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“What! You seriously confronted Veil” asks Aileron, dumbstruck by what we just told her.

Apparently, she was Platy’s information broker.

“It’s a legendary drink among us elves.

One of our ancestors who drank it gained supreme power and defeated the Demon King of their time.”

“I knew it just had to be that kind of drink!”

“When we first encountered Veil, we made small talk among ourselves about the possibility of her producing dragon milk, but I never would’ve thought you’d take it seriously…”

Well, you see, Platy is exactly that kind of person.

As for Veil, she flew away crying after the humiliating disaster.

“If you want milk that much, I’ll provide you with the finest one there issssssss!!!” shouts Veil from the distance.

Six days have passed since then, and she still hasn’t come back.

She isn’t in her own dungeon, either.

We have no idea about her whereabouts.

“We’re not really sure whether this legendary dragon milk is real or not, anyway.

But when you meet an actual dragon, of course, you’d feel like asking them out of curiosity.”

All you had to do was try.

Although, if you take a minute to pause and think, making Veil produce milk for one or two people is still fine, but supplying for our family of over one hundred is ridiculous.

Wait, what if she does it in her dragon form…

It’s no use.

Whichever form she’s in, the mental images I have of her are too distorted.

“I can’t take this, either.

They say dragon milk is like soma or nectar—once you start consuming it on a daily basis, you’d be so hooked on it that you can’t drink normal milk anymore!”

Such comments were made.

Let’s just abandon this dragon milk idea.

We have no other leads, though.

What to do…

Maybe we really should broaden our mindset and consider other monster types that can produce milk even if it isn’t a cow…

“Don’t you have connections with the Demon Kingdom Why don’t you ask them for a dairy cow”

“Aileron, I’ve already thought up of that.”

“Was it rejected Did something go wrong”

“Not really.”

…And while we were having a fruitless conversation, Veil came back.

Dragon Veil was carrying a basket with her.

I say “basket,” but it was as big as her dragon body, so we can easily mistake it for a ship.

“Master, I brought them back!”

“What did you bring back”

Veil’s dragon voice is boisterous as usual.

“Creatures that can produce milk, what else!” says Veil as she drops the basket with a loud thud.

For someone like her, it’s still a relatively polite gesture.

Is a milk-making creature really inside that basket

“We’re here.

This is your habitat from now on, so come out!”

As if to respond to Veil’s voice, the basket made a rustling noise from the inside.

The basket is woven with reeds or straw, but its humungous size is still a little unsettling.

Whatever that’s moving inside it must be climbing its way up…

And then, a normal-looking human pokes out from the basket’s rim.

“A human!”

Wait, she’s not totally normal-looking at all.

A pair of curved and rugged horns are attached to the beauty’s head.

We’re far from calling her normal now.

More of her kind came climbing out of the basket, all youthful and beautiful-looking.

Who are they and what are they!

“Are they perhaps… Satyrs!”

Looks like Aileron knows something.

“They are a kind of therianthrope that is said to be a mixed breed of goat and have the leg strength to overcome steep, rocky mountains without difficulty.

And that…”

“And what”

Aileron takes a pause and chokes on her words.

She’s blushing.

“Female satyrs…are known for producing delicious milk in ample amounts.”


“This settles your problem with milk, Master! Now, praise me and feed me something delicious made from this milk!”

“You! Idiot!!!”

I unconsciously jumped really high to meet dragon Veil’s line of sight and gave her a kick.

“You can’t just kidnap random strangers no matter how much we ask for milk! These people have their own lives to live, and their own rights!”

I quickly rushed over to the confused satyrs.

“I apologize on behalf of our stupid dragon for doing something so selfish! I’ll make her take responsibility and escort you back to your home!!!”

Of course, anyone would feel anxious if they’re brought to an unknown land.

And a stupid dragon’s behavior is also the responsibility of its owner (), me.

I must make it up to them somehow!!!

“T-That’s not it!” says the oldest-looking satyr among the group.

This alluring lady must be their leader.

“We accompanied Lady Veil on our own will! She saved our race from peril, so we wanted to repay her somehow!”


“That’s why it is we who should be asking you a favor.

Please let us live here and allow us to provide everyone with our breast milk!!!”


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