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Chapter 1 – Kidan’s Life

Thus, it started.

My life, as the summoned otherworlders Kidan, has begun.

Anyway, I went to the land that I bought from the king.

Hereafter, I will live there and it will be my kingdom alone.


—Scene Change—


「From here on is the land you bought.」

After passing through several villages, the guide told me that.

From here on

But all my eyes can see is a wasteland

「The village we passed by a while ago is the kingdom’s farthest territory.

Beyond here is a region where no human has ever set foot on.

No one’s living in these expansive fields and mountains.」

The guide says that in an emotionless voice.

「You said that you want a piece of land even if it is a wasteland, you may now do as you wish in this land.

That right was given to you when you bought it from his majesty the king for 10 gold coins.」

It’s nine gold coins.

The remaining gold coin was used to prepare myself for living in my new domain.

「….however, isn’t this untrodden land already outside of the king’s territory Can he really sell it off」

「That, I don’t know.

However, that’s what the king said.」

This guide.

It seems like he received a terrible blow.

「Isn’t that great It is true that this land is already beyond the territory of our country and it doesn’t have any relation to us too.

That means even if you raise and harvest something on this land you’ll be living in from now on, you will not be taxed by the kingdom.」

「That’s true.」

「If you can harvest.」

The guide’s cold eyes are telling me that I’m unlikely to do that.

Apparently, they already recognized me as an incompetent otherworlders that needs to get rid of.

That might be the reason why they sent me here.

The ten gold coins that should have been given to me as compensation has been returned to them and they will be able to dispose of my body in a strange land where no one lives for free.

「I must leave.

From this point on, we humans will no longer be involved with you so please enjoy your freedom.

Live and die on your own.」

After saying that, the guide turns his back and returns using the path we used earlier.

Goodbye and take care.

Maa, the king and the people of that country give off bad vibes so I’m happy that I’m no longer involved with them.

From now on, I’ll be able to enjoy a free and peaceful life in this different world without unnecessary distractions.

The vast wasteland spreads out in front of me.

Beyond the horizon, I can see the silhouette of a mountain range.

According to the guide, I can use any place of this untrodden land as I wish but this world’s civilization is around the time of medieval Europe.

I‘m sure there will be overwhelmingly more lands that are not under the rule of people.

If that is the case, maybe I should live in a place as far as possible in order to not get involved with people from that country again.

Thus, I decided to reach a point in this untrodden land where I can’t go any further and live there.

Then, let’s go.


—Scene Change—


I’ve arrived.

As expected, I can’t proceed any further.

Because there’s a sea in front of me.

「This is the true edge of this place…!」

One month has already passed since I parted from that guide and rushed into this untrodden land.

I walked with everything I got here so that it will be impossible for me to meet that king again.

I’m not even confident on going back given the mountains and forests I passed through.

「Alright! Here is where my new life begins….!」

I feel refreshed when I think so.

From this day on, this land will be my kingdom….


This is really a land with nothing.

A vacant land.

There’s no house where someone can live.

There’s no trace of civilization.

It’s just a wasteland.

It has taken me a month to reach the end of this land so it can be said it is normal for no one to live here.

Isn’t that good

In this way, I can build a house, plow a field, and build my own another world paradise here!

A great adventure differs according to person once it is related to another world.

Face difficulties, unite with your friends, defeat strong enemies, and become a hero! Though I may yearn for that kind of development, I’m reluctant to go in that direction.

Adventures are good.

In the previous world, I used to play RPG games too but I enjoyed leveling up more rather than defeating bosses and going forward to the story.

As the level of the character goes up, new abilities and spells can be unlocked, attack power increases too and enemies can be defeated with one blow.

That’s what I enjoy.

I also like kingdom building games.

I love building a golden paradise by increasing the income, defense power, and satisfaction of the citizens of the territory.

I don’t invade.

That’s something evil.

Didn’t you learn that at school

If I ever come to another world, what I’ll do is to create my own paradise.

I’m okay in training myself to be a cheat guy who won’t lose to anyone but training is boring and will make you sweaty.

In addition, once you’ve become stronger than everyone, you’ll have to fight someone to verify the result.

To the challenged side, I’ll be a nuisance.

I want to enjoy another world in peace.

That’s the reason why I made the king give me this untrodden land! However……

「Is this undeveloped land worth developing….」

This moment, I’ll burn the current image of this wasteland to my eyes.

When this place finally becomes paradise, I’ll think back to this scene and say “I was able to make it from this!” with a grin.

「Therefore, let’s start working immediately.」

I unload the things I’ve carried so far here and spread them on my feet.

These were, so to speak, a set of pioneering tools that I purchased at the royal capital before coming to this place.

Agricultural tools such as hoes and sickles.

Carpentry tools such as hammers and nails.

Sewing tools such as needles and threads.

Of the ten pieces of gold coins they granted, one was left behind.

To be able to buy this much with just one piece, should I be impressed with the value of gold coins Or should I say that I was not able to buy good things with just a gold coin…..I should look at the fact that I prioritized quantity over quality.

Actually, none of the farming tools and carpentry tools that I bought are of good quality.

It can even be said that they are of the poorest quality.

With them, though I wouldn’t be able to work efficiently, I could at least gradually develop.

It will all start here.

My pioneering life in another world.


—Scene Change—


If there were anyone watching my actions so far, he would probably say “Are you an idiot”.

Reclaiming a wasteland to build a paradise.

That would be fun.

However, the world is not all fun.

Reclamation is a major project that many people have risked their lives for since ancient times.

It is something that can be achieved after accumulating tons of corpses.

A single man with no merit challenging it can’t be easily done.

Never underestimate pioneering.

But I fear not.

I am aware of how difficult actual reclamation work is.

Therefore, I should start demonstrating it now.

I was judged by the priest of the kingdom as a person with “no skill”.

I indeed have no skill.


A gift from god.

It was not bestowed by god but gifted by god.


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