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TL: Hua

After making some arrangements at home, Luo Lingsheng was admitted to the medical center the next day.

According to the doctors team, if Luo Lingsheng had nothing urgent, he would not be allowed to leave the hospital at will, so as to avoid unexpected problems.

The surgery was scheduled for half a month.

Before that, Luo Lingsheng had to maintain simple daily training.

Taking advantage of Luo Lingshengs simple daily training, Shi Yunnan also returned to his own design business.

a week later.

Shi Yunnan, who completed the private draft design, was free, so he came to the largest high-end shopping mall in the state.

He rejected the enthusiastic recommendation of the counter clerks and strolled slowly on his own.

There have been a lot of jewelry designs in the new season, and he wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to learn about the real objects on display.

Besides, he also wanted to buy some small items for himself and Luo Lingsheng.

Suddenly, a voice came from the side, “Hello, sir, can I trouble you with something”

Shi Yunnan looked sideways.

The other party was a tall, handsome man with amber-brown pupils that matched his hair extremely well.

His outfits were low-key but expensive.

Seeing Shi Yunnans acquiescence, the foreign man asked the lady at the counter to hand over two brooches, “Its like this: I wanted to buy a brooch for my sister as a graduation gift, and I hesitated for half a day but couldnt choose.”

“Sir, can you give me a recommendation”

Shi Yunnan raised his eyebrows slightly, “Let me see.”

He is a jewelry designer and does have some face-con1A person who attaches great importance to looks and beautiful things.

attributes, so naturally he will not refuse this kind of effortless thing.

“Both of these are from the latest quarterly brooch collection by Romance.”

Shi Yunnan didnt wait for the clerks introduction, but he recognized it at first sight, “Like this brooch, it uses blue amber and diamonds set in a clasp, striving to refract the purest light from each section…“

Shi Yunnan admired the designers work very much and couldnt hide his praise, “Sir, have you ever seen the blue ice cave in Iceland The light wave refraction formed under the pile of blue ice that does not melt for 10,000 years gathered in the sunlight is very similar to this brooch.”

Shi Yunnan continued, “There is also this sunflower brooch, which is polished and spliced with yellow diamonds and white diamonds, representing the stamens blooming in the morning sun, which is full of vitality.”

Shi Yunnans analogy was very apt.

Both the counter lady and the man couldnt help but look at those brooches again.

“One represents purity and flawlessness, and the other represents vigor and vitality.” The handsome man understood his description.

“Hearing you say that, they are both very suitable for my sister, who just graduated.”

Shi Yunnan shrugged, “Then buy them all.

Girls could never have too many things.”

As a jewelry designer, Shi Yunnan is the kind of person who knows women best.

He curled his lips into a smile, and of course, made the matter of spending money into something very beautiful, “Sir, your sister will be happy because of your double favor.”

The last sentence moved the handsome man, and he simply waved his hand, “Just listen to this gentleman, I want these two brooches.

Please wrap them up for me.”

The counter lady was overjoyed when she heard this.

She cast a very grateful look at Shi Yunnan and hurriedly took these two expensive brooches to bill and package them.

The handsome man looked at Shi Yunnan and said, “Sir, thank you for your recommendation.”

Shi Yunnan replied, “Youre welcome.

You should thank thepower of your banknote2Super-rich.

A Chinese slang that derived from Justice League..”

After all, these two brooches are very expensive, and not everyone can afford to buy two of them at once.

Shi Yunnan returned with a slang that only Chinese people understand.

He thought that the other party would not understand, but he didnt expect the handsome man to laugh.

“You are very insightful and humorous.”

This time, it was Shi Yunnans turn to be silent.

Because the other party answered him in standard Chinese.

“Are you Chinese”

“Yes.” Shi Yunnan simply admitted, his eyes re-examined the man in front of him, “You also understand Chinese”

The handsome man saw his doubts and spoke in fluent Chinese again, “My grandfather is a Chinese immigrant, and I grew up beside him, so I can speak a little Chinese.”

Shi Yunnan complimented from the bottom of his heart, “Thats more than a little bit.

Your language is very standard.”

“Why dont we get to know each other”

The handsome man offered his hand as he thought for a moment and gave his Chinese name, “Ning Dean.”

His parents divorced when he was a child, and because his mother was busy with work, he was handed over to his grandfather to raise him.

His first name was Dean, and Ning was his grandfathers and his mothers surnames.

When combined, it sounded like a very good Chinese name.

Just in time, the counter lady brought the shopping bill back, “Sir, please sign it.”

Ning Dean picked up the pen and wrote three Chinese characters in a proper manner.

Shi Yunnan looked at the Chinese name that was not different from the one in his mind, and his eyes froze for a moment.

