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She didnt come from a wealthy family, so she didnt need to worry about saving face like the Shi family!

After the accident, Chen Ling suffered from severe depression.

Within two months, she began to talk nonsense in a delirious manner and was still forced to stay at home to rest.

Their mother, who had worked hard all her life, was also found to have terminal cancer.

The reason Chen Rong chose to take action was that she was already in a desperate situation and had nothing to lose.

Secondly, Shi Yunnan paid her the medical bills she wanted after coming to the door.

Shi Sheng has harmed their family like this.

How can he still enjoy the glory, wealth, and praise with peace of mind!

Thinking of this, Chen Rong sneered, “Sure enough, the apple doesnt fall far from the tree.

You father and son are raccoon dogs on the same hill1Both are bad people.!“

Old Man Shi has been hard-headed for most of his life.

Where has he been pointed and scolded like this His complexion immediately worsened.

Xie Keyue hurriedly spoke up to defend him, “Ms.

Chen Rong, please speak with respect! My grandfather didnt…“


Shi Yunnan, who had seen enough drama, finally opened his mouth.

Seeing this, Chen Rong took the opportunity to minimize her sense of existence, but, of course, this wasnt the end.

Chen Rong not only wanted to tear off their masks in front of these gentry, but she would also publish this incident on the Internet! Although the strength of an ordinary person is small, she will never give up!

At least she can prevent another victim like Chen Ling.

At this moment, Xie Wei left the stage, and Shi Yunnan naturally took the stage.

“Xie Wei was denounced as a mistress, and Shi Sheng was denounced as a scumbag.

Yet I havent seen you, the filial son, step in and say a word.

You are so diligent in protecting the old man.“

Shi Yunnan let go of Luo Lingshengs fingers, and walked up step by step, saying, “Those who dont know you will praise you as a good grandson.”

The last two words were enunciated, especially heavy and deliberate.

“Those who are in the know will understand that you are eyeing Shis management rights and private property, and are trying to please the old man in different ways.”

Xie Keyues face stiffened.

Wen Yibei and Luo Lingsheng looked at each other and unanimously showed a doting smile.

Shi Yunnan either didnt say anything or choked people to death when he actually did say something.

“Shi Yunnan, dont think of everyone so badly! You along with outsiders making a scene at the banquet, do you still have grandpa in your eyes”

Xie Keyue still put “Old Man Shi” at the center of the topic.

Instead of feeling wronged for himself, he felt wronged for the elderly.

“Even if Mom and Dad are at fault for what happened today, what did Grandpa ever do to you All these years you lived abroad, you and others feel that Grandpa is biased, but where did he lack you in food, clothing, housing, and transportation“

“Without Grandpas financial support, what do you rely on to live happily abroad!“

“Spend money to support me” Shi Yunnan seemed to have heard some big joke, and his eyes instantly went cold.

“I only know that since I was fifteen, the Shi family hasnt remitted any money to my card.

My tuition is all earned by my part-time job!“

Hearing this, Wen Yibei frowned instantly.

Shi Yunnan never told him this.

Luo Lingshengs eyes instantly sank into a dark lacquered color, and the heartache between his eyebrows was hard to contain.

“Do you know what the concept of a fifteen-year old is”

Shi Yunnan doesnt like to sell misery, but he doesnt mind talking about the past on this occasion.

Because the more obvious the contrast, the more people present can feel Old Man Shis bias, and the more beneficial to the subsequent development of events.

“When you, Xie Keyue, were being pampered and respectfully called Third Young Master, I, who was also underage, had to work as a waiter in a restaurant because I couldnt find a slightly better internship! I could only wear a doll mascot to hand out flyers in the summer! “

Old Man Wen loves his grandsons and will secretly ask Wen Yibei to give him living expenses on a regular basis, but the high tuition fees abroad can only be saved and earned by Shi Yunnan himself.

Shi Yunnan met Xie Keyues eyes and said, “Youre the only one in the whole world whos not qualified to question me!”

Old Man Shis eyes flashed with a trace of shock, and he quickly denied it, “Liar! When was the Shi family ever lacking When did I miss your living expenses and tuition I…“

Halfway through, he was stuck.

At the same time, Shi Yunnan reacted to the old mans statement.

With his sharp gaze fiercely landed on the wretched and panicked Xie Wei, he said, “It seems that someone else has swallowed it privately!”

Old Man Shi slammed the cane at Xie Wei, “Stupid woman! I asked you to give Yunnan his tuition fee.

Where did you take it”


Xie Wei hesitated, but couldnt say why.

