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“Im not going to ignore you.”

Luo Lingsheng heard the unease in Shi Yunnans words, and replied with a tenderness that he himself hadnt even noticed.

He opened the cap of the water bottle and handed it over, instructing word by word, “Rinse your mouth before drinking water.”


Shi Yunnan obediently did as he was told.

He first ran back to the canal to rinse his mouth and spit out the water, and then gulped down the remaining half of the bottle of water.

Seeing Shi Yunnan was still dizzy, Luo Lingsheng walked to his side and said, “Follow me to the main house.

There should be a separate room on the second floor.

Ill find a waiter to take you to rest.”

Since Wen Yibei is Shi Yunnans twin, the other party should take care of him.

Shi Yunnan didnt say a word; he just grabbed Luo Lingshengs wrist and pulled him in one direction, “Im not going to the main house, you come with me.”

Luo Lingsheng had no need to defend himself against a drunken person like Shi Yunnan.

He stayed in place for two or three seconds, and finally took a step, led by him.

Half a minute later, Shi Yunnan took him to a terrace at the corner of the backyard.

There was still half a bottle of whisky on the wooden floor of the open-air terrace.

Obviously, this was the “secret place” where the other party had been staying after he ran out of the main houses banquet hall.

Shi Yunnan sat by himself and handed the whiskey to Luo Lingsheng,”…Drink I still have a lot left.”

Luo Lingsheng saw the remaining amount of whisky and his heart felt helpless, “Did you drink that much just now”

With that burst of drunken madness, he thought he had downed a whole bottle in one go.

Luo Lingsheng put the whiskey back on the terrace.

When he was drinking outside, he was accustomed to doing it superficially.

Luo Lingsheng stood diagonally in front of Shi Yunnan and casually asked, “Why dont you want to go back to the front yard with me The birthday party isnt over yet.”

How can Shi Yunnan, as one of the protagonists of this birthday banquet, be attacked by others and hide here to drink alone

“What should I go there Those people didnt come for me.” Shi Yunnan grumbled, then picked up the whiskey and took a small sip.

Luo Lingsheng was too late to stop him, and certainly did not have the position to do so.

Luo Lingsheng guessed again, “Do you have a bad relationship with Wen Yibei”

Hearing this speculation, Shi Yunnan immediately glared at him “viciously,” “Dont you talk nonsense! My brother and I are on good terms! Be careful, Ill beat you up!“


Why did he suddenly turn against him at the mention of this

The corners of Luo Lingshengs mouth shook with a helpless smile, completely unafraid of his fake threat, and the curiosity in his heart could not help but grow even stronger.

As far as he knew, the Wen family was considered a musical family, and the Shi family was also a small wealthy family in the Imperial Capital circle.

Since they are brothers with the same parents, and they have a good relationship, why is the treatment so different If he remembers correctly, only Wen Yibeis name was written on the birthday party invitation today.

Shi Yunnan was addicted and took another sip of wine, saying, “Anyway, no one here knows me, and its no use if I go to the front.” mfn: Not sure how to translate this.

人菜癮大: Literally translated to human are addicted to vegetable.

This term implies a self-deprecating or ridiculing meaning of “Even though its bad/Im not good at it, I still want to do it.”

The fact that the Wen family was going to hold a birthday party for Wen Yibei was told to him early on.

At first, Shi Yunnan insisted that he did not want to participate, and his attitude was very firm.

He even refused to return to Wens house with the excuse of going on vacation with his friends, so his name was not on the invitation letter at all.

However, Wen Yibei called him again yesterday.

For the two brothers, whose father does not love them and whose mother is absent, their eighteenth birthday means adulthood and the ability to take on everything and live their own lives.

Parents can be absent, but they cannot be absent from each other.

Therefore, Shi Yunnan still came in the end.

He worked hard to save for living expenses and bought a three-piece suit a long time ago as a coming-of-age gift for himself and his brother.

Shi Yunnan took a look at the clothes he was wearing and couldnt help but take another big sip of whiskey.

He took a deep breath when he accidentally choked on the spicy smell.

“Tsk, whats the use of buying this suit for yourself and still being scolded by others.“

—Today‘s birthday party is all for Wen Yibei.

Do you think someone knows you You grew up being trash that nobody wanted.

Luo Lingsheng thought of the remarks he had just heard on the stairs, and a trace of dismay swept past his eyes.

Although he did not understand the cause and effect, nor did he understand the grievances between the Wen and Shi families, those words were truly heartbreaking and excessive for a teenager who had just turned 18 years old.

As he was thinking, a suppressed gasp suddenly came from the side.

Luo Lingsheng turned back from his drifting thoughts and looked down…

Shi Yunnan lowered his head so hard that no one could see the expression on his face.

His hands were tightly clasping the mouth of the whisky bottle.

His knuckles were turning white with force.

He must be holding back his emotions.

But how much heartache and grievance can the eighteen-year-old, who has just come of age, hold back

It wasnt long before Shi Yunnans shoulders began to shift slightly and tears fell on his trouser legs drop by drop, dipping the dark blue suit into an even darker shade.

Luo Lingsheng realized what was going on.

To advance or retreat, he had absolutely no experience in coaxing people.

However, the tissue that he had been holding in his hand and hadnt used seemed to have an effect at this moment.

Luo Lingsheng took two steps forward and handed down the tissue, saying, “Wipe your face.

How can anyone cry at the age of eighteen“


Shi Yunnan held back his sobs and raised his head.

