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TL: Hua

When Shi Yunnan arrived at the medical center with Little Goldfish, the rain became heavier once again.

Bean-sized raindrops slammed against the window, making a loud noise.

Shi Yunnan let go of Little Goldfish and shook his own rain-dampened hair, saying, “Fortunately, we rushed to the hospital before the rain grew stronger; otherwise, Little Goldfish and I would have become drenched chickens even with an umbrella.”

Luo Lingsheng took out a clean towel from the bathroom and beckoned to him, “Come here.”

Shi Yunnan smiled and leaned closer, letting Luo Lingsheng wipe the water off his body.

“Are you tired Why dont you sleep a little longer“

“I was just closing my eyes for a while when I was woken up by an emergency call.” Luo Lingsheng answered.

Out of the corner of his eye, he glanced at his little nephew, who was wiping his face with a towel and was too self-reliant.

Shi Yunnan thought it was something at work and wrinkled his brow, “Whos bothering you at that hour”

Little Goldfish had been snitching behind his little uncles back and was now feeling a bit guilty.

When he heard Shi Yunnans not-so-serious questioning, his face turned red, and he immediately directed his gaze at Luo Lingsheng for help.

Luo Lingsheng raised his lips slightly, “Its fine, I just need to rest early in the evening.”

Shi Yunnan returned his gaze to Little Goldfish, who was blushing, and said, “Little goldfish, come here.”


Little Goldfish blinked in confusion.

His usually joyous pace now moved more slowly than a snail.

When he finally got to Shi Yunnan, he moved his lips, “Little uncle…”

Sorry, I shouldnt be snitching.

Before Little Goldfish could say the apology, Shi Yunnan reached out and touched his forehead, his eyes full of worry.

“Baby, are you not feeling well”

“Dont go out and wait for me in the rain, ok Youll catch a cold.”

Shi Yunnan noticed the change in Little Goldfish, and just as he was talking, he held his warm little hand again, “…Lingsheng, ask the nurse to bring a thermometer.”

Little Goldfish choked and suddenly slammed into Shi Yunnans arms, “Little uncle.”

The soft and waxy voice suddenly turned into a sob.

Shi Yunnan rubbed his head, “Whats wrong You have to say it if you dont feel well.”


Little Goldfish turned his head to look at Luo Lingsheng, held back the moving tears, and thought about it for a long time before finding a suitable excuse, “Im hungry!”

Luo Lingsheng knew why Little Goldfish was acting “strange.”

One was the fear of being found out after “snitching”, and the other was that he was moved by Shi Yunnans subtle concerns.

He also touched the side of his little nephews neck and said, “Ive already had dinner delivered.

Ill ask the nurse for a thermometer for both of you later.”

Little Goldfish nestled in Shi Yunnans arms, and quietly rubbed Luo Lingshengs palm again, smiling sweetly, “Yeah!”

See! His uncle and little uncle are the best match!

When the sumptuous and exquisite dinner was served, Shi Yunman and Little Goldfish both checked their body temperature.

Little Goldfish had no fever, and there were no uncomfortable symptoms after careful inquiry.

Shi Yunnan finally felt relieved, and the three sat around the table to enjoy their dinner.

“Why did you suddenly want to go to the shopping mall in the afternoon” Luo Lingsheng asked casually.

“I want to see the actual designs for the new season, and I want to pick a few suitable accessories…” Shi Yunnan took a sip of the delicious fish soup and shook his head, “Unfortunately, I didnt find anything I liked after walking around.”

He paused and took the initiative to mention to Luo Lingsheng, “By the way, I met a foreign man at the counter today.”

Little Goldfish seemed to be seriously scooping up his corn gruel, but in fact he was perking up his ears to eavesdrop.

Luo Lingsheng raised his eyebrows slightly, “Oh”

Shi Yunnan noticed Luo Lingshengs subtle reaction and silently picked up an unpeeled fresh shrimp and threw it into his bowl, “The child is here, pay attention to your reaction.”

Dont just casually drink vinegar.

Luo Lingsheng smiled and said nothing.

After wiping his hands, he picked up the fresh shrimp and peeled it.

It was originally a push-pull game between the two, but Little Goldfish, who waseavesdropping, couldnt hold back.

He blinked his eyes and asked on behalf of his uncle, “Little Uncle, what happened to that foreign man”

“He asked me to help him choose a brooch and said that he would give it to his own sister.

Later, it rained heavily, I couldnt get a car when I went out, and I accidentally bumped into him…”

Shi Yunnan thought for a while and answered selectively, “He dropped me off on the way back because of my help at the counter.”

Shi Yunnan deliberately omitted Ning Deans identity and the development of the original world line.

After all, this matter was too contrary to scientific development.

He didnt even know how to explain it clearly to Luo Lingsheng, not to mention there was Little Goldfish nearby.

He shouldnt involve the child.

Luo Lingsheng handed the peeled shrimp to Shi Yunnans mouth, asking, “Whats that persons name”

Shi Yunnans eyes fell on the shrimp, and he opened his mouth slightly, “Ning Dean.”

Luo Lingshengs eyes flashed slightly after he got the name.

He didnt dwell on the issue and said, “The rain is too heavy.

You can stay here tonight.

Theres a side room to sleep in.”

Shi Yunnan was too lazy to go back and forth, and replied, “Ok.

This shrimp is quite delicious.“

“Ill peel more for you.” Luo Lingsheng smiled back.

Little Goldfish on the side pulled his little spoon, and while Shi Yunnan was not paying attention, he turned his head and gave Luo Lingsheng a small look—

Uncle, why didnt you ask

That foreign uncle even gave little uncle an umbrella!

