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Chapter 145:The Zombie Emperor

  The chaotic hunger surged like a tsunami, the endless desire to devour ripped and burned and howled in depths of his body.


    Every cell in the body was vibrating with anticipation, his teeth and stomach ached, eager to taste the fresh blood.

    Ge Xiu sniffed the tempting smell at the end of his nose, his mouth constantly secreted saliva and only one thought was left swirling in his mind.

    …so hungry.

    I want to eat…

    Really want to eat, want to eat, wanttoeatwanttoeat…

    Xie Shili clenched his teeth and pressed his elbow against the zombie’s jaw.

The bones of his shoulders and arms made a rattling sound caused by excessive pressure.

    He managed to stop the near death from approaching with much effort, but the distance between them was still shortening inch by inch.

    Under the astonishing power of a zombie, a human would have no power to fight back.

    The half-opened gray eyes of the youth in front of him started at him unfocused, a low growl came from his throat, without a trace of reason left in his lifeless eyes, only instinctual greed and hunger remained.

    This situation was very familiar.

    Ever since the end of the world and zombies overtaking the entire planet Xie Shili had witnessed such expression appearing in the eyes of human beings who were laughing, breathing, and crying a few hours ago.

The crazy boundless hunger drowned reason and emotion, leaving only the barren primitive desire to eat— children, young girls, old people, pregnant women, whoever was bitten would become this kind of monster without exception.

    Endlessly driven by appetite, they would frantically pounce on and attack their own kind.

    Regardless of whether the people around them were family, friends, relatives or lovers, in their eyes only one type of human  remained: food. 

    Xie Shili has seen it too many times.

   He went from panic and fear to later getting used to it and being indifferent.

    Xie Shili didn’t know why he would repeat the same mistakes.

    Every time, his reason was admonishing himself.

    It’s a zombie.

    It’s a monster that eats humans.

    However, every time Xie Shili saw that pale, young and ignorant face, a small piece of his heart would soften subconsciously.

    He forced himself to stop thinking, to stop imagining how he had could have looked like a human being.

He forced himself to look at the other’s clothes covered with dried blood from the ruthlessly crushed zombie’s head, and the inhuman gray pupils.

    But even so, there will always be a small voice in his ear, whispering:

    But for once… maybe…

    Xie Shili had to admit that this small whisper had always existed, he just deliberately refused to think about it.

    So every time this voice appeared, he would forcefully press it down with his cold and hard reason.

    But soon after, this voice would quietly emerge again, like endlessly distracting thoughts or persistent weeds.

    However, some truths were irrefutable.

    Some instincts couldn’t be overcome.

    Xie Shili could hear the creaking sound of his shoulder bones being overwhelmed with pure strength.

As the distance between the other’s hungry mouth and his neck shortened bit by bit, the anticipation of soon getting full in the zombie’s eyes became more and more intense.

    The sharp ice cone slowly solidified in mid-air, the tip touching the zombie’s fragile temple.

    After the youth lost his mind and became a lowly creature dominated by appetite, he also lost his self-protective instinct.

He only had food in his eyes instead, not caring about his own safety.

    He was at the most vulnerable point at this moment.

    As long as Xie Shili had the thought, the icicle could instantly pierce the skin and penetrate the skull, easily solving the crisis in front of him.

    He would learn a lesson and never make such a foolish mistake in his life again.

He would never have such childish and ridiculous expectations, thinking that there was a possibility for a monster to turn back into human.

    Xie Shili stared at the face that was close in front of him.

    The skin was pale and bloodless, the chilling and out-of-focus gray eyes were half-lidded, his eyelashes were very long and dense, casting a layer of shadow over the eyes, hiding the frantic irrational bloodthirst in them.

    He could smell the bloody smell coming from the other.

    Zombies were zombies and humans were humans.

    This would never change.

    All extravagant hope of going against instinct and one’s own nature was doomed to be nothing but an illusion.

    The tip of the icicle grazed the other’s skin, the icy sharp edge glimmered under the light, waiting to strike.