Luo Lingsheng met his red eyes and inexplicably thought of the small animal abandoned by the owner.

The moment this thought appeared, Shi Yunnan caught him off guard and hugged him.

After being suppressed, the silent tears suddenly burst out, “Hm… today everyone is here for my brother.

He can be the protagonist of the birthday party, and I, I can not even count as a supporting role.”

Luo Lingsheng listened to the unconcealed grievance in his voice, and the hand that wanted to break free stopped in the air.

“Besides my brother, no one wished me a happy birthday today, and many people didnt know who I was.“

Even though Wen Yibei, as his elder brother, has always given him enough care and attention, Shi Yunnan still has an unspeakable sense of disparity in his heart when it comes to such an occasion.

Alcohol has reduced Shi Yunnans former self-control, and he cant stop the heartache that has been pent up for years.

Since he kept silent, no one took notice.

“…I also want to have a birthday.

I havent had a birthday for a long time.“

Luo Lingsheng understood that some people appeared as if they were from a privileged background, but many times they didnt have the time to let out their bitterness and were forced to grow up by reality.

Just like Shi Yunan at the moment.

Such repressive and explosive emotions must be the result of years and months, not overnight.

After hesitating for a few seconds, Luo Lingsheng slowly put his hand on Shi Yunnans back.

He pacified him again and again, from deadly stiff to natural.

Shi Yunnans crying didnt last long before it quieted down, and even the hand that was tightly wrapped around his waist loosened.

Luo Lingsheng couldnt see his expression, so he could only move away carefully, only to find that the other party actually closed his eyes slightly.

Shi Yunnan was so drunk that he started to drift off to sleep once again.


Luo Lingsheng caught a glimpse of the whisky beside him from the corner of his eye, and felt helpless about this little drunkards poor alcohol tolerance.

Shi Yunnan lost his “pillow”, his head suddenly sank, and his throat gave out a habitual hiccup.

He rubbed his eyes in a daze, “Huh”

Luo Lingsheng smiled shallowly, “Not crying anymore”

Shi Yunnan muttered in reply, “…No, Im a little hungry.”

Luo Lingsheng heard his inaudible whisper, and his heart softened for a moment, “Wait for me here.”

After saying that, he walked quickly towards the front yard.

Shi Yunnan looked at his receding back drunkenly and did not speak.

The night got a little deeper again.

Shi Yunnan didnt know how long it took before he saw a figure in his hazy drunken eyes, and there seemed to be a faint light shining in front of him.

It was not until the distance between the two sides was narrowed that Shi Yunnan could see everything clearly—Luo Lingsheng was holding a sliced cake with a lit candle on it.

Shi Yunnan belatedly reacted.

The tip of his nose became sore for no reason, but the surprise in his eyes could not be hidden.

In truth, Luo Lingsheng felt he was being a bit nosy, but after he met Shi Yunnans not quite sober but definitely surprised look, he simply indulged his impulses.

“Although its the first time weve met, but…”

He paused and showed his first obvious smile tonight, “Shi Yunnan, happy eighteenth birthday.”

I know your name and I wish you a happy birthday.

When Wen Yibei approached, Shi Yunnan was holding Luo Lingsheng, crying and refusing to let go.

Two sober people locked eyes and looked in unison at a certain muddle-headed drunkard.

Wen Yibei recognized Luo Lingshengs face and hurriedly stepped forward, “Young Master Luo Im sorry, my brother has never drank before.

Did he cause you trouble“

Luo Lingsheng looked at his suit jacket, which was half wet, and shook his head slightly, “Young Master Wen, you should take care of him, lest he come out to mess with other people.”

“Im really sorry.”

Wen Yibei quickly answered the call and stepped forward to pick up the person.

Shi Yunnan squinted to see Wen Yibei clearly and acted like a drunken spoiled brat, “Brother, I dont like so many people at the birthday banquet.”

He became quite childish.

Wen Yibei habitually rubbed Shi Yunnans head and apologized in a low voice, “I know, Ill let others help arrange for an early dismissal.

Ill take you through the backyard door first, OK”

“I prepared a gift for you at home, and your favorite dessert cake, just for the two of us.”

Shi Yunnan heard the word “cake” and licked his sweet lips.

Obviously drunk to the extreme, but he seemed to suddenly think of something, and forced his energy to turn back and look for it.

Luo Lingsheng was still standing in the same place, and the twos gazes easily collided.

Shi Yunnan smiled brightly at him, but there was no trace of sadness in his eyes, “…Luo Lingsheng.”


“I wont forget you.

See you next time.”

Wen Yibei, who was beside him, was surprised.

Obviously, he didnt expect that his younger brother would have an intersection with Luo Lingsheng in just a short while.

However, he quickly adjusted his mood, and after a simple nod to Luo Lingsheng, he took his drunken brother out.

Standing alone in the night, Luo Lingsheng could not help but smile lightly and recite, “See you next time.”

“Luo Lingsheng…”

The murmur of the man in his arms and the overlapping memories easily pulled Luo Lingshengs thoughts back to the present.

Shi Yunnan moved restlessly in his arms, found a more comfortable sleeping position, and fell asleep obediently.

“Luo Lingsheng, I wont forget you.

See you next time.”


Luo, if I remember correctly, this is the first time we met, right”

Luo Lingshengs eyes wavered with love and tenderness, recalling the two sentences after the first encounter and the formal reunion.

He kissed Shi Yunnans forehead but couldnt help muttering something in his heart—

You little liar.

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