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Chapter 10 – Harvest.

「Ba Herring G is a fish-type monster, so it has a lot of mana in its body And since I’m adding magic to it and adjusting it, it’s natural that it will be hundreds of times more effective than normal fertilizer!」

It was the first moment I thought, “Is Platy actually a great person”

In any case, I can’t keep being stupefied.

Now that it’s ripe, we have to harvest it.

If you miss the best time, you will lose so much flavour.

I hurried up and platy with sleepy-eyes, hurries up and harvests.

It’s a whirlwind of activity, as all the fields are now in harvest season.

Platy, who had originally lived by the sea, seemed to be completely inexperienced in farming and was almost useless at harvesting.

In the end, it was my monopoly on『Supreme Bearer』that helped and by the time the sun came up in the south, boxes full of harvested vegetables were lined up.

The box were put together as an attempt with scraps from building the shed.

I’m so glad I made it early.

We didn’t finish harvesting everything, but we took a break here.

As expected, this isn’t the amount that can be done in a day.

「heya~, I can finally rest I’m so tired~」

Platy seems to have been worn out by the unfamiliar task.

「Rikuto (land dweller – adult), you’re such a bother to get food for yourself.

It’s really hard to understand.」

Platy said, whimsically picking up one of the vegetables from the harvest.

It was a tomato.

They look so red and ripe and delicious.

「Hey, what’s this vegetable 」

「Don’t you know a tomato 」

Could it be that Platy, a mermaid, has little earthly knowledge

No, it’s an alternate universe first.

Vegetables that were commonplace in the previous world may not exist here.

After all, it grew on its own when I picked up a piece of dirt and prayed about it….

「Can I have a taste of this 」

「Oh, oh.

Its good」

If it’s a tomato, I think its okay to go on as it is, especially if it’s not a pumpkin or a potato.

Platy opened her mouth wide and took a bite out of the tomato.

With a crunch, she chewed twice or thrice while letting the bright red juice drip from the edge of her mouth….

「Uu ………! 」

What’s the matter

「ooh oh Yum…my」

The response was better than I could have imagined.

「Are people on earth eating such delicious food, or are your vegetables special 」

I’m glad you’re happy with it.

Platy was so impressed with the taste of the tomatoes that I hurriedly stopped her from reaching for the onions and radishes to taste the other vegetables.

I had a hard time explaining to her「You can’t eat this unless it’s cooked」

It reminded me that the crops produced in my old world are the products that have been researched and improved many times to make them 『more delicious』.

I can’t say for sure until I compare them, but it seems that there is a considerable difference in the quality of crops in this world, where the level of civilization is as high as medieval Europe.

These vegetables were brought to the other world by my『Supreme Bearer』.

Perhaps it is on the level of a evolution.

Anyway, Platy pestered me to give more, so we decided to eat in earnest.

That means we’re going to cook the harvest as soon as possible.

However, I don’t think I can cook so much now that I’m still short of seasonings and cooking utensils.

All I had to do was to throw all the vegetables I had cut into the pot and stew them.

There’s only a little salt to season it with.

Still, Platy scooped it up with a spoon「Yummy yummy yummy! 」

As a creator, I’m glad I did.

After all, there are many things that are lacking in order to improve the quality of life.

For now, the cooking utensils are just the pots and knives that I bought from the royal city.

In addition to that, I’d like to have a frying pan and if I’m not being extravagant, an oven.

I also want a wide variety of seasonings.

Apparently, sugar and pepper can be made from plants, so you can probably get them through『Supreme Bearer』.

I’d like some spices, too.

Pepper, some kind of spice, and herbs.

As for plant-based products, 『Supreme Bearer』 has an inexhaustible supply of them, so I’m going to pick up the soil directly and try again.

Now I have Platy.

She’s a master at mixing potion as well as seasoning, and I’m sure she’s very good at it.

I’m sure they can prepare a delicious seasoning if you can get the ingredients.

I’m sure you’re going to hear some people say, “You can make your own with『Supreme Bearer』” but it’s a sad thought.

Life in the other world is hard, but fun.

One thing after another, you get what you want and it becomes clear what you need to do.

As for ingredients, my repertoire is too narrow to include only vegetables, so I would like to include meat.

Also egg and the dairy products.

Since it was impossible to grow them from the field through『Supreme Bearer』, I had to take some other means.

That’s okay.

It’s not like there are any limit or deadlines.

You can take it slowly, one at a time, and achieve it.

For the time being, I’m going to clean up the rest of the harvest with Platy.

Then I immediately started to grow herbs and spices.

Just as I did the first time, I cultivated and spread out the field, taking the soil directly in my hands and casting my thoughts.

「Spice growing… herb growing… pepper, nutmeg, turmeric, capsicum, sage, basil…」

Surprisingly, I can say a lot of different kinds of herbs.

Platy’s magic fish manure is still left, so it grows very fast if you sprinkle it.

It was harvested in the blink of an eye.

I put the harvest together but she prepared it with sparkling eyes.

It seems that otherworldly medicinal herbs are quite rare.

I’ve grown sugarcane, so I’m going to try refining it and making sugar while trying different things.


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