Where else can this money go Naturally, it was taken by her at her own expense.

In fact, since Shi Yunnan was twelve years old, she began to reduce the supply of living expenses and tuition fees year by year.

Shi Yunnan always thought this was what the old man meant.

He was a stubborn guy and refused to say a word.

Xie Wei has been tormented enough today.

Obviously, she didnt expect such an old story to be mentioned.

The most terrible thing is that this matter was started by her own son.

Xie Wei looked at Xie Keyue with a guilty conscience, hoping that her son could help say a few words.

But Shi Yunnan was a step faster, using this reason as an opportunity to attack them.

“Xie Keyue, your ability as a thief crying “stop thief!” was exactly the same as your mother.

I think all the living expenses she deducted from me have been spent on you, right“

When Old Man Shi heard this, his extremely sunken face seemed to darken again.

Even if he doesnt like Shi Yunnan, he cant tolerate this deception.

“No, I dont know anything about it.” Xie Keyue quickly denied it.

He looked at Xie Weis twinkling eyes and could no longer control the anger in his heart.

This useless woman who failed at everything!

Has she not hurt him enough Is there any mother in the world whos like her

“You dont know You two, mother and son, say nice things in front of the old man while doing something else behind his back.

When will you stop your two-faced acts“

Shi Yunnan didnt stop here.

He looked at Old Man Shi and spoke very quickly and fluently, “Old man, you are so wise, but everyone in the audience saw what happened today.”

“Your apparently honest and calm son, behind the scenes, coaxes a female college student into bed!”

“Your well-spoken daughter-in-law can even hook up with her good friends husband behind the scenes!”

“And Xie Keyue, the little grandson you value the most, do you really know what hes done behind his back”

Xie Keyue was stunned and felt an unprecedented panic, “Shi Yunnan, you…”

In the next second, Shi Yunnan punched him hard in front of everyone with lightning speed.

In a burst of exclamations, Shi Yunnans expression became more and more indifferent, “In these years, you have said enough in front of the old man! Now its my turn to talk.“

At the same time, Luo Lingshengs right hand was slightly raised, and Yuan Meng and Qin Jian, who got his signal, walked up one by one.

The former forced Xie Keyue under control, while the latter projected the corporate survey data prepared in advance on the big screen.

“Under Xie Wei and others names, Xie Keyue has invested in five or six industrial projects, which were profitable six months ago.

A conservative estimate of the assets is about 80 million.“

The information on the screen is very comprehensive, and there are even three or four domestic investment signing documents.

Even seemingly unrelated investments can be linked to Xie Keyue through clues.

This level of detail is hard to fake.

Everyone present gasped in surprise.

Eighty million

How long has Xie Keyue been out of college Hasnt he been working at the Shi company since graduation Where did he get so much private property

Old Man Shis pupils trembled slightly.

He didnt know that his little grandson still had such skills, “Keyue, whats going on”

Xie Keyue shook his head slightly, unable to suppress the shock in his heart.

In fact, this amount of money is already in the past.

Since Shi Yunnan returned to China for the past six months, no matter how he invested, he was trading at a loss!

But the most important thing is that Shi Yunnans investigation was so meticulous, obviously he came prepared!

Before Xie Keyue could find a reason to refute, he heard Shi Yunnans sneer again.

“Old man, it seems that todays big drama really dazzled you.

You still havent understood what I mean.”

“At the beginning, when there was a problem with the Shi companys capital flow, this mother and son encouraged you to use my marriage as a bargaining chip, but they didnt mention a word about their private property.”

“You can go and ask others.

In order to pave the way for cooperation, Xie Keyue can buy a necklace worth four or five million to please Mrs.

Zhao for her investment in cosmetics.“

“But from the beginning to the end, he was unwilling to lend even a penny to the Shi family.“

The guests who had attended Zhaos banquet could not help but speak out to confirm the authenticity of his words.


Old Man Shis mind was in turmoil, yet somehow he perceived a hint of clarity.

“He hid behind the scenes and sold fake and shoddy cosmetics.

While facing compensation costs, he was also brought for interrogation by the relevant departments.“

“I heard that it was you who personally helped solve the problem, right, old man“

“Unfortunately, its not that Xie Keyue cant pay the compensation fee of that small million.

Their mother and son are just trying to take your money in different ways!”

Shi Yunnan sneered as he was exposing them, “They have a lot of money in their pockets, but before the Shi family became their property, they hid their own money more tightly than anyone else.”

“Selfishness” is Xie Keyues nature, and “profit-seeking” has been integrated into his blood.

