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Our farm has gotten more luxurious and paradise-like with the completion of the public bathhouse.

But then…

“Master, I have something to discuss with you.”


The angel Horkosfon came to me for advice.

I thought she was going to ask something related to natto, but I was wrong.

“First, I’d like you to take a look at this.”

What she presented to me was a freshly severed human head.

“Good Lord!!!”

A head!

It’s a head!

A freshly severed head!!!

There’s only the head, not the rest of the body! A head of someone who has met an unnatural death!!!

“Please calm down, Master.

This is a part of my kind.”

“A part”

Her own kind

So, this head is from an angel like Horkosfon

“I presume it is the same model of mine that was destroyed by the gods during the Great Destruction four thousand years ago.”


Horkosfon and the other angels are transcendent beings created long before humanity was born.

It is said that they are the so-called “bioweapons of god” sent by Zeus to gain control over the earth.

Legend says they were so powerful that the gods of the earth and the gods of the sea banded together to eradicate them…

“So, this decapitated head is the remnant of the angel Hades destroyed four thousand years ago


I discovered it recently.”

“Discovered How long ago”

“I found it buried underground during the hot spring excavation.”


You found it then

Angels, though in ruins, can be easily unearthed by excavating them

“After my work was done, I checked its overall condition.

I found no damage to the cognitive subsystems in the head.

I believe it can be revived by repairing it…”


“Master has done maintenance to my half-destroyed state and restored me to perfect condition.

I was hoping that Master could bring her back to life even in this state.

Hence I came to you.”




This has been on my mind for a while now, but… Is she really an angel or a robot!

She’s a cute girl based on appearances, eats, and bathes like any normal earthling.

But even if she’s saying they’re robotically repairable, it isn’t always possible to return them to their original state, especially if they’re suffering from fatal wounds (damage)

“Wouldn’t that be impossible”

After all, we only have the head.

Where will we get the torso and the rest of her body

“No need for concern, Master,” says Horkosfon somewhat conceitedly.

“I’ve unearthed the other parts as well.”


She presented me with dismembered arms, legs, chest, and hips!!!

It’s like one brutal murder case!

“Ten angels were rolled out back then, and the gods destroyed all but me.”

It does seem like that.

“The unearthed angel parts I have with me now are… “

Neikosfon’s head, Ponosfon’s arms, Hysminaifon’s torso, Logosfon’s pelvis, and Limosfon’s legs.

“…or so I believe.

This is what I got after carefully selecting the parts that can be reused.”

Are you saying each part belongs to different angels

Since their original owners’ bodies have been crushed, we’re just going make an entirely different body by putting their parts together, huh

Not even in my wildest dreams did I expect to repair a human body with my own hands.

…However, the “Hand of Supremacy,” a gift from Hephaestus that resides in my hands, is effective even at a time like this.

My hands move automatically and on their own to connect each piece together just by me looking at the dismembered angel parts.

With Horkosfon’s help, the seemingly impossible repair surprisingly proceeded smoothly.

“…We did it.”

A beautifully reconstructed human body lies before me.

The once destroyed angels are now joined as one using each of their salvageable parts after the Great Destruction.


I felt like I was stepping into a realm where people shouldn’t while I was working on it, though!

Is this a good idea

Is it really a good idea to bring back an angel that once destroyed the earth!

“Thank you, Master, because of you, my friend has been revived!”

On the other hand, seeing Horkosfon look so happy made me feel accomplished.

“Well, I’m glad I could help, but does this really count as reviving her”

“Worry not, Master.

Her power component is up and running again, and mana will spread throughout her body.

Rebooting in ten… Nine… Eight…”

A countdown!

“…Two, one, zero.”


She’s awake!!!

The patched-up angel is awake!

She successfully restarted after merely putting together random, 4,000-year-old parts!

These angels are unbelievable!

Still, it’s painful to look at her with such parts put together.

Thin, feminine arms, plump thighs, bulky torso, slender waist, and a babyface.

She is effeminate in every way, but maybe it’s because of how we resurrected her that I get the impression that she’s not quite right in many places.

“Congratulations on your revival.

What should we call you”

You’re right; that is a tricky one.

“Your arms are from Ponosfon, torso from Hysminaifon, hips from Logosfon, and legs from Limosfon—a fusion of various fuselages, but your identity should come from your thinking organ, the head, which is of Neikosfon’s, correct”

“Hunh Wuddahell is goin’ on ‘ere”

The revived angel seems confused.


Horkosfon, who took her words seriously, said, “She’s certainly not Neikosfon.

In fact, her behavior doesn’t correspond to any of the angels’ parts that were used.”


Well, I did assume that all angels talk robotically like Horkosfon does, but seeing this angel makes me think of a gyaru girl more.

“An’ wuddahell is up with my body Wassun I supposed ta be crushed by the dragon Wait, I think I also got cut ‘n half by the underworld god’s scythe… Actually, I also remember bein’ skewered by the sea god’s trident”

“Does she have all the memories of the individual parts we used on her”

Her personality is becoming more and more messed up.

We thought reviving an angel with random parts was feasible, but now that we’ve accomplished that, it seems like we have even bigger problems to face.


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