    Xie Shili clenched his teeth so hard that he could almost taste the rust spreading from his mouth.

    But, for some reason, he just couldn’t… make up his mind.

    Obviously it was… such a simple thing.

    He felt as if there was a loose string wrapped around his hand, seemingly so fragile that it could break with a single pull, but at the critical moment, he couldn’t cross the critical line.

He couldn’t make the choice that would lead to road of no return.

    There was a tingling pain in his arm as numbness and feeling of losing strength along with tremble of his arm gradually intensified.

    The weak naive voice in his brain was still raising a ruckus and no matter how loudly he retorted, he still couldn’t completely suppress that voice.

    Stop, that’s it.

    Just let him reap the consequences.

    The ice cone dissipated without a trace in the air.

    Xie Shili closed his eyes, his arms finally lost the strength to hold back the other and fell down without strength— at that moment, every second seemed to stretch into century and he finally let himself indulge in his wishful thinking.

    What would it be like… if they met before the apocalypse

    Was he a college student Or an office worker Would he have some long-standing friends Or an intimate lover

    Was he introverted or extroverted What were his likes, his dislikes

    No matter what, Xie Shili knew that he would never have the chance to figure it out again.

    A sigh escaped his throat.

    In the next second, cold lips fell on the warm neck, like the silent kiss of death.

    Ge Xiu’s movements involuntarily paused and his drooping eyelashes trembled slightly, as if he had sensed something.

    In the center of all chaos, he seemed to have heard a sigh.

    Like an illusion, fleeting and illusive.

    It was a bit vague, as if any louder noise could cover it up in an instant, but it clearly passed through the thick and muffling barrier slowing his thinking, and was successfully travelled to the depths of his consciousness.

    He could feel the soft and warm skin that his lips touched and he knew that as long as he clenched his teeth lightly, he could tear the fragile skin and taste the sweet and juicy muscles as well as blood flowing underneath.

    How tempting.

    Ge Xiu opened his mouth and and held the other’s shoulder with it but he didn’t bite it for a long time.

    He felt something was awakening in his brain.

    Several indistinct faces appeared in front of his eyes one after another.

Ge Xiu couldn’t see the other’s facial features clearly, but he somehow knew with great clarity—they were all the same person—including the person who was pushed to the ground by him, they all—

    Ge Xiu began to think seriously, exerting his dull brain to recall the missing memories.

    ……what were they

    The expected pain did not come.

    Xie Shili opened his eyes in astonishment.

    The young man’s head was lying on his neck and he was loosely gnawing on his shoulder with his teeth.

He could feel the other’s cold tongue lips and teeth —but it all stopped at the critical moment, and he just laid down on Xie Shili’s pressing his body to the ground, motionless like a stone, as if he was thinking deeply or fell asleep.

    This…how could…

    Xie Shili’s mind went blank at that moment and he didn’t even know what to think.

    The instinctive hunger in his body was still burning, but Ge Xiu finally regained a sliver of reason.

    He propped up his body with his arms, and carefully looked at the human being crushed under him from above.

    After a few long seconds, Ge Xiu finally recognized the face of the other.

    ——It was the top quality reserve food that he had caught.

    Moreover, currently there was still no halo around his head.

    So… If he ate it now, it would be all gone, not only would he be unable to eat the opponent’s nuclei, but he would never find such a delicious-smelling supernatural power user again, the consequences would even go as far as losing the bait for high-level zombies!

    ——Can’t eat, can’t eat, can’t eat.

    Ge Xiu persuaded himself over and over again in his heart.

    But he was still hungry.

    Ever since he ate the nuclei of the mutated zombie, the scorching hunger had been tormenting him the entire time, like a dark flame flickering and spreading in his body, bringing out the zombie’s frantic mindless instincts in him, silently urging him to catch humans and eat.

    Ge Xiu swallowed.

    He looked at Xie Shili, his nose lingered with the warm, fresh and seductive scent of the other and a vague idea gradually emerged in his mind.

    Since he can’t eat…

    then it would be okay to just lick, right


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