“Of course they have to be filial to you and listen to you.”

Shi Yunnan hooked his lips with a half-smile.

His eyes saw through everything, “Because you value family affection and filial piety, it became a means for these two mother and son to obtain the Shi familys property.”

It was said those closely involved cannot see as clearly as bystanders.

The guests present had already noticed the subtleties when they heard these words.

This entire family wasnt simple-minded.

Old Man Shis eyes changed, and his breathing was a bit rougher than before, “Keyue, explain to me!”

Xie Keyue broke away from Yuan Mengs imprisonment and recovered his voice from the panic, “Grandpa, you have watched me grow up; you know what kind of person I am!”

He squatted in front of Old Man Shis chair and used his old trick, pretending to be distressed and aggrieved.

“Im your grandson and Shis bloodline! If I was really rich, how could I not help“

Xie Wei, the money-worshiper, realized that something was wrong, and hurriedly helped her son speak up.

“Dad, I think Shi Yunnan and Wen Yibei want Shis financial power.

Thats why they made a scene today.

This evidence is all forged!“

As she spoke, she began to cry with “regret.”

“I know Ive done something wrong, but Keyue would never betray you!”

Luo Lingsheng maneuvered his wheelchair forward.

He looked at the mother and son, who had been exposed but were still acting, and threw out an earth-shattering sentence, “He would never betray you if hes your biological grandson.

But what if hes not“


The whole place fell into a dead silence.

Shi Yunnan looked at Luo Lingsheng in surprise.

The latter met his gaze, and the two of them tacitly picked up the next script that appeared out of nowhere.

“Xie Weis private life is so messy, and shes still not content even after becoming Mrs.


The paternity test from a mere ten years ago.

Who knows if its true or not“

Shi Yunnan gently dealt the final blow.

In fact, they havent carefully checked the blood relationship, but anyone with a discerning eye can see that Old Man Shis preference for Xie Keyue stems from the “Shi family bloodline.”

However, he is a suspicious and selfish person in nature, and once the seeds of doubt have been planted, no one can easily pull them out of his heart.

Sure enough, Old Man Shis face changed completely.

Shi Sheng, who was originally wearing a “green hat,” also glared at Xie Wei and roared, “Xie Wei!”

Xie Wei trembled at the sudden yelling.

She didnt expect that they would doubt this matter.

For Gods sake!

Xie Keyue is her and Shi Shengs flesh and blood, and it cant be faked!

Unfortunately, Xie Weis many unethical past events had been revealed today, and now this uncontrollable trembling, in the eyes of outsiders, appeared to be out of a guilty conscience.

Shi Sheng couldnt refrain from slapping her, “You shameless b*tch!”

Xie Keyue saw Xie Wei suddenly fall to the ground, and his breathing froze for a moment.

He had been stirred up by this series of events, and even doubts about his own birth.

“You mother and son, dare to scheme for Shis financial power I tell you, dream on!“

Old Man Shi was furious and threw out these words with a trembling voice.

Shi Yunnan silently took two steps back, watching this ridiculous farce like the other guests.

Suddenly, Wen Yibei came up.

His eyes circled around all the guests and finally landed on Old Man Shis face, “Old man, you have always been concerned about the Shi familys face, but the one who made you lose all face was never me and Yunnan.”

“Our grandpa-grandson relationship has been weak from the very beginning.

In this case, let the guests present be witnesses—“

“From today, according to what you said at the beginning, us brothers and the Shi family have nothing to do with each other.

I hope that Xie Keyue, whom you value, will support you until old age.“

The last half of the sentence was obviously a bit ironic, causing Old Man Shis pupils to shake.

Wen Yibei ignored his reaction and just took Shi Yunnans shoulder, “Yunnan, lets go.”


Shi Yunnan agreed.

Old Man Shi looked at the uncaring backs of the two brothers, and then looked at Shi Sheng, Xie Wei, and Xie Keyue beside him.

His thoughts were chaotic like never before.

His son cheated a female college student, his daughter-in-law cheated his son, and even his little grandson whom he loved may not be of his own blood.

What is most unacceptable to him is that these absurdities will also spread throughout the upper class circles of the Imperial Capital, making the Shi family a complete and utter joke!

Old Man Shis eyes lost focus.

He glanced at the different eyes around him in a daze.

He has struggled to earn respect for most of his life, and it has never hurt more than it does now!

The depression in his chest surged all over his body in an instant, and at that moment when he fell into darkness, Old Man Shi finally had an emotion he had never had before—


He regrets everything!

1Both are bad people.


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