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Chapter 199 – Jealous little fox, I have decided to become your sugar mommy!

In the bedroom.

Alia lay in Su Shi’s arms, her tiny figure as light as anything.

Her fingers drew circles on his chest, her face still carrying a blush that had not completely disappeared.

Smelling that soothing fragrance, all the weariness of these days vanished.

Although she did not understand why Su Shi suddenly appeared, the surprise of the reunion had completely taken over her heart.

At that moment, Alia remembered something and said, “By the way, I have already written a letter to Ren’er to explain about us.”

If you dare to do something, you must dare to take responsibility for it.

After all, the other party has the right to know.

Su Shi nodded his head.

Even if Alia did not say anything, he would not hide it from Yu Ren’er.

“So what did she say”

“She ……”

Alia laughed bitterly and took out a letter, “You’d better read it yourself.”

Su Shi opened it, only to see that it was written in bold: hate, hate, hate ……

There are thousands of “hate”!

He could even imagine Yu Ren’er holding a brush, her pink cheeks bulging in anger as she wrote and muttered.

“That’s really her style.”

Su Shi could not help but laugh.

Alia glared at him strangely, “You’re still laughing It’s all your fault!”

Su Shi frowned, “It was obviously you who teased me ……”

Alia covered her mouth and said in embarrassment, “Who teased you You shouldn’t talk nonsense!”

Su Shi blinked.

Alia’s little face turned even redder and she chirped, “I don’t care, Ren’er is my best friend, you have to persuade her, or else I’ll ignore you!”

Thinking of that obsessive and clingy little fox, a smile swept across the bottom of Su Shi’s eyes.

Although he had been to Green Hill Plains, he did not belong to the same “group” as the fox tribe and could not directly cross the void to get there.

It seemed that he could only find an opportunity to travel to the Barbarian Realm.

“Yu Ren’er is fine.”

“On the contrary, Qingluan and Qingchen are a little troublesome ……”

Su Shi couldn’t help but sigh.

This is a long way to go.

Alia looked at him lovingly and asked, “Bad guy, how long can you stay here”

Su Shi said helplessly, “I have to leave after midnight.”

After midnight, or precisely after the turn of the day, the Beautiful Landscape Painting would be ready for use again after the cool down period was over.

After all, he had slipped out and Feng Chaoge still did not know what had happened, so if he delayed too long, he might make a mess.

“So soon”

Alia was a little lost.

There was only an hour left before midnight.

She bit her cherry lips, her pretty face flushed red.

She moved to Su Shi’s ear and exhaled, “Husband, let’s hurry up then.”


It was midnight.

Feng Chaoge retracted her divine sense, her brows slightly frowning.

Her divine sense had swept through the imperial capital countless times, but she had yet to find a single trace of Su Shi, he seemed to have vanished into thin air!

“Even Yun Qiluo and Sikong Lanyue couldn’t take him away under my nose.”

“Where did he go”

“There’s no way he’s in danger, right”

Feng Chaoge was a little worried.

Suddenly, she sensed something and her expression couldn’t help but be stunned for a moment.

Her body instantly appeared in the bedroom, and she reached out to lift the brocade curtain embroidered with begonia silver thread.

She saw Su Shi lying comfortably under the blanket.

Upon seeing her, he even beckoned, “Come quickly, Your Majesty, the bed is already warmed for you.”


Feng Chaoge wondered if she was hallucinating.

“Where did you go just now”

“Ahem, I was just taking a walk in the palace.”

“Strolling around without clothes”

“Uh ……”

Su Shi didn’t know how to explain it.

Seeing this, Feng Chaoge did not pursue the matter any further.

Everyone had their own secrets.

It’s just that Su Shi’s secrets are too strange ……

“Next time, no more sudden disappearances, do you know how worried I was just now”

Seeing her sultry eyes, Su Shi said with a smile, “Didn’t Your Majesty just say that you don’t care about me”

Feng Chaoge looked puzzled and turned her head away and coldly hummed, “I’m just worried that no one is warming my bed.”

Su Shi was slightly amused.

This denial mouth look was a bit similar to the Demon Empress.

Could it be that arrogance was a unifying attribute of supreme beings

“In that case, the bed has also been warmed up, would Your Majesty like to sleep”

Feng Chaoge did not seem to notice it.

Su Shi quietly stood up and tried to lift her up.

However, although she did not resist, Feng Chaoge remained still as a rock.

The atmosphere was a little awkward as they looked at each other.

Seeing his panting, Feng Chaoge secretly pressed her finger against her brow.

Her cultivation was sealed and her aura dissipated.

Her jade cheeks flushed slightly as she whispered, “How about you try again”

That was so embarrassing!

Su Shi took her in his arms and said excitedly, “One day, I will also become a supreme being!.”

Feng Chaoge’s eyes were full of smiles, “I believe in you.”

At this point, she walked over to Su Shi and sniffed, puzzled, “What is this smell”

Apart from the original scent, there was an additional faint rose-like fragrance.

“This should be my body fragrance.”

Su Shi smiled forcefully.

Feng Chaoge’s eyes were suspicious.

She felt like this man was doing something inappropriate behind her ……

The two of them lay on the bed.

Feng Chaoge leaned next to him, the long lost feeling made her feel very peaceful inside.

Su Shi scratched his head.

Two incense sticks ago, the one lying beside him was still Alia.

“I seem to be getting more and more like trash”

“Oh right.”

She only heard Feng Chaoge say, “Sikong Lanyue has come to see me.”

Su Shi said curiously, “Sikong Lanyue What does she want from you”

Feng Chaoge looked at him, “She wants you to go to the Land of Great Clouds, she seems to want to take you as her disciple.”

“Take me as a disciple”

Su Shi froze.

Sikong Lanyue was one of the supreme being in this world, and there had never been a meeting between them.

Feng Chaoge told him what Sikong Lanyue’s intentions were.

Su Shi suddenly understood, “It seems like it’s because of Qingchen.”

At the beginning in Huangyuan City, Zhan Qingchen had asked him to travel to the Land of Great Clouds

However, it was postponed for various reasons.

He was not interested in the legacy of Tian Ji Pavilion.

But if he wanted to be with Zhan Qingchen in the future, he would definitely not be able to cross this Sikong Lanyue hurdle.

But if he really went to Tian Ji Pavilion, how should he explain it on the Demon Empress’ side

Su Shi was caught in a dilemma.

Seeing his brows furrowed, Feng Chaoge reached out her delicate hand to gently stroke him, “If you want to go, go, if you don’t want to go, don’t go.

With me as your backing, you don’t have to worry about anything.”

Su Shi turned his head to look at the stern figure beside him.

This time her eyes did not shy away, “I have decided.”

Su Shi was curious, “Decided what”

Feng Chaoge had a serious face, “I will become your sugar mommy.”

Su Shi: “……”


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