To him, it was another unfamiliar and familiar name—because in the latter part of the original book, there had been an appearance of Ning Dean.

This character is Luo Yanchuans friend and also the one that couldnt escape Xie Keyues protagonist halo.

He almost turned against Luo Yanchuan and became a rival in love.

However, Shi Yunnan doesnt care about these peoples love affairs.

The reason why he was silent was because of the plot he was familiar with.

In the end, it was with the addition of Ning Deans secret assets that became the catalyst for Luo Yanchuan to control the Luo family and bring down Luo Lingsheng.

For Shi Yunnan and Luo Lingsheng, this person was an enemy rather than a friend in the original story line.

How did he meet him at this juncture

In the end, does the world line unknowingly change in the dark Or was it just a random encounter

Several questions flashed through Shi Yunnans mind until he heard an inquiry from the opposite side, “Sir, I dont know your name yet.”

“Shi Yunnan.”

Shi Yunnan replied out of courtesy.

Ning Dean silently digested this nice name and took the initiative to invite him, “Mr.

Shi, do you have time”

It was already four oclock in the afternoon.

“In order to express my gratitude, I would like to invite you to a meal.” Ning Dean raised the packaged bag in his hand, and his light brown pupils flashed his favor towards Shi Yunnan.

Shi Yunnan heard the words and refused, in a low voice, “Thank you, but no need.

Ive just arrived, and I still need to pick out my own things.”

In the face of Shi Yunnans answer, Ning Dean didnt show much displeasure.

He nodded slightly, “It was me who was too rash.

Please help yourself, Mr.


I hope we will meet again.“

Shi Yunnan showed a polite smile on the surface, and walked inside, bypassing Ning Dean.

Then he looked at the back of the other party departing back through the mirror, and the subtle thoughts suppressed in his heart came out again—

Xie Keyues path was getting narrower and narrower, but what about the other protagonist, Luo Yanchuan Will he secretly unite the assets and strength of Ning Dean and others to deal with Luo Lingsheng just like the original world trajectory

Shi Yunnan thought, while feeling a rare regret.

He should take this opportunity to develop a friendship with Ning Dean, and maybe he can prevent certain situations from happening in time in the future.

Suddenly, Shi Yunnans cell phone vibrated.

It was a call from Luo Lingsheng.


“Why didnt you reply to your Wechat I heard from Little Goldfish that you went to the mall”

“Yes, Ill go back after I check out the new seasons jewelry designs.” Shi Yunnan replied honestly.

“Its raining outside.

Should I ask Yuan Meng to pick you up” Luo Lingsheng asked again.

“No, Ill take a taxi back in a while.” Shi Yunan glanced at the time, “Ill pick up Little Goldfish at home and then go to the medical center at six oclock.

You wait for us to have dinner.“

“Okay, then you pay attention to safety.” Luo Lingshengs voice showed a hint of fatigue, “I just finished training.

Im going to take a nap.”


Shi Yunnan hung up the phone and accelerated his appreciation and review of all kinds of jewelry in the showcase, but unfortunately, after strolling around, he didnt find anything he particularly liked.

The torrential rain was getting heavier and heavier, obscuring all clear vision.

Seeing the heavy downpour, Shi Yunnan suddenly felt misguided—with such weather, time, and location, it may not be so easy to get a taxi.

Just as Shi Yunnan was looking at the rainstorm and was about to accept his fate and wait for a taxi, Ning Dean appeared in his field of vision again.

Ning Dean asked, “Mr.

Shi, are you waiting for the taxi”

Shi Yunnan replied calmly, “Yes, I didnt expect the rain to be so heavy when I went out.

I was lazy and didnt drive here.”

The gentlemanly Ning Dean suggested, “Where are you going Shall I drive you”

Shi Yunnan was silent as he considered, his dark, scrutinizing gaze directed at Ning Dean.

Ning Dean noticed his hesitation and helplessly curled his lips, “Mr.

Shi, I just want to thank you for your advice on brooch selection.

I bear no malice.”

“Sorry, I didnt mean that.” Shi Yunnan dismissed the hesitation.

He reported the address of the villa area.

Because of privacy concerns, he did not specify the number of the buildings.

Ning Dean pointed in the direction of the elevator, “Its along the way.

My car is parked at the underground parking lot.”

Shi Yunnan smiled faintly, “Then Ill trouble Mr.


The reason why he was willing to commute with Ning Dean was actually because of his own calculation.

The storyline of the “Luo familys battle” in Shi Yunnans perception has not yet happened.

Ning Dean cant be considered to be in Luo Yanchuan and Xie Keyues camp now.

