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Five minutes later, Shi Yunnan was temporarily called out by a work phone call.

Luo Lingsheng sat upright in the wheelchair; Little Goldfish stood honestly beside the wall; the eyes of the uncle and the nephews eyes met, as if no one was convinced.

Luo Lingsheng listened to Shi Yunnans phone call in the corridor outside, and took the opportunity to ask, “When did I tell you to watch your little uncle, lest he be deceived by others”


Seeing that Shi Yunnans protection was gone, Little Goldfish, who threw the pot to his uncle, hid a pair of small hands restlessly behind him.

He suddenly remembered the scene of Shi Yunnan talking with the foreign man, and for the first time, his small body became tough in front of his uncle, “Uncle, you didnt say it, but thats what you meant!”

“If I hadnt shouteddad, little uncle would have been cheated by someone else today!”

Luo Lingsheng raised his eyebrows and continued to ask, “Who The foreign uncle you saw last time“

Little Goldfish nodded.

On the matter ofprotecting Shi Yunnan, the uncle and nephews thoughts reached a high degree of unity.

“Uncle, that person also said that he wanted to invite little uncle to afternoon tea, and then I…”

“And what about you” Shi Yunnan, who had finished his phone call, walked in from outside.

Luo Lingsheng and Little Goldfish turned their gazes and landed on him at the same time.

Shi Yunnan forced his heart to hold back the laughter and lectured with a stern face, “Since when do I have to run errands under the strict scrutiny of the two of you”

Little Goldfish blinked and said nothing.

Shi Yunnan couldnt blame him too much, and turned his attention to Luo Lingsheng, “Patriarch Luo, what about you Dare I say that this is how you act as an uncle behind my back“


Luo Lingsheng coughed lightly and had to be silent.

After all, he was an uncle, so could he really argue with his little nephew

Shi Yunmans lips curved upwards, and he took the initiative to turn the matter over, “Okay, go take a shower first.

Its time for Little Goldfish to stop.”

“Qin Jian has already found a private teacher.

From tomorrow, Little Goldfish will study at home strictly according to the kindergarten class time.”

Luo Lingshengs surgery was scheduled for the day after tomorrow, and there was no telling what kind of situation would occur during and after the surgery, so Shi Yunnan would definitely have to stay in the hospital with him the whole time, and may not be able to take care of Little Goldfish properly.

It was necessary to hire a private teacher to divide the childs time and take care of him in addition to learning.


Little Goldfish, who had just been acting frivolously for a few days, was unhappy and protested in a low voice, “But little uncle, tomorrow is Sunday.”

Luo Lingsheng looked over calmly and said, “If you dont behave well, Ill send you back to China first.”

When Little Goldfish heard this, he had to accept his fate.


Attending class is fine as long as he can stay with his two uncles.

The next morning,

Little Goldfish stayed overnight in the hospital ward, then started his normal classroom life again.

When he was still drowsy, he was taken by Qin Jian to see the private teacher.

Shi Yunnan finished communicating with Yuan Rui in China and completed the final revision of the private order.

Luo Lingsheng pushed his wheelchair closer, “Finished”


“This Yuan Rui seems like a completely different person from the one we first met.” It was rare for Luo Lingsheng to compliment someone.

Shi Yunnan was stunned for two seconds, then glanced at the time in the lower right corner of the computer, only to realize that it was past twelve noon.

Yuan Rui, who had started video communication with him, stayed with him until the early morning.

Shi Yunnan sighed lightly, “When someone wants to grow up, sometimes it just needs one push.”

Yuan Rui has changed a lot since Lu Zhaoan chose to leave the studio.

He had to say that Lu Zhaoan, as a senior brother, was really cruel.

He said he would “disappear” and then he “disappeared.” No one knew where he was hiding.

Luo Lingsheng pinched Shi Yunnans earlobe.

His tone contained a little sourness, “Dont think about other men.”


Shi Yunnan, who was caught in the act, laughed helplessly.

He held Luo Lingshengs wrist instead and rubbed his head against it, “Do you live inside my head How can I get caught even when Im temporarily lost in thought“

Luo Lingsheng stroked the side of his neck with his fingers, “Whats for lunch”

Shi Yunnan closed the computer and said, “Whatever, Im not particularly hungry.”

Luo Lingsheng nodded, “Okay, after eating, pack up.

We will go out for a trip.”

“Going out this afternoon Youre not training anymore” Shi Yunnan was a little surprised.

“No, the surgery is on the day after tomorrow.

I need to recuperate and take a good rest.”

Luo Lingsheng paused and mentioned what he believed to be serious business, “When you first came here some time ago, didnt you say you wanted to go to theElle shop”

Shi Yunnans eyes lit up, “Were going this afternoon Didnt the doctor say its best not to leave the hospital“

Luo Lingsheng met his bright eyes and said with a smile, “Dont worry, Ive talked to Dr.


Yuan Meng and other bodyguards are also watching.

Ill just accompany you to eat something.

It wont be a problem.“

After that, he didnt know how long he would stay in the hospital bed.

Furthermore, the success rate of this surgery has always been extremely low.

Luo Lingsheng wanted to take advantage of his current better health condition to accompany Shi Yunnan to complete this plan first.

Shi Yunnan had no objection, “Okay.”

At three oclock in the afternoon, the black car stopped at a familiar landmark.

Shi Yunnan and Yuan Meng helped Luo Lingsheng get out of the car together.

Shi Yunnan smiled as he looked at the small three-story white building in front of him, “I didnt expect it to be still in business.