How could Luo Lingsheng not notice the expression in his little nephews eyes.

He had no choice but to stuff the peeled shrimp into his small mouth, “Jin Yu, eat more.”


Little Goldfish bit the shrimp in his mouth hard, and his eyes were full of “grief.”

At half past nine in the evening, there was the sound of water splashing in the bathroom.

Little Goldfish who took a bath first climbed onto Luo Lingshengs exclusive hospital bed and groaned, “Uncle…”


Luo Lingsheng put down the tablet in his hand and used the quilt on one side to wrap Little Goldfish, who was wearing thin pajamas.

Little Goldfish glanced at the closed bathroom door and asked in a low voice, “Why didnt you ask clearly! I saw that foreign uncle and little uncle were very close to each other!“

Luo Lingsheng didnt expect that this matter was still in his little head, so he straightened up slightly, “Jin Yu, listen carefully.”

“Since your little uncle can take the initiative to mention his experience outside today at dinner, it means hes being honest about it.

The three of us are a family; we have to trust each other, understand”

“Understood, of course I believe in Little Uncle.” Little Goldfish nodded and shook his head again, “But Little Uncle is so good, there will be others who like him.”

Who said he didnt trust Shi Yunnan The one he didnt trust was that unfamiliar, foreign uncle.

“What if one day Little Uncle doesnt want us anymore” When Little Goldfish said this, his eyebrows almost squeezed together, “I cant bear to see him leave.”

A trace of unease flashed across Luo Lingshengs eyes, and then quickly dissipated, “No, he wont leave us.”

He learned the way Shi Yunnan used to coax children, and he squeezed Little Goldfishs baby fat, “Youre right.

Your little uncle is so good, there will be other people who like him.”

“These days when I cant be discharged from the hospital, you have to…”

“I know!”

Little Goldfish was very happy with Luo Lingshengs close touch and suddenly raised his hands and clenched fists like he was injected with chicken blood, “Ill keep an eye on Little Uncle and wont let other uncles abduct him!”


Who did this kid learn from

Luo Lingsheng was helpless and at the same time found it amusing.

His original intention was just to make his little nephew obedient and try not to cause trouble for Shi Yunnan, but how did the other party “misinterpret” it into this meaning

However, it was also good for the other party to have this different understanding.

Luo Lingsheng suppressed his real thoughts and ordered, “Okay, its almost ten oclock.

You go to the small room to sleep first.”

As soon as his voice fell, the bathroom door opened in response.

Little Goldfish slipped out of bed swiftly, rushed in front of Shi Yunnan, who had finished bathing, and asked with great anticipation, “Little Uncle, can I sleep with you today”

Luo Lingsheng answered decisively behind him, “You cant.”

Little Goldfish was so angry that his cheeks were bulging, “…Uncle is not good at all!”

Shi Yunnan didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

There was nothing he could do with this pair of uncle and nephew who secretly PKd each other.

The next second, the unwilling Little Goldfish pulled his arm and shook it vigorously, acting coquettishly, “Little uncle, I got wet by the rain today.

What if I catch a cold at night”


The age was small, but the mind was quite big.

Shi Yunnan knew that Little Goldfish was pretending to be obedient, but he was still soft-hearted and picked him up.

“Okay, lets sleep together.”

Hearing this, Luo Lingsheng, who finally expected his lover to stay in the hospital ward, suddenly regretted the decision to bring him to the United States.

Shi Yunnan looked at the rare depressed Luo Lingsheng and curved his lips, “You go to bed early alone.”

Little Goldfish, who won the battle, said, “Uncle, good night~“

The more he listened to the trailing sound, the more uncomfortable it was.

Luo Lingsheng suddenly felt that he no longer wanted a little nephew.

As soon as the door closed, the backs of the two were completely cut off.

Luo Lingsheng had no choice but to get out of bed to take a shower, and lay back on the bed tossing and turning, unable to fall asleep.

The night was getting darker and the rain outside the window did not stop.

Suddenly, there was a slight sound of the door opening and closing behind him.

The second Luo Lingsheng turned around to take a look, Shi Yunnan got into bed and burrowed into his embrace.

The familiar scents blended and wrapped around each other, causing both of them to let out a sigh involuntarily.

Shi Yunnan chuckled, “Little Goldfish slept very deeply.

He shouldnt find out that I left.”

Luo Lingsheng hugged his lover tightly and kissed his forehead, “Its fine.”

“Youve been staying in the United States for so long.

Can you take care of the Luo familys affairs Is the second house and Luo Yanchuan side still noiseless“

Shi Yunnan didnt want to interfere in Luo Lingshengs career, but when he happened to meet Ning Dean today, he had to be wary of the established ending that could still happen.

In fact, compared to Luos assets, Luo Lingshengs safety was what worried him the most.

Even if his leg surgery failed this time, Shi Yunnan definitely didnt want to see Luo Lingshengs situation where he was “completely ruined and trapped in prison.”

Shi Yunnans body tensed up as he thought of the foreseen ending in his dream.

Luo Lingsheng sensed his fluctuating mood and gently caressed his back again and again, “Dont worry, Ive made all the arrangements.”

“Its rare that Ive been out of the country for such a long time, so I can only manage the Luo family remotely…” The dim light concealed the ruthless calculations in the depths of Luo Lingshengs pupils, “It may not be a bad idea to take advantage of this opportunity to catch those restless people, so as not to create more problems later.”

Shi Yunnan gave a slight, almost undetectable response.

Luo Lingsheng kissed his lovers lips.

His eyes softened.

“Sleep, I got this.”



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