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TL: Hua

Shi Yunnan smiled and didnt answer.

It was not a habit.

It was the uneasiness of being ignored and belittled for years that had automatically raised a sense of self-protection within him.

Sitting at an off-angle with few people was not easy to attract the attention of foreign students, which could save some unnecessary troubles.

By hiding in the rest area where few people paid attention, he didnt have to be taunted and ridiculed by those banquet guests who liked to step on others.

Shi Yunnan wasnt afraid of anything, but he was too lazy to entangle with those who despised him.

Suddenly, out of the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of the standing menu on the table—

The front was the food list they had just seen, and the back was a photo of two people and a paragraph of text.

One of the people in the photo was the boss just now.

Shi Yunnan read the English letters, and a touch of complexity flashed in his eyes.

“Whats wrong”

Fu Ziyu got close to him and read the words on the item in his hand—

The owner and his wife were childhood sweethearts.

This shop was designed and built by the couple.

Unfortunately, just before the opening, a drunk driving accident took away the wife.

After being depressed for half a year, the boss finally regained his spirits.

In order to commemorate his deceased wife, he ran the shop by himself.

The drinks and sweets were all arranged according to his wifes preference.

Shi Yunnan suddenly thought of his father.

Not long after Wen Min died, Shi Sheng brought Xie Wei into the house.

How ridiculous was it in comparison

Shi Yunnan asked unconsciously, “Isnt it particularly difficult to set ones mind on a person for a lifetime”

Fu Ziyu knew that his friend should be thinking of his parents, so he deliberately hooked his shoulders and joked around.

“What Do you think Im not good enough for you Come on, give me a kiss, baby.”


Shi Yunnan resisted the urge to roll his eyes and returned the favor in his own way, “Come on, kiss.”

This time, it was Fu Ziyu who couldnt take it anymore.

The relationship between the two of them was straighter than an iron bar.

Even beaten to death, they still couldnt be bent together.

Shi Yunnan lost the sense of melancholy in his heart.

He hooked his friends shoulder and continued to tease him.

Fu Ziyu was so frightened that he almost hid under the table.

The two were only eighteen or nineteen years old, and they had been playing together since childhood.

Now they simply didnt care and could say any dirty jokes to each other.

But what they didnt know was that, at this moment, there was a profound line of sight directed from the second floor balcony.

Luo Lingsheng squeezed the coffee cup, and his eyes fell directly on the white figure in the courtyard on the first floor under the cover of the white protective railing.

At first, he just heard the Chinese language by accident and idly looked over.

But the moment Shi Yunnans figure entered his line of sight, the scene from four months ago emerged in Luo Lingshengs mind—

“Luo Lingsheng, you are so good-looking.”

“Do you like boys or girls Do you have a lover Can I chase you”

Probably because the drunk Shi Yunnan left such a deep impression, every now and then he thought back to that scene.

Because he had no contact information, after hesitating, he sent someone to inquire about Shi Yunnan secretly, but the information he got was that Shi Yunnan was neither in Wens nor Shis house.

As the young master of the Luo familys fourth house, how could Luo Lingsheng make a big show of looking for someone because of a drunken chance encounter

After the matter was over, Luo Lingsheng could only suppress the inexplicable emotions, but he never expected that, after nearly four months, he would meet Shi Yunnan again in a foreign country.


Is the person next to Shi Yunnan his boyfriend

Luo Lingsheng, who came up with this guess, unconsciously wrinkled his brow.

Suddenly, his phone rang.

It was Mother Luo who called.

“Hey, Mom.”

“Lingsheng, where have you been this afternoon Are you hiding on purpose to avoid seeing the daughter of the Chen family” Mother Luos helpless voice came.

Luo Lingsheng turned around and closed the computer on the table, “No, Im busy.”

“Okay, then lets talk about something else.

Did you fancy a girl at the Wen familys birthday party some time ago Last time Yu Shuo, that child, was teasing you, I happened to hear something…”

Luo Lingsheng was silent.

Although same-sex marriage had been approved, the Luo familys serious tradition absolutely wouldnt accept homosexual love among the descendants.

Mother Luo was still rambling, “Its not strange to have a relationship at your age.

Your sister and your brother-in-law got engaged some time ago, so its your turn in our family.”

Luo Lingsheng regained his senses, feeling more and more inexplicably anxious.

“Mom, Im really not in a hurry.

I havent finished the things Grandpa gave me to do, so Ill hang up first.”

He hung up the phone dryly and couldnt help but search once again for the figure in the courtyard on the first floor.

It was only a phone call away, but the topic of conversation downstairs had already changed.

For some reason, Shi Yunnan and his friends had already talked about the Luo family in the Imperial Capital of China.

“No way Youve been back to the country at least a few times, and you havent even heard of the Luo family Some time ago, how many branches did they have That engagement parade…“

Shi Yunnan fiddled with his mobile phone and replied disinterestedly, “Dont mention the Luo family, I dont know them.

Dont you know what the rich young masters and young ladies of the Imperial Capital are like“

“If youre so idle, why dont you rush the boss Im really hungry.”

Shi Yunnan kicked Fu Ziyu as he spoke.

The two made a bet at the billiards training camp today.

The loser had to “serve” the winner until tomorrow morning.