I was afraid I would make a trip for nothing.”


Shi, the patriarch must have confirmed the situation before bringing you here.” Yuan Meng, who was beside him, mentioned a sentence and thought of something before he stopped talking.

Luo Lingsheng instructed, “Yuan Meng, you and the others will keep watch.

We will come out after a while.“


Seeing this, Shi Yunnan took the initiative to push Luo Lingsheng in.

As soon as the fenced outer door was opened, a familiar recorded female voice immediately rang out, “Welcome.”

This was recorded by the ex-wife of the boss who passed away, and it had not been changed over the years.

The middle-aged boss at the counter raised his head.

When he saw Shi Yunnans familiar face, he immediately greeted him with a big smile on his face.

“Onan Its been a while.“

When Shi Yunnan heard his foreign name, he curled his lips in greeting as he bent down to look at Luo Lingsheng, “What would you like to eat”

Seeing this, the middle-aged boss turned his eyes to Luo Lingsheng in the wheelchair.

His azure blue pupils overflowed with shock and regret, and then he returned to calm.

Shi Yunnan, who bent over to ask, naturally didnt notice this.

Luo Lingsheng replied, “Ill accompany you to eat.

You dont need to order extra.”

Shi Yunnan remembered that Luo Lingsheng didnt like sweets very much, and thinking about his surgery the day after tomorrow, he did have to avoid some foods.

“Okay, then Ill have the usual at the same old location.” Shi Yunnan briefly said to the boss, and the latter immediately comprehended, “Okay.”

After the two went to the courtyard, the boss let out a pleasant sigh, “…So thats what happened.”

“Boss, what do the two guests want” asked the dessert apprentice, who had only been working here for two years.

“Ill do it.

Onan used to come every weekend.

He is our VIP guest.” The owner, in a good mood, turned around and went into the dessert making room.

Shi Yunnan escorted Luo Lingsheng to the first floor courtyard corner.

Besides them, there were a few scattered guests sitting at other tables.

The spring breeze came with the fragrance of flowers, which made people feel relaxed and happy.

Shi Yunnan looked around at the familiar scenery around him and leaned closer to Luo Lingsheng, saying, “I also discovered this shop by accident, and the more I eat, the more addicted it becomes.”

“I remember a period of time when the boss encountered some difficulties with funds.

I almost thought it was going to go bankrupt, but I didnt expect it to last until now”

Luo Lingshengs eyes contained a touch of unrealistic reminiscence, “Really”


Shi Yunnan nodded, “Let me think about it.

When was the first time”

Eight years ago, on a late summer evening,

Shi Yunnan, who had just finished the billiards training camp, sat in the passenger seat and silently read the cross-country text messages sent on his mobile phone.

Fu Ziyu glanced at him while driving, “Whats wrong Youve been very upset with your mobile phone since you got in the car.”

Shi Yunnan rubbed his hair indiscriminately and stopped on the phone button with his other hand, not knowing how to reply, “…My grandfather sent me a text message.

I dont know if I want to reply.”

Fu Ziyu frowned, “What did the old man say”

Shi Yunnan did not answer.

Fu Ziyu saw that his friend didnt respond, so he said to himself, “If you want me to say, you shouldnt pay attention to that group of people in the Wen family.”

“That idiot named Wen Chenglang dared to do it but didnt dare to take responsibility.

He pushed Old Man Wen down himself.

How can he throw the blame on you Ptooey!“

“And your aunt loves her son to the point of blindness.

Wen Chenglang is not yet an adult.

What will he grow up to be in the future And your uncle…“

Seeing that his friend was talking nonstop, Shi Yunnan helplessly interjected, “Okay, I wont go back to Wens house.

Dont worry about it.”

Fu Ziyu clicked his tongue twice, “Thats more like it.

Isnt it all because Im afraid youll be bullied again“

Shi Yunnan put away his phone, not wanting to reply to old man Wens long concern for the time being.

He looked out of the car window and suddenly found a relatively independent white shop on the side of the road.

Suddenly, his mind moved slightly, “Stop.”

“Ah” Fu Ziyu stepped on the brakes on the open road.

Shi Yunnan pointed to the shop that had already opened, “Lets eat something.”

“Cant we go downtown to eat”

While complaining, Fu Ziyu still complied and drove into the parking lot outside the store.

The two of them just stepped into the independent store.

The mellow coffee flavor and the sweet and creamy fragrance were mixed and spread in the air, forming a unique and attractive taste.

Shi Yunnan immediately stepped forward and picked up the menu in front of the counter.

Fu Ziyu stood there and didnt move.

He said in Chinese, “Its dinner time.

Why are you eating dessert“

“Then you go back to the car and sit down,” Shi Yunnan said without turning his head.

“Im hungry and thirsty.

Im going to eat here.”


Fu Ziyu went forward as if he was resigned to his fate.

How dare he leave Shi Yunnan alone in such a place

The two quickly ordered things, and the boss greeted them politely, “There are indoor and courtyard seats on the first floor, and balcony seats on the second floor.

You can choose at will.

It takes about 20 minutes to serve the food here.“


Shi Yunnan didnt bother to go up to the second floor and went straight to the courtyard behind the store.

It was past afternoon tea time, and there were only two of them in the shop.

Shi Yunnan chose a partial corner to sit down.

Although it was late summer, it was very cool in the evening.

Fu Ziyu picked up the chair next to him and sat down, “Who did you learn this habit from The location is specially designed to be off-angle.

When I took you to a party, did you also hide in the corner like this“


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