apologize, so he did manage to reduce his received sentence to a thousand years of house arrest.

That evil god hast nought pride whatsoever, even though he usually acts likening himself as some big shot.”

What is this feeling I get

It’s like the way the God of Wisdom speaks about his father, whom he should respect, is full of irritation and resentment towards him instead.

“So, now thou know the full measure of it.

Sorry, but I wanteth thou to deliver over that angel thou worked so hard to revive.

I cannot permit any more blunders enabled by the God of Heaven for the sake of Uncle Hades and the others.”

I could sense the God of Wisdom trying to take responsibility and support the heavenly realm on behalf of his foolish father.

“Please,” pleads the other angel, Horkosfon.

“Take me along with her and dispose of us in any way you like.”

“Buttest thou…”

“She’s an ally whom I finally reunited with after four thousand years.

I would rather perish with her than part again.”

Horkosfon was allowed to live on our farm with Hades’ permission.

Still, she probably finds it unbearable to be the only one who can live in peace.

Hence, she puts her life at stake to save her ally’s.

“I humbly ask of you as well,” says I.

“The angels may have been created to destroy and invade, but that doesn’t mean they have to live as such.

They can think for themselves and make decisions on their own.”

After all, those born into this world have the right to enjoy and live in it, don’t they

“Very well.”

“H-Huh That fast”

Well, that’s not very reasonable of him, especially after all that he just said.

“If thou bid me that angels also hast the right to live, then I can only concur with thee.

And as there is already a precedent in Horkosfon’s case, I cannot just ignore that and persist in disposing of those folks.”


“However, I am still going to detain that angel in the celestial realm with me at least once.

The lady hast many parts that cannot be made whole by thy improvised repairs, and also needs a full-scale overhaul to excise any hazards.”

True, even I’m not confident I could have done a perfect job with a repair that relied 100% on “The Hand of Supremacy.”

Hermes has also made a concession, so we can only give in.

“Understood, we’ll leave her in your hands.

You’re fine with that too, right, Horkosfon”


She still seemed reluctant, but Horkosfon exercised restraint and nodded.

“But what exactly does an overhaul entail Isn’t Zeus, the god who created the angels, under house arrest”

“Nay, it naught was mine own clotpole father who did create those folks.”


Is there some sort of conflicting information here

“On the surface, aye.

But there standsno way that mine own clotpole father couldst create such powerful bioweapons, dost thou not think so When it comes to creation, it verily must be only the work of mine own brother, Hephaestus.”


“The ten angels launched four thousand years ago were all from that gent under the orders and strict supervision of Zeus and Eris, the god of slaughter.”

Hephaestus was the one who gave me The Hand of Supremacy.

Are this and the fact that I could repair the angel with my skill connected They originated from the same god, after all.

“I hath heard that mine own brother did complete the angels in tears of sorrow due to Eris’ repeated change orders and relentless lambasting, but that is precisely the reason that gent hadst such stout feelings for his masterpieces.

Hephaestus felt devastated when he found out the angels had been destroyed.”

I understand.

As a person who grows and builds things on the farm, I know exactly how Hephaestus felt.

“Which is assuredly why Hephaestus shall gladly undertake this job.

That gent shall definitely be most able to tune that angel into an ally of peace.”

“Please! We’re counting on you!”

The mention of the Hephaestus’ name dispelled even the slightest of our doubts.

“Come then, angel.

Thou shall be reborn in the celestial realm as a friend of this world.”

“Hunh Ion even know wut am I supposed ta be!”


I could sense Hermes was about to lose his temper.

I hope Hephaestus can correct that personality of hers, too.

Thus, the patched-up angel was taken by Hermes and left for the celestial realm.

By the time she returns, I’m sure she’ll have undergone some adjustments and become easier to get along with than she is now.

Believing in the future, Horkosfon seemed convinced as well.

Before Hermes left, however, he had one last thing to say…

“Oh, a moment more.



“I shall call upon thee privately sometime soon, so alloweth me to sup upon some of thy bamboo shoot and green peas rice.”


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