Fu Ziyus teeth were tickled by his friends pretentious appearance, and he couldnt help rustling his hair in revenge, “Come on, you little ancestor! Do I owe you in my previous life“

Shi Yunnan chuckled lightly and did not refute it.


Standing on the second floor, Luo Lingsheng silently stared at the interaction between the two.

He thought of Shi Yunnans perfunctory attitude towards the Luo family and felt an emptiness in his heart for no reason.

Luo Lingsheng, I will remember you.

See you next time.

It was just an accidental encounter and some drunken babble.

How could it be considered true

Luo Lingsheng put away the ridiculous impulsive thoughts, packed up his computer, and went downstairs.

After Fu Ziyu hurriedly returned to the courtyard, he saw that Shi Yunnans eyes were inexplicably fixed on one spot.

“Hey What are you looking at“

Shi Yunnan turned slightly and raised his eyebrows, “Go away, dont block my sight.”

Fu Ziyu sat down in his place angrily.

He followed his gaze, and from their position, he could see the checkout counter of the store diagonally.

After he finished urging the boss, there was actually an extra figure in front of the counter.

It was the figure of a young man, with a height of almost 1.9 meters, looking very intimidating.

The thin black fabric of his shirt perfectly outlined his back muscles.

Those slender and straight legs made it impossible to look away.

But soon the other party left the store, and there was no chance to see his face at all.

Shi Yunnan leaned back on the chair and murmured, “Its a pity.

He must be handsome.“

Fu Ziyu thought it was funny, “Whats a pity Why dont you catch up and ask for his contact information“

Before Shi Yunnan could speak, the boss came over with desserts and drinks, “Hello, two of you.

This is all the food you ordered.”

Shi Yunnan glanced at the food that was served, “How much is it We havent paid just now.”

“No need.” The boss answered truthfully, “The gentleman who left the store just now has already paid for you.”

Shi Yunnan glanced at the empty counter again.

His heart felt somewhat complicated.

“Onan, this is the food you ordered.”

The bosss words brought Shi Yunnans thoughts back to reality.

Shi Yunnan glanced at Luo Lingsheng and happily took a bite of the matcha roll, “It smells just like the original.”

The boss gave a satisfied look and said, “So is the taste.”

“Thats right.” Shi Yunnan remembered Little Goldfish, who was trapped at home studying today, and said to the boss, “Give me another one.

Theres a child at home who also wants to eat it.”

The boss nodded and hurried over to prepare.

Luo Lingsheng looked at him and said, “If you keep doting on Jin Yu like this, he will only stick to you more and more.”

“Isnt it good for him to stick to me” Shi Yunnan took a bite of the matcha roll and raised his eyebrows proudly.

In the next second, he moved closer to Luo Lingsheng, the slightly upturned corners of his eyes showing cunning expectation, “What about you Will you also stick with me more and more“

Luo Lingsheng stared at the lips that were close at hand with a hint of milk, and took the initiative to kiss him.

I can never leave you.

A silent answer was worth a thousand words.

Shi Yunnan withdrew contentedly, “Mr.

Luo, is this dessert sweet”

The two smiled at each other.

“Very sweet.”

Shi Yunnan was always thinking about Luo Lingshengs surgery and didnt want to stay out for too long, lest there might be an accident.

The two stayed in the store for less than an hour before leaving with the packaged desserts.

The boss watched the backs of the two leave, and then showed a meaningful smile again.

The apprentice beside him couldnt hold back his curiosity, “Boss, why are you always staring at these two guests”

“About four years ago, I was hoodwinked by a friend, resulting in the stores funds being transferred clean overnight.”

Because of this incident, he almost couldnt keep his store open.

“Later, when I was disheartened, I got funding from Mr.

Luo, and his reason for funding me for free was outrageously simple.“

Luo Lingsheng said: He often comes to your store.

Besides Shi Yunnan, Luo Lingsheng was also a regular customer in their shop.

However, Luo Lingsheng didnt come as often as Shi Yunnan, and he wasnt in a wheelchair at that time.

Later, the boss overcame the financial crisis and slowly returned the money to the account given by Luo Lingsheng.

It was a pity that the latter had never appeared again, and the boss had never guessed who the other party was referring to.

Until just that moment, the boss for years of doubt was answered.

In the parking lot outside, the black car drove out.

Shi Yunnan in the car looked at the white building that had been standing all year round and suddenly heard Luo Lingsheng beside him ask, “You havent finished talking just now.

The first time was because you passed by this store.

What happened later”

Shi Yunnan squeezed the cake box in his hand and replied casually, “Of course I came here again because I liked the food, and then it became a habit.”

After speaking, Shi Yunnan quickly glanced at Luo Lingsheng, his eyes flickering.

He just remembered that the following afternoon, he came back to the store again—Shi Yunnan was so curious about the man who didnt show his face but paid for them, he thought of trying his luck again.

At least he could eat something and pay back the money.

Unfortunately, he came back in vain.

Later, he naturally forgot about it.

“Whats the matter” Luo Lingsheng caught his fleeting guilty conscience.

“Its nothing.” Shi Yunnan cleared his throat and secretly made up an excuse for himself—

When young and ignorant, who wasnt a face-con

In order to avoid Luo Lingshengs jealousy, he concealed this little situation.

It shouldnt be too much, right

The author has something to say:

Little drunken scumbag fox: Im feeling somewhat guilty.


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