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Chapter 1545: Boarding (1)Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

After Sorcerer Ancestor Ti Tuo and his forces disappeared, the Mother of Chaos turned around and looked at the scorching planet in the void.

A shadow appeared next to the planet as if nodding at her.

Then, the entire planet shrank and turned into a crimson light that flew into the forged channel.

The Mother of Chaos slowly withdrew her gaze and looked at the continent.

That continent would soon collapse without Sorcerer Ancestor Ti Tuos power keeping it together.

She was going to give Su Ping one last ride to reach the final battlefield.

Whether he would live or die would be beyond her control.

On the continent—


“Everyone, listen to my command.

Board my warship and march with me!” Su Ping roared.

He already sensed that the auras of the two Sorcerer Ancestors were no longer there.

The Golden Crow ancestor and Ti Tuo had very likely set off already.

The six legions were expected to conquer the outskirts of the Ancestral Land of Chaos as fast as possible.

Su Ping couldnt waste any time, as leading an attack would be even more difficult if the Heavenly Dao was alerted.

Speed was important in war!

Su Ping roared, and brilliant universes appeared behind him, one after another; they were like suns rising above mountaintops.

Their pressure was so immense it could be felt from billions of kilometers away.

Then, those universes quickly transformed into enormous warships floating in the world.

The vessels were immense, able to carry an endless amount of creatures.

They floated above the billions of species at the edge of the Ti Tuo continent.

Each warship emanated a terrifying pressure, which shocked and frightened all species. Is this the power of our commander

The still unconvinced experts finally ate their pride and gave in.

They were having conflicting feelings.

They could tell that those universe warships had been made by Su Ping, and carried the same aura.

It was obvious that the human expert was already as strong as a Sorcerer Ancestor, able to condense many universes with a thought!

A deafening sound echoed.

“Everyone, board the warships!!”

All the clans had been trained and were aware of the significance of that war.

At Su Pings command, all the experts soared to the high sky and roared.

“All aboard the warships!!”

“All aboard the warships!!”

Billions of loud voices echoed.

All the clans lined up in formations and boarded the warships like ants and locusts.

There was an infinite space on each warship, able to accommodate the living creatures in an entire universe.

The three thousand warships could easily pack all the clans residing on the entire Ti Tuo continent.

“Lets board the warships and get ready for war!”

All the human dominators were standing solemnly on the human clans territory as they summoned all their forces.

The weak and the slow were simply teleported to where they were supposed to be.

They were instantly lined up.

After boarding the warships, they chose one of the exits and flew out.

Billions of creatures soared to the sky.

It was the most splendid scene ever.

Each species had billions of members, and the Ti Tuo continent was unimaginably vast.

It was more than ten thousand light years long.


Those gargantuan warships were interconnected by chains as thick as planets, which caused the void to shake whenever they moved.

Every chain was made of a powerful Great Dao.

Just the momentum of the chains as they moved was enough to make the Dao Heart cultivators of each clan tremble.

They felt as if they were looking up at godly existences.

Only empty buildings and traces of life remained on the vast continent after the billions of species boarded the warships.

No living being remained; it looked rather desolate.

Su Pings enormous projection looked down at the entire Ti Tuo continent, becoming more solemn at the abandoned place.

He knew he had to win the war, or everything would be obliterated, including the billions of species he had seen.

“Set sail!!” Su Ping bellowed.

Sails were instantly hoisted to resist the Dao power corrosion in the void.

Each warship carried dozens of Undying State members who were acting as their guards.

They were the top forces of every vessel.

Su Ping moved the group and left the continent as he moved toward the void.

He saw the Mother of Chaos who was waiting for him.

The two of them exchanged glances.

There was no need to talk; they already knew what the other was thinking.

Words were no longer important at the moment.

Encouragement Unnecessary.

Reminders Everything that should be said had already been said.

After noticing her solemn expression, he suddenly flashed a smile and said, “No need to worry too much.

We will definitely win this war!”

Her lips moved, but she only nodded in the end.

She knew that Su Ping was expressing his determination!

“Lets march!”

Su Ping turned around and waved an arm.

Three thousand blue-black warships flew over, each of them hundreds of times the size of the sun and massive chains connecting them.

They rushed into the void while radiating terrifying auras.

Su Ping moved towards the channel in the void.

The Mother of Chaos looked at Su Pings back and said softly, “Stay alive…”

Her eyes glittered after saying that, as if surprised.

Those two words had a completely different meaning.

At that moment, she was prioritizing Su Pings survival over winning the war.

Su Ping paused but didnt look back.

He simply a fist and waved it before he entered the channel.


The three thousand warships crossed the void and sailed to enter the channel and follow their human commander.

Billions of species were being carried by the warships; both males and females of each clan were armed and ready.

The overall mood was solemn and grave.

Some of the women and children looked nervous, but they were armed with marvelous blades forged and given away by the higher-ups.

All the resources of every clan had been exhausted for the war.

All the rare materials were used to forge weapons and armor.

All the spiritual herbs were used to make pills and different types of medicine.

If they lost the war, they would lose everything!

The channel in the void was like the mouth of a whale, slowly swallowing the three thousand warships.

Inside was an accelerated path that allowed them to directly arrive at the Ancestral Land of Chaos.

Su Ping looked solemn as he stood in front of the three thousand warships.

Hands behind his back, he stared at the end of the channel.

Ten thousand years seemed to have passed, but it also felt like a short moment.

There was light at the end of the pathway, followed by an abundant aura of chaos.

The solemnity in Su Pings eyes was soon replaced by ruthlessness.

He was the first to step out.

Before him was a vast and boundless world.

It seemed like a mix of soil and fog, with countless strange planets.

There were mountains akin to black clouds and bottomless gray lakes swirling like smoke.

Unknown living creatures could be vaguely seen.

“This is… the Ancestral Land of Chaos.”

Su Ping sensed the abundant aura embracing him.

Anybody could become a chaos creature if they cultivated in such an environment.

However, the chaos aura was so abundant that the weaker ones would be corrupted and lose their bodies and souls; all their essence would be transformed into the aura of chaos.

In simpler terms, they would be absorbed.

Su Ping glanced around and his heart grew heavy, as there were incomplete bodies floating in the void.

Some of those corpses were as big as half a planet; others were like mountains, while some had only left their skulls behind.

There were huge skeletons, cracked arms, chopped claws, and some bodies had wings riddled with holes…

The place was like hell.

The previous owners of those bodies had been very strong creatures, the weakest having a Dao Heart cultivation, which prevented their remains from decaying.


The chains shook and the three thousand warships were pulled out of the channel.

The billions of clans inside the warships witnessed the gruesome primordial scene.

There was nothing but death and bones. Is this the Ancestral Land of Chaos where countless mythical creatures were born

Time was the weakest power of all in such a place; it had been corrupted by the heavy aura of chaos and couldnt be reversed.

However, judging from the scene, it wasnt hard to infer the brutal battles that took place!

Su Ping stepped forward with a solemn demeanor, followed by the three thousand warships.

The chains shook as they moved.

Surprisingly, the floating bodies automatically moved away when Su Ping passed by them, as if making way for him.

Some bodies sank as the three thousand warships passed, and some bodies seemed to adhere to the bottom of the ships, moving along with them.

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