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The undead are a type of monster.

However, apparently it falls into a special category that is different from other monsters.

Well, it’s the dead who have risen from their slumber.

Compared to other monsters, it is probably even more contrary to the logic of nature.

Apparently, the undead in this world have a condition of occurrence that is clearly different from another monster.

According to the description from Platy, monsters are the result of condensation of mana (magic) accumulated in the dungeon.

The group of the undead is basically the same, but it is said that the undead is created when a mana pool condenses and a certain thing is used as a substitute.

Like a corpse.

In most cases, the undead are made from adventurers who challenged the dungeon and became the ones who never returned.

The undead reincarnated as unruly creatures in a dungeon with stagnant mana in the shell of their departed souls.

Living Dead, Skeletons, Ghosts, and Spectre.

There are many different types of undead, but the apex of them all the No-Life King is different.

After all, all other undead people are who die accidentally and become undead without wanting to.

Whereas the No-Life King willingly gave up his humanity to become immortal while living.

* * *

『It’s been about a thousand years since I’ve been in this body.』

We were in the bottom level of the dungeon at No-Life King’s house, having a leisurely cup of tea.

It’s no longer the atmosphere of a dungeon capture.

『I was an archbishop of a certain church when I was alive.

However, I had to run away The reason was….well, what was it 』

It’s been several decades since he have been here.

Surprisingly, we were treated with great hospitality.

『It wasn’t just that I was embittered but that I am pursued at large and after running from place to place, I arrived at this dungeon.

There, I exercised a forbidden spell ad absorbed the stagnant mana in this dungeon, and became an undead while still alive.』

「The great spell that turns oneself into the undead….! Even though it’s ethically forbidden, the level of cultivation itself is so high that only a few people in the world should be able to use it, right」

Platy was surprised.

「But why do you want to be undead.

Is it to become a monster and take revenge on the church that kicked you out 」

『That’s not what I’m saying.

I had a mission that I had to accomplish, even if it meant becoming an aberration.』

「Mission 」

『I’m afraid I’ve forgotten what it is.』

Hey, hey, hey.

Then what’s the point of going to the trouble of becoming undead

『That’s what it means to be around for a thousand years, we forget things that we should never forget.

What an important mission it was is beyond memory, but a thousand years later, it would be too late and mean nothing.』

It was somehow wretched.

『That’s why I’m just an old man who has lost the meaning of life.

Whereas you, what brings you to these parts of the world 』

「No, we don’t have anything important to do either…」

For now, I tried to explain it.

That I recently bought this land and started a frontier life.

I want to be self-sufficient in this place and live in a relaxed and carefree way.

The monsters spilling out of this dungeon might harm me, so I went into the dungeon to investigate and kill the monsters.

Then I met Mr.

No Life King.

「I see, if that’s the case, don’t worry.

I am in charge of this dungeon, so there are no monsters that can go out on their own.」

「A dungeon with Lord is kind helpful, isn’t it It’s well ordered and governed.」

Platy says admiringly.

「If the Lord is a mild-mannered character, there is no harm at all to those around him.

On the other hand, if they were violent or vicious, it would be horrible…! 」

『A dungeon lord like that will be defeated by a brave man, that’s exactly what it is.

Can you say that I’ve survived for a thousand years because I’ve done nothing wrong 』

Hahahahahaha, Platy and No Life King had quite a laugh.

I wonder if that’s the part where he laughs.

I still can’t quite get the hang of the fantasy world joke.

「In that case, Lord, can I go into this dungeon from time to time and flail around I originally had my eye on it, thinking it would be a good material gathering place.」

『Yeah, I don’t care.

Originally, there were so many monsters that I had to take care of them myself to keep them out.

If you guys could clean up the mess, it would save us a lot of trouble.』

What do you mean

「The purpose of entering the dungeon is also to exterminate monsters that might cause damage to the living quarters at an early stage, but it’s just as important to get the monster materials!」


「Depending on the type, the meat is very tasty, the furs and bones are great for tools! It’s a great deal to have a dungeon of a reasonable size nearby! 」


I haven’t heard anything about that at all.

I used to think that dungeons were nothing more than annoying entities that sprinkled monsters around them.

「On top of that, a dungeon that the Lord can manage with zero demerits is the best dungeon imaginable, isn’t it We’re going to make more and more of our housing a superior property!

『Even in my day, a large city could be built around a dungeon.

A dungeon that regularly rains good materials is like a treasure trove of treasure.』

I see.

Was that why Platy looked reluctant when I asked, Why don’t we just smash the dungeon

The furs and meat are not available in the fields, so it would be a great help if there was a stable supply.

We got further development in frontier life.

「So, thank you for being a good neighbour.」

『Why don’t you visit me once in a while and talk to me, so I don’t have to suffer through all the boredom.』

And we’ve got neighbours!

Our most fearsome neighbours who won’t die!

* * *

「Speaking of which, Mr.

No-Life King, what should I call you I hadn’t pried your name yet.」

『Hmm, but I’ve been stuck in this dungeon for hundreds of years, and I’ve forgotten my name because no one has ever called me.』

I’m afraid of living alone and forgetting my name.

I know that too.

Platy may have fallen in early, so it might have been a real help.

But it’s kind of embarrassing that he doesn’t have a name…

I can come up with my own name for you, can’t I

「How about I take that and call him “’teacher’” When he was alive he was a great priest, wasn’t he 」

「Well, that’s nice! 」

No Life King teacher.

Looks like we got some good neighbours’.


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