In this case, he might as well take this opportunity to pull Ning Dean into being his friend

Of course, this idea had only just taken shape.

Shi Yunnan wasnt going to blindly strike up an acquaintance.

The two took the elevator to the underground floor.

Shi Yunnan sat in the co-pilot seat after obtaining Ning Deans consent.

As soon as he got in the car, he found the small furnishings in the car, the teacups and teapots made of ceramic, which looked extraordinarily delicate.

Ning Dean noticed Shi Yunnans sight, and said while starting the car, “I grew up beside my grandfather when I was a child.

He is an out-and-out Chinese person.

He likes drinking tea, collecting porcelain vases, and loves playing with gourds…”

Ning Dean was deeply influenced by Chinese culture since childhood.

When his peers were playing basketball and games, he followed the old man to learn about ceramics and tea drinking, and was fascinated by it.

Four years ago, Ning Dean returned to his father and grandfathers side due to a family change, and last year he inherited his familys mines, which are among the best in the country, but his heart still yearned for these cultures in China.

Shi Yunnan smiled, and his understanding of this character became clearer.

In the original book world he knew, Xie Keyue learned of Ning Deans preferences and partnered with him in the name of investment in the porcelain and tea industries.

In the day-to-day interaction, Ning Dean developed a favorable impression of Xie Keyue.

Because of Luo Yanchuans existence, his confession failed before it even started.

However, Ning Dean did not hate him because of love, but continued his old friendship with Luo Yanchuan under the persuasion of Xie Keyue, and secretly helped them fight against Luo Lingsheng.

“Since my grandfather passed away, I havent had tea that was as fragrant as his for a long time.

I heard that his hometown is in Guiyang, where there are many ancient tea plants… “

Shi Yunnans thoughts were suddenly interrupted by Ning Deans sigh.

Shi Yunnan followed his words and replied, “If there is a chance, Mr.

Ning can go to China to find the origin of your grandfathers homeland.”

Ning Dean smiled, “I hope there will be such a day.”

As the two continued conversing, the atmosphere in the car wasnt as awkward and stiff.

When the car arrived at the villa area, the torrential rain finally became drizzling rain.

Just as Shi Yunnan was about to get out of the car, Ning Dean stopped him, “Wait for me.”

Ning Dean ran out of the car first and found a spare umbrella in the trunk.

He walked around to Shi Yunnans side and said, “Come out, this umbrella is for you.”

Shi Yunnan raised his eyebrows.

“I know you dont feel comfortable telling me your specific address, so I dropped you here as you wish.” Ning Dean was very smart, but not offensive.

He stuffed the umbrella into Shi Yunnans hand and said, “Dont catch a cold in the rain, goodbye.”

Shi Yunnan sincerely thanked him.

Leaving aside other things, the Ning Dean he saw was indeed a meticulous and fine gentleman.

Not long after, Ning Dean drove the car away.

Just as Shi Yunnan was about to walk in the direction of his home, a small figure came running quickly, “Little uncle!”

Little Goldfish was wearing a raincoat and rain boots while holding an umbrella in his hand.

The thick rain boots stepped on the watery ground, making a pitter-patter sound all the way.

Shi Yunnan was startled and quickly stepped forward, “Why did you run out”

“Wait for you.

Im afraid you didnt bring an umbrella.”

Little Goldfish raised his head to see the black umbrella held up by Shi Yunnan and deliberately sighed heavily, “Sigh, my umbrella is useless.”

Shi Yunnan didnt know whether to laugh or cry, and bent over to brush the raindrops off his tender face, “Little goldfish is such a good boy, but you cant wait for me in the rain in the future.

You are still young.

What if you catch a cold“

“Oh, ok.”

Little Goldfish nodded obediently.

He took the initiative to take Shi Yunnans hand and bring him home quickly, as if he was afraid that he would get lost.

One big and one small walked back home.

Taking advantage of the gap when Shi Yunnan put things away, Little Goldfish quickly slipped back to his bedroom, picked up his childrens mobile phone, and dialed a number familiarly.

While waiting for the call, he pouted unhappily like an old man—


He had seen it just now.

It was obviously a big and tall foreigner who sent Little Uncle back, and that person took the initiative to pass the umbrella to him!

As he was thinking, the call was connected.

In an instant, Little Goldfish shouted at Luo Lingshefnng on the other side, as if his eyebrows were on fire3A metaphor for urgent matter., “Uncle! Danger! Danger! Great danger!“

The author has something to say:

Little Goldfish: Uncle! Sound the first stage alarm! [Serious-cub.JPG]

1A person who attaches great importance to looks and beautiful things.2Super-rich.

A Chinese slang that derived from Justice League.3A metaphor for urgent matter.


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